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We observed the formality of felicitating the president in a previous post. Now we turn to the grievance. What’s up with the birth certificate?

The ether is abuzz with articles, interviews, videos, investigative pieces, hypotheses and much angst, all driven by this grievance. Is there something to this birth certificate issue.

Many have moved on, O’Reilly, Medved, Hannity, Hewitt, etc.  Others push on, Taitz, Farah, Andy Martin et al continue to tilt at the windmill.  Still others peck away from the sides, Dobbs, Liz Cheney, Savage, Geller and Levin among them. So, what is the real truth?

Here are some good resources for those who on this day, the birthday of 44, would rather ponder over the argument and the hypotheses, rather than be content with a formal greeting.

This post is for those of us who would rather celebrate the birth certificate than the birthday.

Enjoy this compilation of links, clips, and resources:

A good place to start is this Salon article by an Obama-phile Alex Koppleman Why the stories about Obama birth certificate will never die. While trying to separate the wheat from the chaf, the article falls into the typical pro-Obama trap of obfuscation, dismissing a legitmate grievance as a mere conspiracist fad.

To get a little bit more meat on your plate you need to go to the other side of the aisle, American Thinker hosts the article Why the birth certificate issue is legitimate, by Joe the Farmer, (remember Joe the Plumber?). AT article goes into extensive analysis of the Hawaiian COLB, and asks questions that are picked up and refined by others.

Renewed Debate Over Obama’s Birth Certificate – Rob Owens, Pajamas Media. This is a good recent post dealing with the COLB. Nice overview. If you thought you knew all about it, go here again, it will get your beak wet, so you can plunge right on into the next.

Go to Larry Johnson’s No Quarter, for a thorough discussion of all the issues and parameters. And great comments too. Follow all threads.

If that is not enough, next go to Pam Geller’s Atlas Shrugs for an even more exhaustive analysis, techinical discussion, and extensive references.

But, state government officials in Hawaii insisted that the COLB was issued based on legitimate facts on file, hence valid. HI Health Director put out a statement to this effect twice. First on the eve of the general election, and again two weeks ago, in anticipation of the frenzy of Obama’s first birthday in Oval office. Nice timing there, thoug, wouldn’t you say. Those HI officials sure are proud of their native son, eh?

You are now bleary eyed, worked up and worked over, ready to just rant. No problem you can do just that. Actually, we’ll  let someone else do that, namely a famous preacher.

The inimitable Pastor Manning, Show me the Birth Certificate, gives a piece of his mind in this clip.

Want more hot discussion, and some more attitude?  Follow the guests on the show with Lou Dobbs:

And now, for a change of tone and argument.

With eloquence to match, here is  Alan Keyes, he filed a suit against Obama, one of the few people who actually had a legitimate “standing” and legally tenable gripe.

What is this Kenyan birth certificate, you ask?

World Net Daily has the so-called Kenyan birth certificate that Alan Keyes alluded to in the above clip. Read here.

Now, you can’t have great mystery and controversy without the unique take of  the maniacal Michael Savage. Whatever you want, he gives you something different to think about. Here he  interviews Orly Taitz:

OK, you have not had enough. You want to go to the original sources, get the ‘raw material’.


Count Us Out.  A strong NNObama website. Many clips, links and arguments. This is the motherload of BC resources.

Native and Natural Born (Obama-friendly site that keeps track, keeps score)

The Birthers (Mother of all birth certificate blogs)

Logistics Monster(All things Nobama, and lately Birth Certificate)

Obama Birth Certificate (The famous COLB can be seen here)

Texas Darlin


Tainting his presidency?

Prove your loyalty to the United States. Part 2. (By drKate at Texas Darlin)

Suborned in the U. S. A. Andrew McArthy’s highly regarded recent, popular piece at NRO.

This certification is not the same thing as the certificate, [sic]

….what’s been requested is a primary document that is materially more detailed than what Obama has thus far provided…. [sic]

the establishment press is deep in Obama’s tank…[sic]

While it is all well and good to belittle the birth-certificate controversy, without it we’d know only what the media and Obama himself would tell us about his multiple citizenships, which is nothing. [sic]

What is the true personal history of the man who has been sold to us based on nothing but his personal history?

The latest doyenne of the Birthers, dentist and lawyer,  Ms. Orly Taitz has filed a suit, a writ of mandamus, seeking documents from Indonesia, Pakistan etc., and citing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the person who should be instrumental in this inter-governmental exercise. Involving Hillary “in the middle” has upset at least one PUMA still4hill, read it here:

You crossed the line, Orly! Did she, you decide.

No matter what, this has been a great celebration of the 1sst amendment and of our constitution.

Above all, it’s the Internet, stupid.


Honorable Barack H. Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America was born on August 4, 1961. (He is a Leo)

Let’s wish him a Happy Birthday!

Here is the unforgettable Ms. Norma Jean.

