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Its a beautiful thing. Sarah Palin’s itinerary this weekend.

A visit to India followed right on its heels by a visit to Israel.

Aye, aye, captain, oh my captain.

Here is a clip of her visit to the sacred worshipping wall (as prime minister Begin used to admonish us to refer to it). Or, the Kotel, as Yid with Lid advises.



Got to love Sarah. She didn’t mince words, just referred to ‘touching the corner stone of my faith’.  How can you not adore this honest creature!

Now that the naughty amongst you have somehow gotten over the smoking hot news presenter in the above clip, head on over to the one and only Atlas, and read more. Baruch Hashem


It is obvious where the celebrity experts such as Chris Matthews and Maureen Dowd stand. The former got a thrill up the leg when candidate Obama spoke, the latter felt nauseous at the thought of an attractive woman politician hunting and claiming to be a feminist at the same time. Neither could delve deep into the (lack of) substance on the former nor perceive the latent depths of the character of the latter (candidates). Where the experts started off from, they stayed pat, with no inclination to grow, explore or understand. They exist to self-serving propaganda and self-aggrandizement.

It is obvious where upwardly mobile (but failing to reach) experts such as Kathleen Parker and your typical AP reporter stand. They reach like flies for spilled honey, and swarm all over current public mood and go with it. They lace the broad image with embellishments of manufactured nuance, and fill in the gaps for the daily breakfast of media consumers.

Turn the TV or news off for a month except for the headlines. Just know what happened in the world over a three week period and then go back to see what the junior experts said happened. You will be shocked to see in retrospect how much garbage comes out of a typical talk show expert or wire service reporter. Like a traffic officer trying to meet quota while writing tickets, what little factual veracity exists, it’s vastly exceeded by the contextual absurdity and irrelevancy. There is no illumination, or solution. Only drivel, self-serving drivel.

Several recent articles show the media’s continuing obsession over Sarah Palin.

Focusing on one tiny item of a speech, namely an albeit self-conscious acerbic comment by Sarah Palin on the price of mild and breast-feeding, WaPo writer Jena McGregor crafts a clever title, a pedantic analysis, and a Socratic solipsism about what leadership speeches should be or should not be about.

Leaders are judged as much on what they do take the time to weigh in on as on what they don’t say at all. Jumping into the debate about Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity, and make breastfeeding easier for those women who choose to do it, may have been like throwing candy to certain elements of her base. But if she wants to sound presidential, then sticking to what really matters (as Palin puts it) without throwing in little cracks about a universally agreed-upon problem would be a lot less, in a word, distracting. (Emphasis added)

It’s hard to see at first blush, but that entire article is just a sour crack about Sarah Palin, even though the writer tries to couch it as helpful analysis. That a little aside gets the top billing in an otherwise rich, issue-laden speech is a sad commentary on the journalist. Incidentally that same journalist waxes eloquent and adoring about Chris Christie in this article. The contrast between the tenor and intent of the two posts is quite telling, of the obsession.

For a reason known only to him, Chris Cillizza decided to compare in unfavorable terms the former speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin. At the same time he buried in the detail the fact that massive spending on negative ads could achieve the same effect. Does it mean that Sarah Palin’s sole problem is that she doesn’t spend enough money trumpeting her own worthiness? Cillizza doesn’t say. It seems though, that all Palin needs is a major charm offensive. Indeed! On the other hand, perhaps it is implied that the media people are just snakes waiting to be played some snake charming music?

But on cue comes another article, also featured on Yahoo! front page, by a former aide to Giuliani that purports to offer a narrative of her diminishing popularity. The article is so carefully crafted as to be self-indulgent. The crux of his argument is packed with typical media self-importance, their need to offer approbation and bestow grades.

Beneath the enabled self-promotion was a startling lack of preparation for a serious presidential campaign. Quitting her job as the governor of Alaska after 32-months, certainly gave Palin the opportunity to cash in on her notoriety but it also gave her the opportunity to begin studying for the presidency. But she has so far declined to build the defined outlines of a campaign apparatus or participate in the usual conservative cattle calls like CPAC. One year’s absence could be seen as strategic, three years starts to look like a snub. (Emphasis added)

It is good that Palin snubs the media, for they are no friend of hers. Nor does she need to ‘study’ for anything, but media handling, and ego bashing. In 2008 she was as qualified to be president as Obama was, not that anybody noticed or cared. America was wallowing in self-pity, guilt and misogyny. But, things will change. Or, so I do (dare I use the word) hope.

