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HillaryClinton Presidential candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton inspired the starting of this blog.

Happy Birthday Senator D-Punjab.

 You are more than likeable enough, Hillary!

Hillary continues to be someone this blog admires even though our political goals are now hitched to the wagon of Sarah Palin. Sarah fits with our own growing conservative sentiment, inborn patriotism, blind adoration of all things American (or Alaskan!), and our dislike of the direction the country has been heading under the current leadership. We wish Hillary Clinton well, while wearing our love of Sarah on the sleeve. Do we dare dream a little dream of the two most amazing and true women of our time somehow working on a shared basis for our country?

Perhaps, Clinton could serve in a 2012 Palin administration. Bill hired a Republican to run the pentagon. Could a Palin administration do a fair turnaround with Hillary?

Or, if Hillary runs and wins in 2012, she might hire Sarah Palin for a cabinet position, for energy independence or defense?

Sure, dreams have a way of running away.

In the mean time, the best tributes to Hillary can be found at:




Global Grind.

Red Dog Report.


Cheers, Hillary!


Favorite Sarah Image

She is the Number One American Mom, in our book.

Mother, wife, leader and someday, an adorable mom-in-law.

Caring for children, and especially a special-needs child, while simultaneously running for office, and running governments. She is everything moms are idealized to be: smart, caring, tenacious, tender, wise and loving. And on top of it all, she is a favorite politician. She is astute, fearless and outspoken.

That’s one Supermom Sarah for you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah Palin.

And lest we PUMAs forget our origins,  how some of us ended up here – and where we started of with – here is another superb mom, giving her own graceful benediction.

Good wishes to Hillary and family too.

Bill Clinton is in hospital, getting two new stents for his coronary – heart’s – blood vessel.

His prognosis is said to be ‘excellent’.

Godspeed to Bill Clinton, the indefatigable man who works nearly twenty hours a day, travels the world, and serves as UN chief relief envoy to Haiti.

Our prayers are with Hillary and Chelsea. Both were at his bedside during the ex-president’s stay in hospital.

One of the more hilarious skits on Saturday Night Live dates back to when the Big Dawg was famous for eating junk food – he has reformed since a 2004 heart attack and bypass. Never the less, that SNL skit remains a classic.

The legendary Phil Hartman played President Clinton, depicted as an inveterate fast food lover in this sketch available at Hulu. Click the image below.

Bill Clinton - Fast Food - Somalia Warlords --- Phil Hartman, SNL

Plenty of discussion about stents and their role in coronary treatment at the Times.

Honor Big Dawg, by contributing to his foundation here.

And if you are a good PUMA, that is a true admirer of Bill Clinton, you will enjoy this recent assessment by the Times.

The Mellowing of William Jefferson Clinton.

Get well soon, Bill Clinton, the world needs you!


(Scroll down for an explanation!)

The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton was born August 19, 1946.

Let’s wish Bill many, many happy returns of the day!

The Big Dawg’s latest public appearance can be seen in this video of the Netroots Nation ’09 Convention earlier this month.


The reason for republishing this post on Bill Clinton is multifarious.

Bill is beloved of the PUMA people. Go ahead and check a couple of dozen puma blogs, you will see love for Bill in every one of them, often even more affection for Bill than for Hillary, if that were possible.

Pumas of all persuasions admire the Big Dawg for his political acumen, his laconic humor, his inexhaustible energy, his intellectual grasp, his ability to work an audience, his relaxed visceral interactive style, his centrist policy stance, his icy steadfastness, and yes, for his flawed character. Pumas, more than anyone, acknowledge the frailty of human soul, the consuming flame that is political ambition, and hence we seek no perfect human. Pumas don’t believe in unicorns.  The solid grounding in reality is what drives pumas, and just as we know there is no perfect politician, we also demand fair play even in the dirty game of politics. Bill Clinton was victimized by the nasty elements of the GOP in the most evil manner, period. Everything else about impeachment was mere talking points gibberish. So much so that during the 2008 election season, while most Dems were happy drinking the koolade and bashing the Clintons, Pumas (who actually didn’t know they were Pumas yet) watched aghast, at the destruction of Hillary’s candidacy and the diminution of her stature. Pumas believe in a certain non-partisan integrity, fairness and simple honesty, above all else. That explains why a lot of pumas became un-Democrats,  some forever; a few became Republicans, some totally Palinized. It’s possible though, that one might even go so far as to say that there may be linkages of bloodline, at the individual voter level, even if not at leadership level,  amongst Pumas, Blue Dog, Moderate GOP, and  DLC mindset. Whatever the connection or attraction, the free thinking, independent minded voters in the middle of the political spectrum like politicians of a certain special sort and strength.

