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Writing Hillary’s name in is the purest form of PUMA assertion. It takes effort, it shows initiative, it’s proactive, it shows determination. It is also, in the old-fashioned lingo, a ‘bone head play’.

But some pumas are pushing on in that direction. Here. Here. Here.

Write-in can be considered a ‘spoiled’ ballot

Write-in for Hillary could become a vote for Obama (f he is winning candidate in some states)

Wrtie-in laws vary widely. Many states do not allow it, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Indiana, Nevada. Some other states do not allow write-in of candidates who lost primary election.

The point system logic: Obama has to win the votes, a McCain vote sets him back by 2, a write-in costs him nothing. Combined with a vote that didn’t go to McCain, a write-in is a big advantage in favour of Obama.

All of you who are considering writing Hillary’s name in, please listen to this episode of NoQuarter Radio at blogtalkradio.

If there are a very large number of write-ins, and Obama loses, BO will assail Hillary and her supporters. On the other hand, the rest of the pumas will feel very frustrated. On the other hand, if there are a number of write-ins and McCain wins, the PUMAs will still rejoice, BO will seethe, Hillary might or not smile to herself. But why take chances, if every write-in were to be a McCain vote, ALL  groups, PUMAs, NObamists, HIllcrats, even anarchists, will be happy for that will ensure an Obama defeat.

Write-in is a wrong out for Hillary supporters.

Simply put, No Write-in, NObama.


Reclusive Leftist is one of my favorite websites. It’s wisdom is special, of a rare and precious kind. Also, while the blog wears no badges on the sleeve, for a an awoved leftist, RL is a veritable puma!

Over the months, I have quoted or linked to Violet Socks often, but I want to take this opportunity to a particularly well written argument and article about a pernicious trend in  the campaigns, Obama camp specially, and all the attendant virulence and vitriol directed at women.

“Stone Her”  is a particularly vital and powerful post that must be read.

I don’t  see that it is possible to read this post and not come away with a feeling of having been chastened. It has a universal message, though now directed at a certain special group that acquiesces in all things Obama. The post deals with sex, porn, bots’ vulgarity, and whole host of issues the ‘other feminsts’ seem to find un-objectionable.

The crux of the post:

The American women who are acquiescing in the virtual stoning of Sarah Palin are obeying the same sick dynamic that animates every patriarchal society on earth. It’s why women in tribal hellholes nod approvingly when their menfolk stone the local adulterer. It’s why women cheer when other women, uppity women, are publicly shamed and abused. It’s why women at sites like Jezebel spend most of their energy vilifying other women as sluts, skanks, bitches, cum-dumpsters, whores, and whatever other names they’ve borrowed from the masculine vocabulary.

But for all the dark analysis, the post is nothing if not positive:

Maybe when all is said and done, 2008 will turn out to be the final flourish of the anti-feminist backlash that’s been rumbling through our culture for 30 years. Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s near-miss for the Presidency unleashed the beast. Maybe this is its last gasp.


I would also recommend these other posts at the same blog:

Racism is the new “why do you hate America”

Obama’s voter fraud

What Palin actually said

The  Democratic primary season left many voters with a bad taste.  Millions of the party faithful couldn’t bring themselves to fall in behind the party’s presumptive nominiee in May. They rallied and petitioned for counting of all votes, pleaded for investigation of caucus fraud and thuggish behavior and intimidation that occurred in some places. They showed up at the DNC/RBC meeting and sought to include 3 millions votes cast in FL/MI. Then they organized and rallied to place the name of their dear, brilliant candidate Hillary in nomination, even to draft her to run as an independent or insurgent candidate at Denver.  Well all that history behind us, the pumas born into a hundred different prides, each branching off in a different direction, a new dilemma faces many: how to vote this November. Can a life-long Democrat dare vote for McCain?

This hell of a nettlesome quandary is now addressed by a die-hard Hillary supporter in a new blog post. Even the title of the post is pretty dramatic, and the post itself is being widely celebrated across the pumasphere.  The blog is Tom in Paine  and the post is titled:


the guilty pleasure of having Obama lose and cheating on the cheater is too good to resist.