As for kissing up to the media, Sarah Palin must be doing the right thing, for it’s driving them crazy. Stick to the game plan governor, the pundits deserve nothing less. It’s a brave new world of communications out there, there is time yet to spill the honey and catch the flies.

Go off now, to India. A billion intelligent and enterprising, democratic, freedom-loving, realistic-minded souls waiting to be captivated. And then, on to other lands and projects – a lot of work remains to be done between now and November 2012.

Sarah Speaks to India

There is this elegant graphic of a cluster of stars on the letter head that’s been going around for a while now. It sits right above the name Sarah Palin. At a certain angle the cluster looks like an arrow-head pointing right at the word Palin, in an other you see it for what it is. A cosmic symbol. Call it a portent.

The graphic, of course, is of Ursa Major or Big Dipper. The seven stars that make the celestial constant, pointing permanently and eternally to the Polar Star.

That icon of a big bear is what’s on the fundraising letters sent out by Sarah’s PAC.  It nicely complements the idea of Mama Grizzlies enunciated by the Governor. It also has echoes of the notion of the standing grizzly as a noble creature as spoken of by Teddy Roosevelt. All those images come together in Sarah Palin, that embodiment of Alaska, America, womanhood, motherhood and, above all, leadership. No wonder the listless, rudderless Left of this country comes unhinged at the prospect of Sarah Palin presidency.

All of that is why, among other things, we have this today:

A tale of odd fear:

MJonesCovrCaptn Readers of a certain generation and memory can probably better enjoy the humor in all this. It would help to have lived in the bad old Old-Media world.

Who amongst us ever forgot the guilty pleasures of the shock and schlock of really bad movies, and their equally bad reviews? Who, of a certain age did not ever marvel at the odd beauty of not just trailers and poster, but also the headlines. Especially Variety. Oh, yes, fun and giggles could be found in the brevity, and and nuttiness of the legendary Weekly Variety magazine’s headlines?

One recent event made us come up with our own version of a headline worthy of the ole Variety.

Griz Mom Wits Boo Lib Tard Twits.

[In regular English:

Mama Grizzly’s Face-book Postings Frighten Leftist, Retarded, Nitwits.]

The inspiration came from the latest antics of the Left in the form of a cover page illustration for the used-to-be-illustrious Mother Jones. In an agonizing blend of tease and scare, of talent and torpor, the cover image at once glorifies and demonizes Governor Sarah Palin. It’s powered by all the base emotions you can think of – lust laced with fear from strong men, and jealousy laden contempt from weak women stretching all the way to the infantile cravings of week men and bitchy sneer of hot tempered women. Quite a fiesta of archetypes in that graphic. Hence, we chose to have our own little headline fun at it. For the dopiest of the strung out Left, there is even an animated version (sorry, no link!).

There is some silly discussion about it at Fishbowl,

Intelligent voices however went straight to the heart of the matter.

Shame on the allegedly progressive magazine Mother Jones – Tennessee Guerilla Women

What’s hilarious (to me, at least) is that I’m absolutely positive that the feminists over at Mother Jones who dreamed this up are furious about Sarah Palin daring to call herself a feminist. Because she isn’t doing feminism correctly, like they are.  Violet Socks, Reclusive Leftist.

An excellent article by the bright and luminous myiqx2u at The Confluence brought home the point. Including this pointed quote:

… the three articles connected to the lurid cover are all about the Democratic failure, especially Obama’s failure, Anglachel

Allrightee then. That just makes it ok to caricature the most popular woman in a generation who has captivated the nation and society at large (Hillary having already re-joined the establishment after one shining moment). But pray tell, why not use a cartoon of Mr. Failure himself to illustrate the great article. If the point of the article is failure of the presidency, why not then caricature him? Why drag an upright lady and leading voice of patriotism through the muck of slime? Does the left no any other way of expression? Alas, apparently, not!

So, what’s a true Palinista to do in the face of such tabloid markup?

Just do what a visiting outfielder is admonished to do when repeatedly booed by the obnoxious bleacher fans on home turf – accept it as grudging admiration. It’s just a form of respect Jim, said the color commentator.

So, Sarah, look at this cover photo as a Left-Handed-To-You Compliment!

On the occasion of a fun holiday, the power of our Hallowed Lady has gone straight to the depths of their  terrified soul. And, it’s just 2010.

Can’t wait for 2012 to come around.

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What Sarah Palin’s admirers could do right now!

