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This blog started as an open letter of welcome to Hillary supporters.

At the same time, it was also a respectful demurral of Senator Hillary Clinton’s last speech to her supporters.  Some of the millions who voted for Hillary will not indulge her desire to support the party, blindly. We who vote along party lines often, now reject the party leaders’ disregard of Hillary, their disrespect for her, and the overwhelming opportunism displayed by some of the power brokers and elected leaders. Their abandonment of Hillary does not sit well with us, and we are searching for alternative ways to vindication of our will and strength.

The birth of this blog coincided with several other phenomena.

Rise of Just Say No Deal movement, PUMA organization, organizing of the Denver Group, growing threat of the emergence of McCain Democrat, and the near simultaneous launching of dozens of new blogs to give voice to grievance. Hillary’s supporters understand what Hillary needs to do to be a good party member, to be a good teammate, be a person of her word. We honor her for her strength, dignity and forbearance.

But we the people, are not obligated to blindly follow any leader, not certainly Dr. Dean whom we all adored at one time, this time 2 years ago. As chairman of the party, he did not make the right moves to unify the electorate this year. It remains to be seen if the vision to literally re-juenate the party, at the expense of the older, long standing memberss will work.

The reason Hillary supporters feel alienated is not a new one, nor should the fact come as a surprise. The pure sham of a procedure, the mockery of rules, the perfidy of a statistical gyrations that were evident at the RBC/DNC meeting simply brought to head the simmering sentiments long fomented by MSM, leading personalities, talking heads, the Clinton enemies, and the extreme left of the party that have schemed to hijack the party, in a manner reminiscent of the McGovern moment.

There are some in the party who salivate at the perceived hunger for change in this country this year. They believe that simply showing up in November will get the party into the White House. They think that the country is so tired of 8 years of GBW, any Dem, will get in. Hence the intense fight to get the nomination. But this amouts to counting chickens before the eggs hatched. The mood of the country and the will of the voters don’t coincide always. The past 2 elections prove just that.  Many Americans today are comfortable, feel safe and don’t feel sorry for themselves at the end of Bush 43.  So, sure the country is looking for a change of pace, but change of direction? May be not. The idea that a Dem, or any Dem will occupy White House, ‘in like Flint’ is pure fantasy. Only a strong Democrat, with a strong portfoio of workable plans and solutions will win in November, and that person is HIllary!

The Dem primary season saw an unprecedent extent of character malignment, hate, vitriol, and concerted attempts to discredit and disrespect Hillary.  It is easy to forget in the excited days of summer, what it had been like. Just take a look at the 2 brilliant videos by Shut The Freud Up. That will put campaign history in rearview mirror, and the view is not pretty. Millions of those who voted in the primary season can relate to this. The number of those thus disenchanted with the DNC is legion. They make a difference!

This blog is new, undiscovered and as of yet not widely read. That is not true of hundreds of other, older, better organized web sites with established following, and a growing readership. Surveys show the number of these seething millions to be anywhere from four to fourteen million. Many just won’t speak out, but act they will in the voting booth. In the solitude of their heart, they know. While not being busy bodies on-line, they know. Even if they are just saying nothing, they know. They are the ones that make the difference in November. On this the one month anniversary, this blog is dedicated to these quiet members of the ‘seething millions.’


UPDATE: Some fifteen months after its first publication, this post continues to be popular, no thanks to our President Mr. Obama’s personal fame. Now that he got Nobel Prize for not inspiring Peace, we are back to square one with him: who is Obama, what is he, what does he represent to ordinary folks?

Well, Obama may have inherited a world full of conflict, fear, anger and hate, but he certainly did nothing to calm the waters. Nothing besides go around the world smiling, apologizing for America, and continue to give speeches. He is yet to make a substantive change, besides being just physically Present – much like his vote on legislative issues. For some, of course, that is all the difference.

The world media continues to venerate him, his base is only now beginning to wonder about him, and at least some who voted for him now doubt if their faith was misplaced. America swung wildly to the left during Bush’s second term. That it will swing back to right is certain, the only question is when. Smart money is betting on 2010. In the mean time, is he still god, or just a saint. Or, a wee bit human, after all?

One suspects that Obama the legend and the idea, even if not the man himself, and certainly not the presidency necessarily, will have become so deeply ingrained in the collective human psyche, that before long it would be hard to tell fact from fiction, fantasy from phantasm. Obama is indeed man made into myth. For such is the very function of myth, that one’s ideas of Obama say more about one’s self and less about him. Like the critics said, it’s not always about him!!


