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There is this elegant graphic of a cluster of stars on the letter head that’s been going around for a while now. It sits right above the name Sarah Palin. At a certain angle the cluster looks like an arrow-head pointing right at the word Palin, in an other you see it for what it is. A cosmic symbol. Call it a portent.

The graphic, of course, is of Ursa Major or Big Dipper. The seven stars that make the celestial constant, pointing permanently and eternally to the Polar Star.

That icon of a big bear is what’s on the fundraising letters sent out by Sarah’s PAC.  It nicely complements the idea of Mama Grizzlies enunciated by the Governor. It also has echoes of the notion of the standing grizzly as a noble creature as spoken of by Teddy Roosevelt. All those images come together in Sarah Palin, that embodiment of Alaska, America, womanhood, motherhood and, above all, leadership. No wonder the listless, rudderless Left of this country comes unhinged at the prospect of Sarah Palin presidency.

All of that is why, among other things, we have this today:

A tale of odd fear:

MJonesCovrCaptn Readers of a certain generation and memory can probably better enjoy the humor in all this. It would help to have lived in the bad old Old-Media world.

Who amongst us ever forgot the guilty pleasures of the shock and schlock of really bad movies, and their equally bad reviews? Who, of a certain age did not ever marvel at the odd beauty of not just trailers and poster, but also the headlines. Especially Variety. Oh, yes, fun and giggles could be found in the brevity, and and nuttiness of the legendary Weekly Variety magazine’s headlines?

One recent event made us come up with our own version of a headline worthy of the ole Variety.

Griz Mom Wits Boo Lib Tard Twits.

[In regular English:

Mama Grizzly’s Face-book Postings Frighten Leftist, Retarded, Nitwits.]

The inspiration came from the latest antics of the Left in the form of a cover page illustration for the used-to-be-illustrious Mother Jones. In an agonizing blend of tease and scare, of talent and torpor, the cover image at once glorifies and demonizes Governor Sarah Palin. It’s powered by all the base emotions you can think of – lust laced with fear from strong men, and jealousy laden contempt from weak women stretching all the way to the infantile cravings of week men and bitchy sneer of hot tempered women. Quite a fiesta of archetypes in that graphic. Hence, we chose to have our own little headline fun at it. For the dopiest of the strung out Left, there is even an animated version (sorry, no link!).

There is some silly discussion about it at Fishbowl,

Intelligent voices however went straight to the heart of the matter.

Shame on the allegedly progressive magazine Mother Jones – Tennessee Guerilla Women

What’s hilarious (to me, at least) is that I’m absolutely positive that the feminists over at Mother Jones who dreamed this up are furious about Sarah Palin daring to call herself a feminist. Because she isn’t doing feminism correctly, like they are.  Violet Socks, Reclusive Leftist.

An excellent article by the bright and luminous myiqx2u at The Confluence brought home the point. Including this pointed quote:

… the three articles connected to the lurid cover are all about the Democratic failure, especially Obama’s failure, Anglachel

Allrightee then. That just makes it ok to caricature the most popular woman in a generation who has captivated the nation and society at large (Hillary having already re-joined the establishment after one shining moment). But pray tell, why not use a cartoon of Mr. Failure himself to illustrate the great article. If the point of the article is failure of the presidency, why not then caricature him? Why drag an upright lady and leading voice of patriotism through the muck of slime? Does the left no any other way of expression? Alas, apparently, not!

So, what’s a true Palinista to do in the face of such tabloid markup?

Just do what a visiting outfielder is admonished to do when repeatedly booed by the obnoxious bleacher fans on home turf – accept it as grudging admiration. It’s just a form of respect Jim, said the color commentator.

So, Sarah, look at this cover photo as a Left-Handed-To-You Compliment!

On the occasion of a fun holiday, the power of our Hallowed Lady has gone straight to the depths of their  terrified soul. And, it’s just 2010.

Can’t wait for 2012 to come around.

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What Sarah Palin’s admirers could do right now!

Mama Grizzlies – Sarah Palin’s latest adroit move.


In a New York Times article about David Axelrod, the legendary Chicago political operative is described by Mark Leibovich  as the president’s moustachioed message maven. The alliteration got attention, of course. Memorandum noted it at the head over the weekend, and Daily Caller featured the NYT article front and center.

Liebovich himself returns an echo later on in the article with “a walrus of a man”. Still further down in the article the subject Axelrod himself indulges a bit “with palace intrigue pathology of Washington”.

What also drew attention was a description of Axelrod at the beginning of the article, eyes droopy and looking more burdened than usual.

That, all those alliterations getting thrown around and, the general thrust of the article in painting over a failing presidency and flagging poll numbers as ‘communication failures’ brought to mind the greatest alliteration maven of all, Spiro Agnew. For those too young and wondering Spiro Who, Mr.  Spiro Agnew was Governor of Maryland and  the first vice-president under Richard Nixon.

Agnew told a 1970 audience in San Diego, “we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism.” He went after “pusillanimous pussyfooters” and “vicars of vacillation” and “the hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.”
Time Magazine.

