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It’s been a long journey for this PUMA.

2008 remains the worst, unforgettable and unforgivable year of nasty politics glorified by the official Democrat partee, high water marked by their premature and pompous declaration of a candidate even before the convention. Thereby, the Democrat partee proved eminently undemocratic and arrogant and unpatriotic. They shut out Hillary, and shutdown debate or even a semblance of openness. And went on to manufacture a scripted convention and a sock puppet candidate.

It was a tale too painful, but was parturition of the PUMAs.

This blog’s transition began as a disillusionment with the Democrat party’s head honchos in Washington DC, the deception and crookedness that went on during the Dem primaries, 2008, exceeded only by the shnanigans at the DNC-RBC meeting; the sloppy, lazy, fawning posturing by the  New York media’s elitist world – their obsession with Obama and hatred of the Clintons on shameless display in the year 2008 was amazing – the continued open expression of contempt for all things American, politics of destruction and deception, and the unholy melding of ultra-left screed with propagandist populism practiced by the vast left wing political machinery, and the total take over the major new media platforms by the wackos of the Left, plus the frustration with the endless apologizing for American policy ideas and practices — all of this is too much even for lifetime’s worth of disappointment.

To dissent, criticize and disagree polemically is one thing, but to demonize, brainwash the young and destroy responsible discourse, as the Left has done in the last three years has driven quite a few away toward the Right. Watching Sarah Palin being destroyed from the moment she entered limelight breaks one’s heart. The disgust and cynicism engendered thereby, and suffered by the middle of the road populace seeks out amelioration, and that’s where Bill Whittle comes in.

No American should be denied the benefit of Bill Whittle and his wit and wisdom. If you do not know who Bill Whittle is it’s lucky that you are reading this before it got too late.   You’ve just gone too long without.

Bill Whittle has made numerous video for Pajama Media TV. Regardless of your party affiliation, ideological bent, or stage of life, there is a Bill Whittle video that’s bound to affect you profoundly.   So, get yourself over there and enjoy his videos. Until you have  seen one of his wonderful, thoughtful and rousing videos in the Afterburner collection at Pajamas Media Television, you do not deserve to call yourself an American.

Yes,  there is a Bill Whittle video that addresses you specifically, but everyone should see all his videos.

Recent address to the Hip Crowd of new graduates

Commonsense view of Mass Mosque

About America!

Power of the Imagery and Symbolism

A personal observation:

One of the videos that remains seared in the mind is this oratorio to the United States, in which Bill Whittle  demolishes our fearless leader’s admiration for ‘the country of his birth’

“I believe in American exceptional-ism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptional-ism, and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptional-ism.”

(President Obama, when asked if he believed that America was “exceptional,” in world affairs.)

This is a left-handed compliment if ever there were one.

This insult to America exceeds all personal insults hurled at people.

This is more offensive than “You are likable enough, Hillary.” of the primary season debates of 2008.

This is more offensive than the ‘lipstick on a pig’ reference of the general election rally.

This is more offensive than “For the first time in my life, I am proud to be an American.” comment of his spouse, our now First Lady.

This is a thousand times more disgusting than spouting paeans to the destructive cult of Islam at Cairo, a few months back.

This is the ultimate attack on the well-grounded, self-pride of four hundred year-worth American ingenuity, inclusiveness, rectitude and idealism.

Most shameful of all, this should not have come from an American President, period. . Shouldn’t the first job of a First Citizen be at least be an American? Why should this not be an offense deserving of removal from office. Haven’t we have had enough of ‘malaise?’

Video that made this Puma cry

Video that made this Puma cry

Should one man’s search for his father’s dreams be allowed to become the nightmare to a nation?

When will America wake up?

George Bush’s non-leadership drove millions of Americans to Arianna’s  Huffington Post since 2002. The MSM’s handling of Hillary and Sarah, and Obama during the last two years has driven other millions away from the netroots media.  Some went in search of authentic conservative alternatives. Pajamas Media has become, since 2005, a bastion of conservative thought, news and information.


The author of this post has deleted all bookmarks related to HuffPo. Nowadays, Pajamas Media is all the news and opinion this PUMA needs to be informed.

And, Bill Whittle.


