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I put together a batch of videos on a wide range of topics. Included are a range of styles: news,  tv shows, campaign ads, comedy shows and home made spoof or performance video. These videos will make you alternately grit your teeth, fume, chuckle, or plain smirk. A few will make you sad at the sheer tragedy of it all. There is ample comic relief. Hopefully, I have a selection and a sequence  that will inform, illuminate, and entertain. They all bear on the theme of Infamy.

Vodpod video spinner is an excellent tool available on WordPress.  You can click the blue arrows at the bottom, pick the ones you wish to view.  I tried to arrange them in groups to include a news item, a comedy item and a spoof wherever possible. Spin, click, view, comment. Enjoy!  My favorites are listed below:

  • Harold Ickes Speaks For Me
  • Superdelegates for Sale
  • Letterman top 10,
  • John Batchelor – Obama’s Ties
  • He is calling you DUDE!

(Hillary, Please dump the Dems)


Throughout the primary season, Ms. Brazile wore her feelings on her sleeve, in emails, public pronouncements and on teevee. Now it has come back to bite her.

CNN stupidly removed Paul Begala and James Carville from commenting under the guise that they were ‘partisan.’  In the same breath they repeatedly put on air Donna Brazile, a member of DNC, a super-delegate to the Denver convention, and an unabashed votary for Obama while publicly insisting that she was ‘uncommitted’.

Donna waxed eloquent about the party’s future demographics, the changing base, the importance of liberal leftists, African-Americans and the youth joining to form a new base. The elderly, the working class and others are the ‘old’ core. The base could stay home, she proclaimed to disaffected Democrats. In one outburst on tv, she railed against the possibility of Hillary being chosen as nominee by the superdelegates.

Now that they did just that, except they are alleged to have tilted toward Obama, and the party seems to accept that outcome, what does Donna Brazile do now? 

GeekLove tells us what gives. This video speaks for itself.


To recap the steps:

  • Write a letter to DNC, request a meeting of the Rules & Bylaws Committee, to  strip her status as a superdelegate.
  • Have the letter notarized (this is necessary per rules).
  • Mail the letter, certified & return receipt requested.
  • Address to mail to:

Democratic National Committee
Credentials Committee / Attn: Alexis Herman
430 S. Capital Street, S.E.
2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20003

Do it now!


This is not exactly a followup, but an inevitable sequel, given the tin ear with which the media at large continued to cover-up the campaign.  Especially when you consider that Hillary kept winning states with huge margins in late Spring, and left-wing politicians kept calling her to quit the race and hand over the lead to her opponent.

But Hillary kept faith with the voters she was fighting for, and in turn the voters kept faith with the one they trusted most, no trusted period. And then by Memorial Day 2008 there was this mass movement to seat all delegates from Florida and Michigan, and that’s what this video is all about.

On that day of infamy which will live in the minds of Hillary supporters forever, when new names sprung up to become instant legends, Harriet Christian for one, the power brokers of the DNC went into mind boggling posturing and slid into pathetic mathematical gyrations and a resultant perfidy of a decision …… it was inevitable that Shut The Freud Up came out with this new gem, again credit to Indy Robin mostly.

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