This is fertile demographic for Sarah Palin. A section of the American public that warms to the personality and policy achievements of Bill Clinton in a non-partisan way, that demographic also is likely to warm up to Sarah Palin for pretty much the same reasons: compelling life story, great personal style and charm, an instinct for political goodness, a warm, humorous persona; lively, jazzy, blue collar cool; gritty, unyielding personal force of will power – these are all traits Sarah projects and folks recognize. A quintessentially, historically American personality.

The great challenge however is, can Sarah Palin go across the completely artificial, cultural divide of popular polemics to touch these folks? Can Sarah Palin connect with the independendents and Pumas, not as a Republican, but as a person – mom, citizen, mayor, activist, parent, and vote-seeker? Will the ‘base’ let her? The only way to find out is do it. Just go around the country, mix casually with folks at the block party level, just make a human contact. When Sarah travels to these areas of lower US over the next year, she should seek out the non-GOP sections, venture into unfriendly areas, even the urban lairs, and let them get to know her up close. And talk endlessly about herself and her ideas, and listen to everyone that will talk to her. Bill Clinton could teach her a thing or two about that!

Sarah Palin IS a lot like Bill Clinton: Now, let me say right off the bat that this statement exposes me to all sorts of charges, most of all of projection. Followers of Obama were accused of seeing in him every sort of messianic answer to each and every problem. But that’s not what I am talking about. If I am drawn to Sarah Palin it’s not because of what I expect her to deliver via a certain legislation, rather it is because of what I seen in her personality, character and demeanor.  Her style informs me of her substance, more than more than my hopes of her legislation.

Sarah Palin the politician exhibits a lot of characteristics that a successful leader like Bill Clinton proved are needed.  It’s true, her ardent followers would prefer to compare her to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and so on. For some reason they don’t usually mention the two-termer Bush 43, why is that?  Could it be that everyone except the hardcore know what a disaster GWB was?  After all, no one person is more responsible for driving the youth and the middle class of this country into a love affair with Obama – and resurgence of the hard left- than the ineffectual GWB. Mid term election of 2006 was the abject proof of that. Bush admitted so much when he replaced Rumsfeld with Gates, less than a week after the election. What can be more pathetic than that!

It is wishful thinking that seeks to liken Sarah to Reagan or Thatcher. This doesn’t mean she won’t turn out to be like them. Sarah might yet wind up becoming the great true savior of this nation, but wishing it to be so ain’t gonna make it happen. It is going to take a lot of work on  Sarah’s  part, and even more work on her followers part – for they should let her be, without strings like on a puppet – to let Sarah Palin go forth and develop an attachment with the American public that engenders a victory, that enables a vision to be shared, and that builds joinly a sense of dignity that the nation is groping for. If Sarah can lead, and her follower will follow, the rest of the nation will follow suit.

In terms of sheer charisma, style, potential, passion and verve, and yes being a lightning rod for the opposition – in a lot of ways, Sarah Palin is  like Bill Clinton, just replace the saxophone with a hunting gun. The moralists at both extremes of right and left might go aghast at this comparison, but for my money their style of political struggle is surely a winning way. We already know that Bill Clinton thinks very highly of Sarah Palin as a politician.