President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace!

I am speechless. I AM without speech. Speech has left me.

I will let Andrew Bolt say it all for me:

The Left rewards its own.

Obama has been rewarded for talking, not acting, and for promising to curb America’s ideals and power. The international Left, which has long dominated the Nobel Peace Prize committee, applauds. As it did with Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, the committee now hands its prize to yet another American politician who is not George Bush. And it rewards him for what he promises, not for a single thing he’s achieved.

Obama wins Nobel for showing up

This in a long of line of jokes including Yasser Arafat. With Jimmy Carter they at least waited till he truly earned it on his own with 20 years of working for democracy in the Third World, and housing in the First. (At least, Jimmy Carter fought for housing without engendering the housing or mortgage crisis.)

And Gore got it as a consolation prize, arguably for being cheated out of the White House.

The current occupant gets it for speeches and mean-spirited anti-Americanism.

As a people we could be proud. But as a nation we should worry.

Some funny lines:

Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave faster than Iranian centrifuges.

He is becoming Jimmy Carter faster than Jimmy Carter.

What’s the Dalai Lama thinking now?


Today is Patriot Day.
I don’t wish to let that slip out of of minds, at the same time this post about Horse Soldiers is too important to get knocked off the front page of the blog.

Peace to all the souls that have passed in the great cause that is the USA!

{ This post is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Johnny Micheal “Mike” Spann of the CIA. You do remember Johnny Spann, don’t you? No, you already forgot him? Shame on you! Well, nobody knew his name at first, of course, but he was that odd white man in salwaar-kameez who burst upon our collective consciousness, caught on film by a jerky camera in the hands of a Rashid Dostum militiaman, berating another equally odd white man – this other one pure evil – that was what, seems like an eternity ago.

Johnny Spann, an undercover paramilitary officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, was killed in the Quilai-E-Junghi uprising at Mazar-E-Sharif, Afghanistan, in the line of duty, one of many other unsung heroes. His was the first official death in the war against terrorism since 9-11. An illustrated blog post honoring Spann written by Pfc. David Votroubek can be read at The Tension. Even as the
nation honors Johnny Spann, my pain and outrage at the circumstances and consequences of his death continue unabated.

It is very difficult to get over the fact that while Johnny Spann lay dead, the man most directly and proximately responsible for it had songs written about him. To correct that  egregious error horror, this post, Johnny Spann, is your song. Readers of this blog, you too can help cherish Johhny’s memory.}

No nation can have too many heroes.

No peoples can have too many legends,  nor too much lore of majestic events past.



Such is the need, and indeed duty,  as we approach that sacred day of 9-11. Let’s recall once again the Legend of the Horse Soldiers who represent the numerous known and unsung men and women who died doing heroic deeds on our behalf, for our benefit.

This is the story of the Horse Solders.

Horse Soldiers: The extraordinary Story of a Band of U.S. Soldiers who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan. Doug Stanton, Simon & Schuster 2009.

“After three years of Taliban rule, there were old men in Mazar with stumps for hands. There were women who’d been routinely stoned and kicked on street corners. Young men who’d been imprisoned for not wearing beards. Fathers who’d been beaten in front of their sons for the apparent pleasure of those swinging their weapons.

The arrival of Mitchell and his soldiers on horseback had put an end to that. The people of Mazar-i-Sharif, the rugmakers and butchers, the car mechanics and schoolteachers, the bank clerks and masons and farmers, had thrown flowers and kisses and reached up to the Americans on their horses and pulled affectionately at the filthy cuffs of their camo pants. The locals had welcomed the balding, blue-eyed Mitchell and two dozen other Special Forces soldiers in a mile-long parade lining the highway that dropped into town out of the snowy mountains. Mitchell had felt like he was back in World War II, his grandfather’s war, riding into Paris after the Nazis fled.

That was just a brief quote from Horse Soldiers, a much longer excerpt can be read here.

Amzing Men - Awesome Action

Amzing Men - Awesome Action

The above quoted dramatic  portrait  is  just one tiny example out of numerous thrilling accounts of the war in Afghanistan during late  2001, as the US responded to 9-11.

