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See the image of an acorn in the sidebar of this blog, it’s been there almost an year!!

Click the acorn image to access an amazing graphic of the many interconnections amongst unions, democrat politicians and acorn, an embedded video, and more links to accredited research. The video has lots of disturbing stats, a few funny lines, and some very annoying old history.

Looking back, it’s not quite clear where and when the image and CRACK THE ACORN slogan first appeared, but the best recollection is that this blog got it from JUST SAY NO DEAL, a favorite website, around October 2008.

Quite overlooked for a long time now, the image of the Acorn in the sidebar is begging for new attention. CRACK THE ACORN!.

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Larry Johnson of No Quarter USA is beloved of  PUMAs for providing an open, available and vigorous space for a free dialog amongst all Hilary supporters, Hillcrats, PUMAs, NObamists, JSNDs, Palinistas and McCainiacs.

Yesterday Larry  issued a a final rousing rallying cry  on his personally hosted episode of blogtalkradio. 

The episode called Closing Arguments, featured Lynn Forester-Rothschild, Dr. Lynette Long, Rudy Giuliani and Charlie Crist, Gov. FL.

You had to hand it to Larry, for having the guts to call Obama on his ‘crocodile tears’ and on his highly partisan style and other traits. Larry has the moral courage to do the right thing.

Lady Lynn (Hello Lawhry, I just love her voice and accent, so real and so American)  unfortunately was on a plane and could only talk for a few minutes before having to turn off  her cell phone. Short and sweet though, it was a delight to hear speak.

The other lady Lyn, Dr. Long was wonderfully lucid, cool, analytical, forceful and just plain terrific, she made a good  recap of caucus fraud and, an excellent argument for not writing Hillary’s name in.  All in all Dr. Lynnette Long made her case for McCain with great passion and eloquence.

Rudy was himself: funny, quick, sharp, pointed, affable.

A must-listen NQR show, Link again,  Why, you ask?  Simple, NObama!

51% Say Reporters Are Trying To Hurt Palin


Over half of U.S. voters (51%) think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their news coverage, and 24% say those stories make them more likely to vote for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in November.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) also believe the GOP vice presidential nominee has better experience to be president of the United States than Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. [sic]

The potential problem for Democrats is that Obama, the junior U.S. senator from Illinois and a former state legislator, is the party’s standard-bearer, while Palin, an ex-mayor and now governor of Alaska, is number two on her party’s ticket. [sic]

Just a week ago 67% of voters told Rasmussen Reports they didn’t know enough about Palin, only the second woman ever to be on a national political ticket, to comment on her. Heading into last night’s speech, however, 52% had a favorable opinion of Alaska’s Governor.

Since McCain announced Palin as his running mate on Friday, she has been subjected to an unprecedented wave of negative media stories, many focused on her personal life and especially the pregnancy of her unmarried 17-year-old daughter. The focus of the coverage, especially in the blogosphere, has even prompted Obama to distance himself from it.

Republicans have responded angrily, and the media was the target of numerous negative comments over the first two nights of the GOP convention. Several aides to Hillary Clinton, who Obama defeated for the Democratic presidential nomination, also have criticized the media coverage for its sexist tone.

In the new survey, although 85% say they are following news stories about Palin at least somewhat closely, just five percent (5%) think reporters are trying to help her with their coverage, while 35% believe reporters are providing unbiased coverage. [sic]

The findings, nevertheless, are troublesome for the embattled news industry and parallel what voters said in surveys earlier this summer. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of voters now believe most reporters try to help the candidate they want to win, and 49% believe reporters are trying to help Obama this year. Only 14% think they are trying to help McCain. In another survey, 55% said media bias is a bigger problem for the electoral process than large campaign donations.

Although women voters by a 48% to 35% margin believe the coverage of Palin reveals a double standard in the media, they continue to support Obama more than men. Palin in her comments already has made clear that one of her key missions is to lure women voters disaffected by Clinton’s defeat in the Democratic primaries to the McCain column.

(Emphasis added)

After Hillary gave the most critical speech of her life, and indeed it is most thankless speech if ever, I am moved, ready to take on Chris Matthews Leg, (CML is now the virtual benchmark reference) but, strangely unmoved.  Even as I was listening to Hillary, a part of me was thinking of Ted Kennedy (whom I had passionately supported) and his speech which back then tingled me way off the CML chart.

Listen below to the speech Ted gave in 1980, known as The Dream Shall Never Die speech in subsequent years, it has the cadence, verbiage and rhetorical echoes of Shakespeare (Mark Antony funeral oration) and Alfred Tennyson’s Ulysses’s forward looking pragmatism. – as bookends.