Also too, both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton exemplify a certain type of scrappy, dogged pursuit of ambition that is classically American. It’s an illustration of the individual triumphing over the institutionalized obstacle, overcoming those obstacles and reshaping the institutions themselves, namely the parties. Both of them took a long time to plan, build up steam, and face insurmountable odds. Sarah Palin is looking at a similar story to be written, as a redeemer of the party, who just happens to be a leader of the nation also. She too is looking at a party in pretty much in the same bad shape as faced those two gents. It won’t come easy for her, but then nothing ever did. She more than any other person knows, that as a commercial fisherman so much work is preparation, the hard work, the detail, the grind, the grime. The actual act of catching fish … well, Sarah knows it all. I just hope she is somewhere in a quiet place, mulling things over. Just getting ready, that is!

In one of the clips here, Bill Clinton talks about interesting divergence in the paths taken by himself versus Hillary in public and private spheres of service. The point of that I believe is that you go with the flow of life, and serve if that’s what you chose to do. That is service in public or private sphere, both could be satisfying, challenging, just different in terms of frame and scope. Should Sarah Palin chose the private sphere, NGO, church, academia, commerce, etc., that would be fine too. The world loves Sarah too much to forget her. She could continue to be in public view without being in office or even be active in  politics. A Hillary-style “listening tour” of the lower 48 would do wonders for her image. It will certainly keep her base energized, to be guided through 2010 vote. It will bring a lot of independents, blue dogs, and pumas into her orbit of influence.  It will also give a lot of  ‘other’  people a chance at a second look at Sarah, that is cool, dispassionate and away from the heat and polemic of an election season. There will certainly be a moment that is yet to come, when this country will need another strong advocate of Americana, when that moment comes, there should be a leader ready. The very worst thing that Sarah could do is fade away like Gerry Ferraro. For Sarah Palin  is the repository of so many dreams and hopes;  she holds in trust so much that was possible, yet stolen away. So Sarah, hang around, prepare, and be ready.


Read the rest of this entry »

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the original impetus to this blog and blogger, lives up to her reputation.

The Senator from Punjab proves why she is such a great SecyState, of the order of the great Marshall, Elihu Root, Daniel Webster and Jefferson.

Excellent coverage at NoQuarter, here, here.

Gift of a silver tongue, keen observation, elegant expression, and astute analysis, not to mention such banal items as a true-heart nuance in nativist empathy and pronunciation – all make her a one of a kind genius-diplomat.

Hillary’s place in history is signed, sealed and delivered.

Imagine the dignity and majesty, how amazing she would have been in the White House. Shame on American sheep, for making a poor choice instead.

Here, students ask Hillary questions:

Virginia Bergman of Katalusis, an early friend of this blog, has a terrific new post on the return of Hillary Hatred in the wake of Arianna’s reaction to the new Secretary of State designee.

Watching a videoof Arianna Huffington, along with George Will, David Brooks, and Robert Kuttner, on ABC’s This Week triggered an “aha” moment for me. Arianna was at the Round Table moderated by George Stephanopoulus, and she was obviously enjoying her status as the only woman present. You could almost feel the bonhomie emanating from the TV screen as Arianna seized yet another opportunity to trash Hillary Clinton. [sic]

I’ve been repeatedly stunned and puzzled by the attacks of women like Arianna and Maureen Dowd on Hillary Clinton. I just didn’t get it. Watching ABC’s This Week video finally did it for me, and it’s pretty simple. By beating up on any woman who appears to be destined for a national leadership role, Arianna and Maureen win acceptance in the media’s good old boys club. [sic]

Unlike either Arianna or Maureen, Hillary has succeeded both personally and professionally. She has kept her family together over the years and maintained many close friends, while simultaneously earning worldwide respect in the political arena.

The entire post can be read here.

I knew this was bound to happen, and so did hundreds of thousands of you!   WE knew the race will get close and tight at the last hour. Though as many as 20% voted already, it’s the voters who go to the polls who will make the difference on Tuesday. With upto 10% undecided, this election is not a done deal by any means! WE KNEW THIS, all along, now MSM joins us!