An amazing band of brothers dropped in secretly on to the bleak landscape of the Central Asian wasteland, and in a throwback to times ancient, rode on horseback across sun baked plains to reach select points of enemy strongholds, to kill, destroy and avenge. And in the process, restore a certain hope and peace to a war-torn, savage land.


Prof. Milt Rosenberg of WGN’s Extension-720  interviewed the author, here are links to Milt’s podcasts:

Click For Podcast / Extension 720 - WGN Radio - Chicago

Click For PART ONE of Podcast, Extension 720 - WGN Radio - Chicago

Click for Podcast / Extension 720 - WGN Radio Chicago

Click for PART TWO of podcast, Extension 720 - WGN Radio Chicago

The website Military dot com has a podcast which can be accessed by clicking the image below. Your browser will open a new window with the podcast page.

Podcast  will open in a new page

Podcast will open in a new page

The website of Doug Stanton.

A three minute video of Doug Stanton talking about the book can be seen at the publisher’s page.

Don’t Miss:  In the accompanying audio clip on the same page author Doug Stanton reads the part of the book that describes the chilling scene about  “American Taliban”  John Walker Lindh.

Below is a youtube clip of author Doug Stanton talking to Steve Bertrand, this is a Barnes & Noble production. A good conversation.

Here is Doug Stanton talking about the book at the University Club of Chicago.


…battles were won in ways that Custer would have recognized, by Northern Alliance mujahidin charging Taliban positions in the old style, breaking through before they could be decimated by automatic weapons fire. 21st Century high tech warfare combined with ancient cavalry tactics won the day repeatedly. Horse Soldiers is filled with unforgettable characters, including the special ops soldiers who had to be as much diplomats as well as warriors, forging an army on the march from disparate tribes and warlords. Mark Whittington, Associated Content

If I were Donald Rumsfeld’s son, I’d give him “Horse Soldiers” for Father’s Day. [ ] Stanton packs a huge amount of research into a thrilling action ride of a book. The valor exhibited by Afghan and American soldiers, fighting to free Afghanistan from a horribly cruel regime, will inspire even the most jaded reader. The stunning victory of the horse soldiers — 350 Special Forces soldiers, 100 C.I.A. officers and 15,000 Northern Alliance fighters routing a Taliban army 50,000 strong — deserves a hallowed place in American military history. Bruce Barcott, in New York Times Book Review.

Stanton eschews political posturing and Monday morning quarterbacking in favor of telling a small but important story from the viewpoint of a handful of Special Forces officers and non-commissioned officers who supported the Northern Alliance in October-December 2001. [ ] On the whole, Stanton does a good job telling the story of those early days in Afghanistan and the small number of men who were sent there to carry fire and sword to our enemies. An unfair, but necessary, criticism of Stanton is that unless you have served in a combat arms outfit you really can’t describe the attitudes and interpersonal relationships that exist there. You can’t begin to understand the ambiguity of a professional soldier’s relationship with his wife, his family, indeed any one but his comrades. By ‘Streiff’ at The Right Reads.

Stanton delivers page after page of harrowing descriptions that will make readers feel as if they’re inside the Chinook chopper when it runs into a blinding sandstorm flying at unchartered altitudes over mountains, or as if they’re ear-bleedingly close to the explosions from bombs fighter pilots drop on Taliban strongholds. The book has its unforgettable characters, too, such as intelligence officer Sam Diller, who survived days behind enemy lines calling in airstrikes, and Capt. Mitch Nelson, who embodies the brains and macho toughness of the Special Forces. And there’s shrewd Afghan warlord Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, whose personality, courage and determination to rid his homeland of the Taliban and foreign al-Qaeda is remarkable. But like war itself, the cast is too large. The front of the book lists five pages of “key players,” and early on, readers will find the who’s who tough going. But as the story progresses toward its bloody climax at Mazar-i-Sharif, the heroes and the villains are easily identifiable. Today, as 17,000 more U.S. troops are being deployed to Afghanistan to fight a resurgent Taliban, the Horse Soldiers’ secret mission remains the U.S. military’s finest moment in what has since arguably been a muddled war.