Let it be said first of all, although this blog was born as a NObama blog, and we are committed to be critical of him as and when warranted, this blog wishes to honor the Presidential Office.  The office will always be bigger than the occupant; bloggers should always honor the person while disagreeing with the personae. (We leave the hate business to the leftist, anti-Palinistas).-

President Obama is currently the most well-known person in the world. If he is only a bit more widely known than Sarah Palin, it’s simply because he has been at it longer. Surely, she is the ‘other’ better known American today. Hopefully someday, she will replace him in both fame and office.

As we honor the special day of our youthful president today, it would not be inappropriate to mention the cloud that remains on the documentation of this event some forty-seven years ago.

It was amazing when the candidacy of a candidate would-be-44 birthed expressions such as NObama, Hope Bong, Hopium and a whole slew of other words. Now even though he is in office, some two years after he burst upon the national scene, a whole new word has been born. Birthers.

Our president is a mam who inspires strong emotional responses. He is what the media labels as polarising if not in the good graces of pundits, or as messianic if in favor.

It appears that in the eyes of history, win lose or draw, the name of the 44th president will become a legend of some unique sort.

What is quite clear to this blogger and many other observers, is that the name Sarah Palin will someday become equally legendary. For she is the only person with that sort of personality around here in these parts.

In the meantime, let’s say once again, Happy Birthday Mr. President!

This one is just too adorable and admirable to pass up, what a smooth kid!

(Thanks to Debbie Shlussel)


Now that Senator Obama is President-Elect, there is a sudden increase of views of this post. The following points should be remembered:

1. The coins referred to in this post are ‘private’. They were requisitioned by persons or parties allied to the DNC and/or Obama campaign. They are purely of sentimental value and are not legal tender.
2. All the advertisements that show up on a google search, and most of the articles that refer to Obama coins, are all also referring to different private issues. There are some companies that use the word mint, monetray authority or us mint in their names, again they are all private companies and not legal tender as money.
3. The historic nature of Obama’s election generated a lot of private interest resulting in the marketing of a variety of coins, some using colorization, some ‘gold plating’, and a few real full gold. Some also use images used on actual legal US coins, sucha as Liberty, Kennedy etc.
4. The only real official US legal tender coins will be those issued by the US mint in due course of time as part of ‘US Presidential Dollar’ series that began in 2007. Only coins of the the first 8 presidents have came out, we have a long way to go before Obama Dollar comes out. It definitely will come out!! 5. Go here for more iInformation about the coins, or actually medallions,  referred to in this post.

Original Post

I fell off the chair when I first read it at Hillbuzz, that quoted PUMA08, which in turn quoted the British press, and I still can’t fathom this.

So I checked out the original story, pending proof it was not a parody story.

Here is the original story in Birmingham Post

Obama is indeed having presidential coins minted:

WEW is producing limited edition runs of gold, silver and platinum Obama coins.

Winston Elizabeth & Windsor has already sold more than 300 limited edition commemorative silver coins to the Democratic Party to hand out to key members of the campaign to elect Obama.

The coins show Senator Obama’s face, along with a picture of the White House and the legend “President of the United States of America”.

The moulds for the Obama coins will be going on display tomorrow as part of the Birmingham Art Fair at the Gas Hall on Chamberlain Square.

[Emphasis added]

The only thing  I have to say is WHY, OH WHY?  Why now, why not wait till after the elections?

Reminds us of possums, pumas and the unforgettable  presidential seal saga.

Bill Clinton’s advice to Barack Obama


Clinton thinks Obama has erred by putting too much focus on himself and on his supposedly transformational brand of politics — it’s too airy, and it puts him at risk of being branded a hypocrite when, as inevitably happens, he needs to play rough. [sic]

The trick is counter-punching without looking rattled, and without letting your opponents set the agenda of the conversation. [sic]

Clinton believes Obama is on losing terrain if he allows the election to be about pigs and lipstick. Obama needs to soar above that by talking about large themes like energy and global warming, and how to harness the opportunities of a global economy. [sic]

Successful politicians, he believes, look for opportunities to speak to skeptical audiences. [sic]

Don’t take Hillary voters for granted. [sic]

… Clinton will never be fully at peace with Obama until the Democratic nominee makes clear — in emphatic words, in public — that Clinton is not in any way racist, and that he did not try to “play the race card” during the Democratic nomination contest …


This is a fabuous post at  Politico. Wonderful points, astute observations, sharp insigts.

It is brilliant, lucid and very well written, by John F. Harris, author of two books about Bill Clinton.

Like several other articles at the venerable Politico, this article is audio-enabled, you can listen to it read by professional reader. Enjoy!

The media sphere continues to echo with talk about Biden selection,.

Notably, Hillary sent out an email to her supporters congratulating him on being selected as the vice-presidential running nominee. Notice the artful phrasing of him being one person’s preference, not an official expression of delegates called to convention!

What does Hillary know that we don’t?

It is quite correct to say that we don’t have an official nominee until the convention says so. Likewise a running mate, without a nominee we don’t have an official running mate. That means we have 2 fellows going about like they are somebody…

Obama (presuming himself to be the presidential nominee)
Biden (now named to be vice presidential running nominee)

This lack of official sanction must weigh on the mind of Obama. If so is that why he made this slip, or does he just want to be president that bad?