The enduring phrase ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ though made famous by Agnew, is said to have been penned by speechwriter William Safire who also turns out to be a contributor to the very same, said New York Times.

It’s possible that the high priests of rhetoric entrust the affect of alliterative analytical averring too much. Perhaps, much too much. Kennedysms are far more effective, we think. For, while saying the same thing differently, they tell the same point at different times.

One wonders,  is this alliterative analytical article on Obama’s message man a harbinger of resurrection, or of downfall?  When will Bob Somerby weigh in on this typical beltway writer’s affliction?


NO alliteration

Palm notes OK


PS: Sorry I don’t have a palm picture of memo.

Bill Clinton is in hospital, getting two new stents for his coronary – heart’s – blood vessel.

His prognosis is said to be ‘excellent’.

Godspeed to Bill Clinton, the indefatigable man who works nearly twenty hours a day, travels the world, and serves as UN chief relief envoy to Haiti.

Our prayers are with Hillary and Chelsea. Both were at his bedside during the ex-president’s stay in hospital.

One of the more hilarious skits on Saturday Night Live dates back to when the Big Dawg was famous for eating junk food – he has reformed since a 2004 heart attack and bypass. Never the less, that SNL skit remains a classic.

The legendary Phil Hartman played President Clinton, depicted as an inveterate fast food lover in this sketch available at Hulu. Click the image below.

Bill Clinton - Fast Food - Somalia Warlords --- Phil Hartman, SNL

Plenty of discussion about stents and their role in coronary treatment at the Times.

Honor Big Dawg, by contributing to his foundation here.

And if you are a good PUMA, that is a true admirer of Bill Clinton, you will enjoy this recent assessment by the Times.

The Mellowing of William Jefferson Clinton.

Get well soon, Bill Clinton, the world needs you!

President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace!

I am speechless. I AM without speech. Speech has left me.

I will let Andrew Bolt say it all for me:

The Left rewards its own.

Obama has been rewarded for talking, not acting, and for promising to curb America’s ideals and power. The international Left, which has long dominated the Nobel Peace Prize committee, applauds. As it did with Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, the committee now hands its prize to yet another American politician who is not George Bush. And it rewards him for what he promises, not for a single thing he’s achieved.

Obama wins Nobel for showing up

This in a long of line of jokes including Yasser Arafat. With Jimmy Carter they at least waited till he truly earned it on his own with 20 years of working for democracy in the Third World, and housing in the First. (At least, Jimmy Carter fought for housing without engendering the housing or mortgage crisis.)

And Gore got it as a consolation prize, arguably for being cheated out of the White House.

The current occupant gets it for speeches and mean-spirited anti-Americanism.

As a people we could be proud. But as a nation we should worry.

Some funny lines:

Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave faster than Iranian centrifuges.

He is becoming Jimmy Carter faster than Jimmy Carter.

What’s the Dalai Lama thinking now?

Spirit of '76

Spirit of '76

This is a  celebration of a celebration.

A moment in time, and a memory of that moment. A a celebration, by recognition of that moment of recollection.  I am romancing memory, if you will. For, in these difficult days, all we have are memories.

Now, don’t get me wrong people. I love Mothers Against Drug Driving (have been member for ever), and I don’t condone illegal activity, but hey, this is the Fourth. The Fourth represents the ultimate of all illegal activities, don’t it? Revolution, that is. So, there it is!

With all those appropriate caveats (for the humorless) behind us, here is my paean to the grandest  American Holiday.

Of all the great movies of my generation, the most stirring is MGM’s The Great Escape featuring thrilling performances by all, including James Garner, Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Donald Pleasance, James Coburn, et al.

Of all the memories and moments of that great flick, nothing stirs the soul like this fragrant moment. Watch the clip at 4:40, beginning of the lovely Yankee Doodle sequence. Enjoy.

But, as the Holiday wore on, hot dogs consumed, beer drunk, and horse shoes thrown about – totally off the pegs, that is –  well, it just couldn’t be helped. I just had to come back in, and add this clip in, for after all, it is the Fourth! So, give a click and hum along …

And, of course, no Fourth of July is complete without some kind of a rant. My favorite rant this year is wholeheartedly in agreement with Michael Savage. On Road Trip, watch.

Oh, Savage, you are the perfect antidote to tedium!

Happy Independence Day, America!

Black Prisoner of Buchenwald / Photo John Kantara, via Schlussel

Black Prisoner of Buchenwald / Photo John Kantara, via Debbie Schlussel

Gert Schramm was a man the world almost forgot.

He was the only black inmate, and survivor, of the Nazi concentration camp. He also happened to be, of late, a great fan of Barack Obama. He was snubbed, however, when he tried to meet with Mr. Obama when the latter recently toured Buchenwald.

Debbie Schlussel has the story on this most interesting man. Indeed, it is a terrific story, of how a black teenager was protectively surrounded by Jewish inmates.

The entire fascinating post can be read here.

This one is just too adorable and admirable to pass up, what a smooth kid!

(Thanks to Debbie Shlussel)

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