Don Oldenburg, for USA TODAY

Horse Soldiers provides a poignant recount of what these men in service felt at regular intervals during this special and secretive assignment. For a moving and unforgettable account of these first harrowing months in the war in Afghanistan, after 9/11, Horse Soldiers is a must read. I will forewarn you that these accounts are graphic and tragic. However, each page will reinforce your understanding of the destructive and divisive side of war, as well as, the undying bonds and commitments these men have for their fellow fighters and the people they are challenged to help or salvage from the ravages of Al Qaeda abroad. Michelle Kaye Malsbury @ Book Pleasures.

It’s one of the most iconic images of the war on terror: bearded American soldiers on horseback and native tribesmen charging Taliban positions in Afghanistan. Seven years later, the photo still resonates — partly because it’s such a classic American image, partly because it’s one of the few heroic images of allied soldiers widely disseminated by the mainstream media. In his thrilling new book, Horse Soldiers, bestselling author Doug Stanton for the first time tells the complete story of the two teams of about a dozen Special Forces soldiers and CIA paramilitary operators who defeated the Taliban and sent al Qaeda on the run for the caves of Tora Bora. [ ]Stanton gives Rumsfeld a lot of credit for allowing the Special Forces their latitude; and attributes to George Tenet the idea of quickly putting CIA and SF teams in the field to coordinate targeting with the Air Force. Mitch Nelson, the Army Special Forces captain in charge of the team sent to Afghanistan, coordinated the Air Force’s bombing of targets with the Afghan Northern Alliance. Nelson would prove himself the ultimate example of Rogers’ doctrine of the warrior who is highly trained, highly intelligent and, most importantly, able to adapt to the situation at hand in a bold and decisive manner. [ ] Horse Soldiers also gives lie to the cheap shot taken by liberals that President Bush and Rumsfeld “outsourced” the fight at Tora Bora when it would have been a slam-dunk strategy to send in the Marines. Stanton shows how successful U.S. Special Forces and Afghan fighters were when coupled with air power. There was little reason for the administration to know that the Eastern Alliance would be less effective than the Northern Alliance — though as Dalton Fury, the Delta Force commander at Tora Bora would later reveal, the tactics were extremely effective and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of al Qaeda’s best fighters even though terror mastermind Osama bin Laden escaped. David Forsmark FrontPage Magazine


We as a nation tend to be short on memory, long on forgiveness, and generally more forward looking rather than backward. We tend to be reactive, quick to like or dislike, but slow to change (just look at how we change or don’t change presidents). Already, within less than eight years after 9/11, the pendulum of public opinion has swung wildly. The latest iteration of it being George Will’s call to quit Afghanistan.

What do you think?

Memorial at The Spann Forward Operating Base

Memorial at The Spann Forward Operating Base

Yale University came into news spotlight recently due to their decision not to include the so-called mohamed cartoons in a book on the same subject. The book was to be a definitive study of the events that unfolded following the publication of the cartoons by a Danish paper. The book is due to come out this Fall and is titled Cartoons That Shook the World. Many observers were surprised by the decision to NOT print the drawings in the book,  given the distance in time and memory.

Wrote NYT:

Reza Aslan, a religion scholar and the author of “No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam,” is a fan of the book but decided to withdraw his supportive blurb that was to appear in the book after Yale University Press dropped the pictures. The book is “a definitive account of the entire controversy,” he said, “but to not include the actual cartoons is to me, frankly, idiotic.”

While most conservative voices felt that Yale went Yellow, at least a few liberals, including the Friendly Athiest, actually used to occasion to republish the cartoons, just as a matter of principle.

The book’s writer Jytte Klausen was frustrated because all she wished for was ‘to have a discussion’ about the matter. Yale on the other hand went so far as to excise all images of the prophet, including those by the great masters Dante, Botticelli, Rodin and Blake. How about that for self-censorship, by using as a cover a panel of two dozen experts!

“We need to calm down and look at this carefully”, NYT quotes Ms. Kausen as saying.

Well, here is a free movie that does just that.

“Bloody Cartoons” is a terrific free movie that looks at the genesis and outgrowth of this entire episode very calmly and dispassionately. It’s a long one, but worth the time.

Click the image below to go to the blog Surind where you can watch the entire movie.