While Americans were being assured by their media that Obama indeed is a special one, actually the one,  a great master,  a messiah,  a mahdi, or a prophet, and have been well on their way toward the deification of the dear man, Indian press boldly went one step further. Obama is not just any god, but Krishna. And not a boy krishna, or warrior krishna, but the love krishna to boot. The esteemed Times of India published a drawing, variation on a theme of Radha-Krishna, depicting Obama as Krishna playing the magic flute, while an enchanted Hillary as Radha, danced about in joy.

While Indians, specifically Hindus in India expressed outrage for the most part, for the perceived slight to the tradition by depicting the deities in symbolism rather than with such obvious human actuality; educated Indians in USA thought it was ‘oh well’. The sophisticated tribe just shrugged it off, well here come the kooks railing about the cartoons again!   The vigorous forum at Sepia Mutiny burst with approbation, and only a tad consternation.

Tennessee Guerilla Women notes and comments about the news reports that stand-up comic Jay Leno recently made a crass joke about Hillary doing a lap dance.  Do these two developments, while seemingly dissimilar, represent a similar form of excess, albeit each within their own cultural milieu? Is it possible that when it comes to a woman of prominence and power, and possibly independent mind and spirit, the instinctive reaction of society is to imagine her in a subservient, supplicant posture? Could a dancing Indian Radha be that different than a lap dancer? Specially considering that the latter might one day soon be found in a house with a picture of the former!

Reactions to Hillary from all around are cause for worry about the emotional conditioning of men specially, and the state of culture in groups continents apart.

Of the four parties involved here primarily, Radha, krishna, Obama, Hillary – this naughty rendering does most injustice to Hillary. It is unflattering in terms of politics, it is chauvinistic in terms of gender, it is obscene only in the deification of Obama but downright degrading to Hillary in placing her in an obsequious adoring and hence less powerful position. Of all the possible ways of imputing krshna-hood here to Obama, the only one that works is that of butter-thief boy-krishna – he did after all commit caucus fraud, and steal the nomination!

Yes it is essentially silly, but also more offensive to Hillary rather than Hinduism!

Some raw notes after the jump.

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WNYC is a vibrant radio with interesting shows, discussions and quite hip to the world. You can hear Anna John of the venerable Sepia Mutiny (liveliest of the lively bunch there) by clicking on this link.

Please visit the WNYC main page here

What is interesting in this interview is how giddy Ms.John sounds about the whole ‘nothing to it’ event. It’s just more aaw-shucks, generation Kool-ade style. Once Obama tendered a retraction and disavowal, well back to the pedestal for him! And as to the substance of the memo? “Oh well, we don’t have to consider it at all” Anna John is so happy to Move On, (oops, Freudian slip there).

If you want to get a sense of the energy and the vigor of debate in the second generation South Asians (they don’t call themselves Indo-Pak, as their parents did), listen to the restless, mutineers-descendent, of Sepia Mutiny.

This blogger muses about the many foreign ladies who made an imprint and a lasting contribution to India’ The big three are easy to mention: Annie Beasant, Mother Theresa, Sonia Gandhi each from a different part of Europe. Now imagine the former First Lady, conquering the hearts of Indians, and why not? Bill Clinton is beloved in India. Let’s get back to quoting the blogger:

“… Mobbed by the press on landing at the IG international airport, New Delhi on the way to Chandigarh, Hillary denies intentions of heading the Congress (H) formed in eager anticipation of her arrival by breakaway congress leaders. Instead, she announces the formation of “Shiromani Democratic Dal” and the controlling organization, “Shiromani Democratic Dal Prabandhak Committee” (SDPC) with leading lights of US based diaspora from Punjab as committee members. Soon, Congress (H) merges with Shiromani Democratic Dal…”

The blogger is just getting started. The wild ride that is Indian politics, the sycophancy, the clamour, the posturing — it has just begun.

The wild ride continues after the jump

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‘I am delighted to be the Senator from Punjab as well as from New York. It is always a pleasure and an honor to represent so many of my Sikh American constituents in New York.’

‘I admire you for the way you all handled the challenges that the Sikh community faced after 9/11. The way the Sikh community responded so positively by educating people about the Sikhs and serving fellow Americans is a great tribute to the value of the Sikh community and that also helped us to get the message across.’

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