The same media that anointed and approved a fraudulently won nomination, the same media that virtually coronated their chosen candidate nearly 2 weeks ago, going so far as to say the election night is a results-yawn, that same MSM is now saying it could be tight, McCain could win. Oh yeah, remember we told you, Obama is sitting pretty, he still has a big edge.

I woke up to this from Yahoo News this morning

If America’s vote mirrors these polls, Obama would get 353 electoral votes. [sic] This doesn’t mean John McCain doesn’t have a chance. He does — in fact, a bigger one than this map indicates.Polls can be wrong. [sic] The poll averages that populate this map are closer than what the declarative blue and red colors imply. [sic] Even though Obama leads in Pennsylvania now, it’s probably a great hope on McCain’s map because of the movement there over the past two weeks. McCain has cut what was once a 14-point Obama lead in half. [sic]

If fiddling with the Electoral College map is not your thing … …. (Emphasis added)


McClatchy Papers said this (Most Viewd Post):

John McCain still could win.

He’d have to squeeze out more support from independents, score higher with his “Joe the Plumber” warning about Obama’s tax and economic polices, and hope that enough undecided voters swing his way to help him sweep almost all the states that now are considered tossups.

While he’s still trailing, polls show McCain within reach and gaining, even if only slightly, both nationally and in some key battleground states

For McCain to win, he must hold all the states that went for President Bush four years ago, which would be enough to give him 286 Electoral College votes and victory. He could even lose one midsized Bush state, such as Virginia, which has 13 electoral votes, and still have more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win.

McCain also could score if he raises doubts in the minds of independents and undecided voters about electing a liberal Democrat as president to work with a Congress that’s sure to remain in Democratic control.

Finally, McCain would have to match or surpass Obama at turning out his voters on Election Day. Obama’s counting on a surge of support from first-time voters, particularly African-Americans and young people. McCain hopes to counter that with the Republicans’ proven get-out-the-vote machinery, plus a conservative base in small towns energized by running mate Sarah Palin.

(Emphasis added)

NPR repots on the Pew survey:

There are two things closing the gap, says Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center. First, McCain has made some gains among whites, independents and middle-income voters. But the other boost he’s enjoying comes from narrowing the pool of responses from registered voters to likely voters.

Typically, Republican voters tend to vote more regularly than some Democratic voting groups — particularly young people and blacks, Kohut says. So while turnout is up among those groups, it’s also up across the board — giving Republicans a boost when the poll focuses on likely voters.


Jim Tankersley of Chicago Tribune, hours ago (via Orlando Sentinel):

John McCain’s best chance for a history-defying comeback rests in the greatest of electoral unknowns: voter turnout.

To win Tuesday, analysts and polls suggest, the Republican nominee must win nearly all the remaining undecided voters in key swing states including Florida and peel a large chunk of “soft” supporters from Democratic rival Barack Obama. Then he must hope his supporters vote in overwhelming numbers and that more Obama supporters than expected stay home.

With time running out for a major event to reshape the race, McCain’s comeback potential could depend on whose turnout model is correct.  “It’s not so much things that have to happen” for McCain to catch up, said Jay Cost, who writes the data-based Horse Race Blog for RealClearPolitics. “He needs certain things to be true.” Cost also said a half-century of public polling doesn’t yield enough data to comfortably predict the difference between closing, say, a seven-point gap or a four-point one.

(Emphasis added)

There are others, but the point is what all SANE people have been saying for months: Turnout is the key.  Obama hopes to win on the basis of newly registered bums, vagrants, paid volunteers, nutty activists, pumped up college kids etc., etc.

America haters (eg: Bush caused 9-11, or CIA dynamited WTC,  or there were never any planes, etc., etc., the so called  9-11 Truthers  account for a good part of the Obama Left.  Nearly 2 dozen free movies on the internet fuel this rabid self-loathing that seems to be a fount of Obama Love).

Obma can only be defeated by a massive turnout of the Palin Fans: New feminists, Palin PUMAs, GOPs in hiding, courageous people who won’t quit fighting. See video up thread.

So, here is calling all Palinistas, Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the PUMAs, NObama!

Stars and Stripes For Ever

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