Click image for movie at Surind

Click image for movie at Surind

Iran, the birthplace of modern Islamic revolutions and Jihadism – yes, that same Iran which held American embassy employees captive for 444 days, some thirty years ago – is now ready to make a bomb.

All that Iran needs is the blessing of supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamanie.

…. should Ayatollah Khamenei approve the building of a nuclear device, it would take six months to enrich enough uranium and another six months to assemble the warhead. TIMES Online.




More excerpts from the London Times article:


Iran’s scientists have been trying to master a method of detonating a bomb known as the “multipoint initiation system” — wrapping highly enriched uranium in high explosives and then detonating it. The sources said that the Iranian Defence Ministry had used a secret internal agency called Amad (“Supply” in Farsi), led by Mohsin Fakhri Zadeh, a physics professor and senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Council.

The system operates by creating a series of explosive grooves on a metal hemisphere covering the uranium, which links explosives-filled holes opening onto a layer of high explosives enveloping the uranium. By detonating the explosives at either pole at the same time, the method ensures simultaneous impact around the sphere to achieve critical density……

Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defence Minister, last week reiterated that a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities was still an option, should the talks fail. Israeli officials estimate that a raid on Natanz and a nuclear facility at Arak, in central Iran, would set Iran’s nuclear programme back by two to three years.

An Israeli official said that Iran had poured billions of dollars over three decades into a two-pronged “master plan” to build a nuclear bomb. He said that Iran had enriched 1,010kg of uranium to 3.9 per cent, which would be sufficient for 30kg of highly enriched uranium at 95 per cent. About 30kg is needed to build one bomb…..

Robert Gates, the Defence Secretary, and General James Jones, the National Security Adviser, said that Iran had until the end of next month, when the UN General Assembly is to meet, to make a positive move towards engagement.

If Tehran fails to respond, Washington aims to build a tough international coalition to impose harsh sanctions focusing on petroleum products — an area where Iran is particularly vulnerable because it sends almost all of its crude abroad for refinement.


For those too young to remember what Iran represents to the collective consciousness of the USA, the world, and to muslims at large, this little primer on THE AYATOLLAH is well worth the time. Specially to all those, youthful, knee-jerk Bush-hating, oh so-idealistic youngsters, who think America IS evil: pay close attention to the Imam and his authoritarianism. His sway over the faithful. Watch.

Future First Couple of the USA

Future First Couple of the USA

This is just heart-breaking, even just to think it, let alone write about … even more so, in the event this is just a scurrilous rumor.

Alaska Report is stating on its website that Todd and Sarah are divorcing.

It claims that multiple sources in Wasilla and Anchorage have confirmed it. A photo that makes Sarah’s face seem distraught accompanies the article, but it may have just been selected out of a stream of live candid snaps. )See below the fold).

This is most shocking, coming on top of all the smears, attacks and all the lies about the Governor during the campaign by the liberal media, and the Obamabots, such a serious personal turn of events is just too much to bear. Resignation, we could bear in resignation so to speak, as a workable strategy. But divorce? That much stress? We all thought the Palins were coping, somehow.

So, Could this news be true? Governor, say it ain’t so.

The Palins were noticeably not speaking to each other at last Sunday’s resignation speech in Fairbanks. Sarah ditched Todd (MSNBC) right after the speech and left without him. Sarah removed her wedding ring a couple of weeks ago.

Sarah has recently purchased land in Montana and is considering moving the family there. [….]

Breaking story, we’ll post more when we get it….

Editor’s note: AlaskaReport was the first website to report that Sarah Palin was running for governor of Alaska and the first website to report that Sarah was picked as John McCain’s VP candidate.

 — AlaskaReport.

If true, what does this mean?

I just hope that this is another one of those smears/rumors.

Ever the optimist, I am holding my fingers crossed, preparing to blush in anguish over my naivete or ….

Two pieces of good news, well actually three. First of all, Meg Stapleton has vehemently denied it on the Facebook in a note posted at 1350 hours.
Second, Alaska Report posting is actually not original reporting of news or inverstigation, but a quote of a blogger, Gryphen, a known anti-Palin rumor mill.
Thirdly, re-googled results show that only bloggers are chattering away, no other news agency has done an original report either.

I fervently hope this is false, and will patiently wait for a twitter from the Governatoress.

Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone in Washington is talking about Pakistan, but few understand it. Here is how to dazzle the crowd at your next Georgetown cocktail party.

Don’t let this humorous invite fool you. This is a very informative article about a very dangerous place in the world. Have no doubt, Pakistan is far more a tinder box than the West Bank, Iran, North Korea or Indonesia.  Unlike these other places, Pakistan flies under the radar, simmers just under the surface, while all the time stewing in a melange of hate, fear, opportunism, tribalism and ancient anathemas. From the moment and the manner of its birth, the long, agonizing, divisive, rancorous fratricidal feuding that preceded its splitting off from the British Raj, and animosity against the independent, secular, democratic India – that is, since birth – Pakistan has been at war with itself. It has in turn been itself divided,  with Eastern Pakistan becoming Bangladesh (see the post, Godfather to Bangladesh). Today, Pakistan is at the brink looking into the abyss. Who will pull it back, or push it over the edge?

Afghanistan-Pakistan Border / Map by Reuters News Service

Afghanistan-Pakistan Border / Map by Reuters News Service

“The Idiot’s Guide to Pakistan”  lives up to it’s title. This article in Foreign Policy was authored by Nicholas Schmidle of New America Foundation. You don’t need to agree or disagree with their ideas to appreciate this article. With wit and light touch, it gives essential facts and concepts of the Pakistani situation. It is neither dark nor dense, just enough to give some context to the nightly news and the headlines.

I am glad I stumbled upon it, and quite glad to pass it on to readers of this blog. I know that you all, like rest of Americans, have a keen interest in Pakistan, what happens there, and how our men and women in uniform do in that part of the world.

A very highly recommended article. I urge you to read the entire article here.

For those who can’t wait to get there, here are some snippets with the original headings:

1. The Troubled Tribals.

First off, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas are not part of the North-West Frontier Province. The two are separate entities in almost every sense of the word. While the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) is, well, a province with an elected assembly, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are geographically separate areas governed through “political agents” who are appointed by the president and supported by the governor of NWFP (who is also a presidential appointee). […]

Sharmajee says: The phrase Northwest Frontier is a misnomer in the current geographic scale of Pakistan. It was more suitable to the enormous area of the erstwhile British Raj, when Northwest referred to a corner of the entire subcontinent. The bulk of British India bordered the Persian West Asia along what is now the NWFP, a term leftover from the colonial days. It’s a telling sign of a new nation that never adopted its own terminology; just as it never got over its infantile hatred of all things modern, democratic and secular.

Foreigners are prohibited from entering FATA without government permission. If you see a newspaper dateline from a town inside FATA, chances are that the Pakistani Army organized a field trip for reporters. Those traveling unaccompanied into, say, South Waziristan have either a death wish or a really good rapport with the Taliban, who effectively run North and South Waziristan and large portions of the other agencies and frontier regions. The recalcitrance of the tribesmen is hardly something new. In the words of Lord Curzon, the former viceroy of India: “No patchwork scheme — and all our present recent schemes, blockade, allowances, etc., are mere patchwork — will settle the Waziristan problem. Not until the military steamroller has passed over the country from end to end, will there be peace. But I do not want to be the person to start that machine.”

2. A Taliban Who’s Who.

In December 2007, the smattering of bearded, black-turbaned, AK-47-toting gangs in FATA and NWFP announced that they would now answer to a single name, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), or Pakistani Taliban Movement. For decades, Pakistani jihadists have used such fancy names to declare splinter groups (many of which go unnoticed), but some analysts latched onto the TTP as gospel and postulated that, overnight, the Talibs had become disciplined and united. In the process, such analysts have overlooked important distinctions and divisions within the pro-Taliban groups operating in Pakistan. […]

In Swat Valley, where Islamabad recently signed a peace treaty with the Taliban, the fissures among the militants are more generational. Swat, unlike South Waziristan, is part of NWFP and shares no border with Afghanistan. In the late 1980s, a group calling itself the Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi, TNSM or the Movement for the Establishment of the Law of Mohammed, launched a drive to impose Islamic law in Swat and its environs. They resorted to violence against the state in the 1990s on numerous occasions, including once taking over the local airport and blocking the main road connecting Pakistan to China. […]

So far, the treaty has held, unless you count the soldiers who were killed by Fazlullah’s Talibs for not “informing the Taliban of their movements.”