Mama Grizzlies – Sarah Palin’s latest adroit move.

Why it’s the right thing  that Sarah Palin endorses Carly Fiorina.

Forcing a leader to be cast into the image of the followers is a disastrous form of democracy. Leaders should lead, followers may chose to vote or not. Hopefully, in a mature electorate, a complete constellation of a given leader’s background and qualifications, as well as  evaluation of the totality of positions, should suggest to voters to favor or disfavor a given leader.  Governor Palin deserves nothing less than such level headed approach.

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Well, it happened!!

The GOP takes Hawaii’s home district of Barack Obama.

Democrat internecine feud between  Hawaii State Senator Colleen Hanabusa and former representative Ed Case, that so frightened the bigwigs (that per C.C. below, they stopped spending money on the campaign) did just that. It let control of HI-1 pass to the other party.

Hail Charles Djou!

The Honolulu city councilman just became the first GOP Congressman from Hawaii in 20 years.

Chris Ciliizza has details.

In the non-partisan, plurality-wins-all race:

Charles Djou -39.4%

Hanabusa  –   30.8 %

Ed Case  –        27.6 %

And you thought it was the Republicans who were hopelessly divided!

Of course, this is just a special election, to fill the vacancy due to Neil Abercrombie resignation. Djou will have to win it all over again in November 2010. That is what will really count.

While the Right is happy, and the left is spinning that it’s only a plurality vote, what’s a PUMA to do? One suspects that this is symptomatic of a deeper tide that is building in the country. Just as in 2007 it quietly rose and rose and swept all restless youth and newcomers into the Obamamania, there is now building in the country a wave of dissatisfaction and correction which is to formalize in November. Will it be a harbinger of a pendulum swing back to the Right? Will it presage a defeat to a sitting Democrat since Carter? The proof is in three parts:

a. The number of departures from the administration in the next two years.

b. The dispatch with which the our strained relations with allies are mended.

c. Further oversees evidence of lessened enthusiasm for liberalism, as seen in the UK lately.

A preponderance of any combination of these will see primary challenge to Obama in 2012.

The first sign of dissatisfaction with a sitting president will lead to a resurgence of forces of the middle, including the Pumas. Does that mean such a scenario will augur well for Sarah Palin? Yes, but only if she is ready for it. For that she needs to keep doing what she’s doing now. Speak up, speak out, travel, listen. Just speak, Sarah. They’re listening!!


Jim Geraghty of National Review Online considers such a scenario in a recent post titled Just Djou it.

Geraghty writes about Hawaii’s 1st Congressional district that includes Honolulu and environs, encompassing areas where Mr. Obama’s mom lived when he was born, hence the moniker.

– —  But thanks to quirky state rules, the election to replace Abercrombie for the remainder of his term will be a winner-take-all race with three major candidates — two Democrats and one Republican — and all votes will be cast by mail. The deadline for submitting ballots is May 22.

…  Honolulu city councilman Charles Djou would make a particularly strong candidate in normal circumstances. Now that he only needs to win a plurality against two well-known Democrats, Djou may never have a better chance to capture the seat.

“I’m the only one who actually lives in the congressional district,” Djou says. “I have two opponents who are running insider themes. Case is running on his experience, his seniority, and [the fact that he] knows the corridors of Congress. Hanabusa is running on how she’s going to be a team player with Democrats in Congress. It’s clear that voting for Case or Hanabusa will not change Washington, D.C. My election will mean change, not just here, but if I win this race, we’re going to have a very big impact across the country.”

But thanks to quirky state rules, the election to replace Abercrombie for the remainder of his term will be a winner-take-all race with three major candidates — two Democrats and one Republican — and all votes will be cast by mail. The deadline for submitting ballots is May 22.

When the race began,  Cook Political Report considered Hawaii’s first district to be a “safe” Democratic seat. Then it reclassified the seat as a “likely” Democratic hold, and on March 18 it moved HI-1 into the “toss up” category.

“Nothing can make a more powerful statement than to send a Republican to represent Barack Obama’s hometown,” Djou says.

(Emphasis Added)

A very interesting and exciting story. Must Read.


Hump Day Report, another admirable Sarahphiliac website, christened candidate Djou, the Rising Star of the Week, and  alsonoted that he could be the next Scott Brown!

From the Frum Forum of David Frum fame, this concurrence, by Tim Mark:

Despite the district’s overwhelmingly Democratic voters, the tides might align in this special election – and Charles Djou just might have a Scott Brown moment.