The truth is, there are more good reasons to defeat Obama and the Obamacrats than to elect him, even for the staunchest of Democrats.

Obama has no integrity and as far as we can see from his past, never did..

Yes McCain has agreed with Bush on a lot of things but Obama has actually agreed with Bush on more and based on his public pronouncements, its Obama that sounds more like a Bush 3rd term than McCain.

McCain on the other hand has broken with Republicans when his conscience told him to … incurred the wrath of many in his party with the McCain Feingold bill in which McCain joined forces with one of the Senates most liberal Democrats to pass campaign finance reform. And sticking to that philosophy is campaigning using public financing, while Obama who pledged to use public financing reneged on it as soon as he became the nominee..

Like it or not, the record shows McCain is the real reformer and the real deal, while Obama is what most of the 18 million Democrats who voted against him know him to be — a snake oil salesman who has managed to bamboozle a lot of dumb, and impressionable people hanging out and the Democratic Mr. Goodbar, especially the dumb media blonds like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and almost everyone at Newsweek, the NY times and CNN who he has eating out of hand.

Obama is the nominee because of a dishonest primary .. Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Fowler and every member of the DNC who engineered and went along with fixing the process needs to go. … And the only way that can happen is with an Obama loss. And the bigger the better.

Twenty-five years ago the Republican Party got through Watergate. This year the Democratic Party has to go through Fumigate and it can start with a big Obama loss. And on the morning of November 5th, with a McCain victory, the majority of Democrats can wake up, open the windows and let in the fresh air. And they can feel good about the night before and McCain winning. Even if its only a one night stand.

(Emphasis added)

This is a brilliant and clarion call of exhortation. It speaks to distressed Democrats across the idealogical spectrum, PUMAs and assorted Nobamists. It’s genius is the emphasis on how to feel good in the morning after the election. The poster is Marc Rubin, a co-founder of  The Denver Group.

Some useful links:

Caucus Fraud

Heidi Li’s Potpurri

Democrats for Priciple Before Party


Just Say No Deal

The Denver Group, which waged a valiant fight during the summer to get Hillary’s name placed in nomination, are continuing with their efforts to reform the DNC and campaigning against what they consider the fraudulent nomination process and the nominee. They have an ongoing media campaign, this clip, speaks for itself.

This clip speaks for itself. Shelly Mandell supported Hillary during the primary. Now, speaking for herself, she endorsed Sarah Palin. Hooray, somebody does not suffer from the Kool-ade drinker syndrome! On Sunday, Mandell introduced Sarah to a crowd of 20,000 at a rally in

Incidentally, this was the same Carson, CA rally at which Sarah later on takes Obama to task for his association with Ayers, check out this post called ” … and now the gloves come off.” 

Sarah also quotes Madeline Albright in the same speech.

Does this make you wanna run out to go get a cup of mocha?

Sarah and the Starbucks cup

Sarah and the Starbucks cup

Update:  The highly recommended post appears to be axed by Alegre.  The link now connects directly to the source. We still love visiting and diarying at Alegre :>)

The X Factor by Dr. Long at Alegre’s is highly recommended reading for all Hillary voters, and most certainly for Palin PUMAs.


I personally explained to Senator McCain that women comprise well over half of the population, yet are underrepresented in every branch of government. I asked him loudly and clearly to choose a woman for the VP slot and to increase the number of women in the cabinet and on the Supreme Court. Senator McCain listened respectfully to my request. [sic]

Children incorporate many of their perceptions about gender by age five. Little girls won’t understand if Sarah Palin is pro-life or pro-choice, believes in gun control or is a member of the NRA, but they will know the Vice-President of the United States of America is a girl and that alone will alter their perceptions of themselves. [sic]

If Democratic women wait for the perfect woman to come along, we will never elect a woman. We have to seize opportunity where it presents itself. Besides, the Democratic Party is no longer my home. I have no home, but this election I will make my bed somewhere else.

Please go over to Lynette Long and join the conversation, or start your own here!

As an aside, here is an old clip on Gender Gap:

Welcome, one and all, to the world of Palin Pumas.

Comes to us via The Mountain Sage

The Obama campaign put out a press release that called Pat Buchanan a Nazi sympathizer. A new kind of politics?

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