3. Kiss My Lashkar

In Arabic, the language of Islam, a lashkar describes an irregular tribal militia. Say you’re a tribesman in South Waziristan who has beef with a member of a rival tribe. You need a posse. So you raise a lashkar.

But Pakistan’s jihadi groups, to glorify their agendas, have long used the word lashkar in their names. (Other common Arabic names for army include sipah and jaish.) Although Lashkar-e-Taiba is committed to fighting the Indians over Kashmir, Lashkar-e-Janghvi is bent on killing Shiites, and Jaish-e-Mohammed seems ready to attack anyone. The proliferation of these terrorist militias became so bad that in January 2002, Musharraf was obliged to declare, “Our army is the only sipah and lashkar in Pakistan.”

4. Border Guards

The Frontier Corps (FC) are a paramilitary force composed of roughly 80,000 men tasked with border security, law enforcement, and increasingly, counterinsurgency in FATA, NWFP, and Baluchistan. (Rangers fill similar tasks in Punjab and Sindh, the provinces bordering India.) By almost any definition outlining the ideal counterinsurgent, the FC would be it: They are almost all Pashtuns, more familiar with the language, the people, the tribes, and the terrain than any regular Pakistani soldier or U.S. troop could ever be. But their biggest advantage also happens to be their biggest liability, because Pashtuns are renowned for their sense of community; asking one Pashtun to kill another, especially when it’s seen as being done at the bidding of an “outsider,” be it Punjabi or American, would be like your boss telling you to kill your cousin. Not gonna happen, right? […]

there is the problem that, owing to the widespread anger among Pashtuns toward the United States and the Pakistani establishment, no one can say whether the FC won’t simply hand over night-vision goggles and new weapons to the Taliban, especially when oversight by U.S. officials in FATA, parts of NWFP, and Baluchistan is so scarce.
(Emphasis added)

5. Finger on the Trigger.

Mornings are for praying and sleeping; lunches are for buffets; and evenings are for gallons of tea. Not much time for exercise, is there? And mustaches? The thicker, the better. Beards? The longer, the better. Does that mean that the Pakistani Army is composed of Islamic fundamentalists salivating at the opportunity to fire some nukes? Yes and no.[…]

Most Pakistani soldiers consider India to be their mortal enemy and would like nothing more than to incinerate their neighbor. They get that from the grade-school textbooks. And they will usually frame the conflict between them and India as one between Islam and Hinduism. This ground has been pretty well covered by others who write about Pakistan.

But we should realize that anti-Indianism doesn’t translate to Talibanism, […]

The ISI is the intelligence wing of the military. The Army, meanwhile, has its own intelligence wing, confusingly named Military Intelligence (MI). The Interior Ministry has its own: Special Branch. And so on and so forth; there are more intelligence wings in Pakistan than there are varieties of dal. […]

What makes the ISI different is not so much its personnel as its agenda, an agenda that might, on any given day, include ferrying money to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan or training Lashkar-e-Taiba fighters to wage jihad against India in Kashmir.

One final piece of wisdom about Pakistan:

We should know what we are talking about when we talk about Pakistan.

NOTE: Emphasis added in the excerpts above.

The above has been generous excerpts from the original article meant to give you a flavor of it. You should read the entire original, and supplement it with other accounts. As usual, with anything dealing with Pakistan, what you read is not always what you thought you read, specially with news agencies reporting from afar.

Finally, there is this joke among analysts and think tank folks that, most countries have militaries, but in Pakistan the military has a country.