 If you remember, Keenedy spoke essentially a concession speech, for three days in a row prior to that speech, and infact for weeks and months preceding, there had gone on intense fight over every step leading to the convention. Platform ideas, specific palnks, credentials, rules and rulings, and a last minute fight to let delegates change their mind or not. Kennedy fought every step of the way, publicly. Not one leader in the party had told him to not stand up for himself. Not one media pundit told him to shut up, let alone stand down.

After Ted spoke delegates would not sit down for nearly a half-hour, so stirred were they by that ‘barn burner’ as one southerner had described it. Yet, In that speech, Ted Kennedy referred to a sitting president once.

How many times did Hillary refer to her primary opponent? You count….

Some have actually moved on. There are of course, all kinds of arguments. One can’t argue one’s way to a vote. A vote has to be earned with a lifetime of serivice or brilliant ideas, or excellent service.

One can bait and switch, run in cricles all day long as this fellow does to these women in the video below. It is easy to trap people into a sense of guilt, irrationality or school yard diminution. Even when people can’t be eleoquent, logical or clever in argument, even if people are not good with repartee, votes are votes.

Money changes everything – Superdelegates are for sale.

There is a new brain trust in town.

Dr. Lynette Long, who  writes diaries  at Alegre’s Corner on Soapbox,  and also maintains own web iste, Truth Justice and the American Way  and the founders of the non-obamaish, more centrist oriented,  Real Democrats  got together with the prolific GeekLove, put their heads together and came up with this new video.  Watch it, it’s rollicking great fun!!  (And also go to You-tube to rate, comment and recommend or otherwise opine away).



So, how do we buy US some democracy?

What’s an approprate action to take?  It’s two fold, well actually 3 parts to it. First help retire Hillary’s debt completely, so she is not for sale; second, donate to Denver Group so they can help to place her name in nomination; third, let’s earn us some democracy by calling super delegates – especially those in swing states where Hillary won, yet the delegates are towing DNC line!!

First things first. Some terrific news has come out of what I call Radio Puma Online.  The official name of the pod-cast simul-chat of course, is No We Wont, and it is hosted at blogtalkRadio. I only listened to a couple of recent shows but intend to listen to them all.

The great news is that Hillary has made substantial progress in reaching the debt payoff goal.

It is also believed that some super delegates are beginning to feel disenchanted with the self-styled presumptive nominee and, may be switching over to Clinton!!

Now about NO WE WONT. Each show opens with a sensous, sultry voice of demurral delivered in a purring tone and directed at the DNC, the segment then launches right into a delightful and professionally directed show that covers the gamut. The host Sheri Tag  aka ‘ticked off democrat’ is eloquent, personal and pointed. Co-host Will Bowers is pure enthusiasm and good energy. The blogtalk part of the show is the terrific chat that accompanies each show, listeners can call-in, chatters can have avatars, rate the show, comment during or after the show. Terrific experience. 

Recent shows honored Harriet Christian, the avenging angel of disaffected democrats everywhere; riverdaughter, the Joan of the Jilted and the disbarred; the highly well-spoken Cynthia Ruccia – clear, concise, and controlled, the rage held back behind lucid arguments – voices of diverse approaches. All participants are exciting,  speaking to different experiences and emotions, all giving voice to grievance. Something for everyone, altogether very satisfying. Regardless of where your revulsion with the self-anointed nominee might lead you, there is on this show, information, attitude and above all kindred souls for you to be in company with. Even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool party follower, to whom the party has been good and kind all your life, there is something here you should be listening to. If you never thought twice about questioning the party, intend to vote right down the party line, you should listen here, just a few shows. Get a measure of truth as experienced by good and real people. This could happen to you and it probably di, you did nothing. Here people are being democratic, small d and big D.

Some guests talked about their experiences in the primaries and caucuses, how Hillary voters were abused, some of the thuggish behaviors witnessed. Some guests talked about their departure from the left blog world and the mad extent to which it has gone over the cliff after their new found messiah. Just about every person who spoke on these shows talked about the long list of complaints that has become a familiar litany: the abuse of Hillary by the media, the sexism, the misogyny, the fix at the DNC, the MoveOn and Media Matters’ mind-numbing propaganda, and so on.

PUMA Radio is not just for pumas, it’s for everyone amongst the ‘seething millions.’

If you don’t listen to No We Wont, you are missing something, and that is history in the making.

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