If that weren’t enough, the press coverage appears to be well short of being kool-ade quenched.
The net roots are up in arms about AP’s characterization of Biden choice, in the singular line used by Ronl Fournier, the Washington Bureau Chief:

The candidate of change went with the status quo.
(Obama) picked a 35-year veteran of the Senate – the ultimate insider – rather than a candidate from outside Washington.

This, of course, delighted the McCain campaign especially when Jonathan Martin of Politico pointedly excerpted a passage of Fournier piece stating that Obama insiders admit to Obama’s ‘impatience with what he called “reverence” for the message of change and new politics’. Translation? Obama is realistic, wants to win, and will do what it takes to win!

Fournier - Ire of Lefty Nuts

So now, Obamabots are peeved, not so much at the actual turn of events or change inevitable at the core of the campaign, but rather with the messenger: AP’s Ron Fournier.
Is Fournier Moonlighting for McCain? asks a peeved Jonathan Singer at MyDD.

McCain’s Mole! exclaims a pensive Markos of Dailyl Kos.

MoveOnhas a campaign against Fournier underway.

A ponderous poseur of a an intellectual piece by Steve Benen at Washington Monthly Political Animal reached out and gave Andrew Sullivan’s love for Obama a nice tummy tickle. AP Going Fox! gasps Sullivan of Daily Dish

Even Jane Hamsher, the gentle lady of FiredogLake, and a favorite warrior of ours, objected to ‘journalistic opinionating’.   We beg to differ, of course. Obama has had two years of continuous, blind, unabated, unabashed, unadulterated meda adoration showered upon him; all his gaffes overlooked, none of his flaws highlighted, or any criticism permitted at all.

Only Dana Milbank, deigned to speak up recently, and just once. The kid gloves are still on Miss Jane, don’t worry.

Well everybody is doing it, and speculation is still free in this country, so will we.

A couple of caveats:

Obama is not the nominee yet. Sen. Obama was selected  by some self-important DNC honchos who thought nothing of collusion, backroom dealing, feigned neutrality, Clinton-dislike, power moves designed to install Obama in White House, against the wishes of at least half the voters who took part during the primary season.

In all fairness, there should have been talk of an open convention all along,  no premature anointment of Obama, and absolutely no declaration of him as the presumptive nominee. But that exactly what took place. The party bigwigs figured everyone will fall in line, especially if they pushed Hillary around a bit, so they went after Hillary in a full court press fashion. So, she did what she had to, suspended her campaign, closed down the offices and web sites, and urged her followers to help Obama, per the party’s wishes . But voters don’t have to. That is the beauty of democracy, specially in America. We are so hip to propaganda, marketing gimmickry, media manipulations, we really can’t be fooled that often, that easily. Heck even Mr. Bush 43 knew that, just couldn’t get the words out right ( enjoy this Bush moment that has lately been echoed by a few Obama moments!)

So getting back to this nominee thing, we don’t have a nominee elected yet. The DNC rules explicitly state 3.  that delegates shall convene and vote freely and without duress or inducement, a candidate or candidates of their choice. That is how democracy is supposed to work, even for Democrats!

It is possible in theory, for the convention to select a ticket of Hillary/Obama.

That is the only winning ticket available for the Democrats!  But, they don’t know it, yet.

Albeit,  we have an anointed nominee that the DNC declared is the party’s presumptive standard bearer, even though a quarter to a third of the primary season’s electorate may not support this p.n.  And this p.n. is going to pick a running mate, and figuring who that is is the latest parlor game.

3 choices, 3 different variations on a losing scenario.

1.  Undaunted by falling poll numbers,  not hesitant about going boldly forward, staying the straight course that the campaign has been on, concluding that Obama can win it all by himself, and all that’s needed from the veep is a nice accent and complementary pairing (with echoes of Camelot’s north-south ticket balance), take an equally inexperienced figure, who will be loyal and quiet for 8 years (yes 8 naturally). That person would be Congressman Robert Wexler of Florida.    Result= Loss -5% margin
(Any other male, same result, narrower loss margin).

2.   Uniquely tonedeaf, and only partially cognizant   of what is really going on with sizable groups of the party electorate, having the side benefit of completing the Clinton banishment from the party, and set about a new rewrite of the history, in his own vision, Obama might chose a woman other than Hillary, such as Kathleen Sebelius or Mary Landrieu.   Result= Loss -3%

3.  Utterly despondent over the new polling,  or alternatively ultimate games-man that he all along was, might just grab a chance to fully claim the mantle of a Unity Seeker, or better a Uniter – Obama might just forget all the bitterness of the primary and simply pick Hillary as the running mate.   Result= Loss -0.5%

What do I see as the critical, decisive factors?

Debates 40%, Economy 30%, War 15%, Unforeseen 15%.

Wild Cards: Foreign events a la Georgia, security issues, scandals/exposes

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