Af-Pak Boder / Source - University of Texas

Af-Pak Boder / Source - University of Texas

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    Home from commercial fishing grounds in Bristol Bay, and here's Piper helping slay salmon to market! A good season for wild reds on the Nushagak, Piper hopes to make enough to cover, maybe, a cell phone bill. Do you agree, as I’ve said before, we need more girls holding up fish in pics instead of holding up iPhones in selfies?!  It’s always wonderful re […]
  • Restoring Honor August 28, 2010
    What an honor it was to speak today at the “Restoring Honor” Rally in D.C. The following is the text of my remarks. You can click here or here to watch a video of it.- Sarah PalinPhoto by Shealah Craighead“Restoring Honor” RallyAugust 28, 2010  Washington, D.C. Thank you so much. Are you not so proud to be an American?What an honor. What an honor.We stand to […]
  • First Leg of the "Good Tidings and Great Joy" Book Tour November 6, 2013
    Looking forward to heading out on the first leg of our "Good Tidings and Great Joy" book tour! I wanted to share with you some of the pre-Thanksgiving schedule and details. (More to come!) We look forward to seeing you on the road, having the opportunity to spread the positive message of this book and really share in the true spirit of the Christma […]
  • It Takes a Village... to Slay a Salmon July 3, 2013
    The beauty of catching some of our Alaskan species with fins is the amount of meat harvested with each fish. Rod and reeling red salmon, or, my favorite, a big (or even not so big) halibut ensures you've got a few dinners taken care of even when feeding a bunch of people.We had a blast hauling in halibut in Homer a few days ago, despite the cold rain an […]
  • Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg June 30, 2013
    Today marks the beginning of the week-long ceremonies commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. There will be a full re-enactment of the battle, discussions with panels of historians, and of course a re-reading of the Gettysburg Address. But as Lincoln affirmed when he dedicated that hallowed ground, nothing we say or do can “add or de […]
  • #SOTUGottaBKiddingMe February 13, 2013
    If you missed President Obama’s State of the Union address last night, you didn’t miss much – especially if you watched any of his past four State of the Union addresses. We heard the same recycled rhetoric, and we heard his Orwellian declaration that the cornucopia of new federal programs he proposed, as well as his intention to eradicate world poverty, wou […]
  • New Year's Resolution to Keep the Faith! January 1, 2013
    Best wishes to everyone for a happy New Year! In the coming days there will be a great deal of debate about the goings-on in the political arena and the shenanigans in Washington. Constitutional commonsense conservatives must stay engaged and hold our “leaders” accountable to the voice of average everyday hard working Americans or we will very soon become an […]

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  • ‘Cannot Be Trusted’: CNN Promotes Conspiracies After Slamming Liar Trump July 15, 2018
    President Trump was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, and the liberal media were in full campaign mode as they pushed speculation the President was a Russian agent meeting with his handler. CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted as much during Sunday’s Reliable Sources, saying, “Trump opponents will speculate that he's really a Russian […]
    Nicholas Fondacaro
  • Karl to Bolton: Isn’t Trump Helping Putin Oppress, Murder Journalists? July 15, 2018
    In a truly ridiculous line of questions during ABC’s This Week on Sunday, fill-in host and White House correspondent Jon Karl badgered National Security Adviser John Bolton about President Trump’s combative relationship with the press and whether it helped Russian President Vladimir Putin crackdown on reporters there.
    Nicholas Fondacaro
  • NBC Praises ‘Spectacular’ Anti-Trump Protests at His Scotland Resort July 15, 2018
    If there’s one thing the anti-Trump resistance members in the liberal media love more than themselves, it’s praising other like-minded people protesting the President. And if it’s people from another country, that’s even better. NBC demonstrated that love during Sunday Today when White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell praises a dangerous aerial stunt at T […]
    Nicholas Fondacaro
  • On NPR, E.J. Dionne Loves Mueller's 'Exquisite' Timing of Indictments Before Putin Summit July 15, 2018
    On the Week in Review segment on Friday night's All Things Considered on NPR, anchor Ailsa Chang asked about the timing of Robert Mueller's indictment of more Russians, just days before Trump's meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Conservative Ben Domenech of the Federalist suggested it was a "clearly purposeful" act to color […]
    Tim Graham
  • MSNBC Panel Rips Trump's 'Wrecking Ball Tour,' Accuses Him of Interfering in the British Election July 15, 2018
    During Friday’s edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports, the MSNBC host went after the President for praising Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and suggesting he would make a good Prime Minister. Johnson resigned earlier in the week due to his disapproval of May’s “Brexit” strategy. Johnson, unlike May, vocally supported the June 2016 referendum where voters ultima […]
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