In a recent interview with Tim Knight of Jumping in Pools website, Mr. Djou promised, if elected, to vote for repeal Obamacare. do you need any more reason to vote for this fella?

Sarah Palin has not endorsed any candidate in a while, not since NY-23 drama. She would do well to come out speaking for Djou. May be even a joint appearance with Gov. Linda Lingle. The two ladies will make a terrific joint impression. Or, is it just too dreamy?

Time will tell.


One of my favorite pictures of Sarah Palin.

Snow, icy cold waters, bright sweatshirt, jogging along the shore of typical Alaskan body of water ….. it’s all so quintessentially Sarah Palin.

Moreover, it symbolizes something, but what?

Oh, yeah, she is running!

For sure, 2012, here comes Sarah!


You can make her birthday double sweet, by contributing to SarahPAC.

Why not send her 45 bucks, or any amount that ends with 45. Send her $45.45 or $20.45. Anything, just add 45 cents to it.

Come on you know what 45 means No not just her age, she will be the 45th President, that’s why!

S0, do it now.

Send Sarah Forty Five for her forty five.

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Sarah jogging, err Running? 2012?

I am celebrating the book coming out, and the controversial use of the Runner World photo by Newsweek, by using this photo of the Governor. The photo makes me think about, ummh running – as in running for office – as in Sarah 2012!

Sarah posing for this photo is sexy; News Weak using it with that caption is sexist – those who don’t know the difference between the two contexts, to quote the master, “acted stupidly”.

Taylor Marsh gets it, that’s because Clintonista that she used to be, Taylor is smart and sexy – just like the Governor. And there is nothing wrong with that at all …

Got it, reading it!

For details of Sarah’s book tour, and all the details about her events, go to Conservatives4Palin.

I will do my best to get her autograph, and proudly display it!


Waiting for Go Ro

This Puma is impatiently awaiting  ‘Go Ro’

I will be waiting.

Outside the local Borders for them to open the doors.

Although a copy has been ordered by mail at my favorite site of a great Palin devotee, I just can’t wait.  Specially since the AP coup and all the reviews. I shall heed Sarah’s admonition: just enjoy the book!

In the days to come, Favorite Passages will be posted regularly, possibly every Thursday.

Once the whirlwind of book tour is subsided, the book’s been read, discussed and much talked about, one inevitable question will occur to many: what now, what’s next for Sarah Palin? And that in itself will lead to whole lot of more talk. But the answer is much simpler.

It really doesn’t matter what Governor Palin does in future.

If she does nothing else but speak out and speak at forums, fine. If all she does is go on a book tour, then fade away, that’s fine too. If she hankers for a radio or tv gig, so be it! If she chooses to rake in the dough on the lecture circuit, that’s fine too. Finally, if she simply sells some books and movie rights, no problem. In other words, what Sarah Palin does next doesn’t matter, it’s her life. Let’s leave her alone. What will her followers do, is a more important question. Will they do what it takes to convince her to stick around, stay and lead them on?

The point is this: Sarah Palin, just by existing in our consciousness, has done enough. By giving people a voice, an expression, she saved the day. Thank god, the rest of us aren’t as crazy as the loons who put the puppet master in that place!

To put it simply, Sarah Palin is the new American existential reality.

America better learn to deal with that truth.  But before America can deal with Sarah, it must come to grips what’s happened in 2008 first. Just wait for the mists of delusion to melt away, off the eyes of the ‘border classes’.

Just wait for these folks, the comfortable suburban (whites) who needed to show disdain for Bush; the cultured and degreed women who should have known better than to dismiss two wonderful women in opting for a man who would flush feminism down the toilet if he could get away with it; the independents who swerved a bit too far to the left this time around simply because of a teleprompter; the misguided youths who will grow up, get jobs and gather bills to pay; those who were too tired,  too much beat upon by the Left, too bruised in psyches, too embarrassed for America; those too angry at America all of a sudden and couldn’t handle the idea of two wars fought in the cause of our own freedom, while two generations ago men and women died by the hundreds in wretched areas of the world for other people’s benefit; the financially stable ones who felt the tremors beneath their accountant’s feet and felt themselves shaken;  – let all these ‘border classes’ wake up and realize with a start that they elected a false god. First, they should realized the uselessness of the ones they put in charge in Washington. Only then can we expect the pendulum swing the other way back. One thing for sure, it’s gone too far to the left already. It’s right-ward swing has begun, in no less reason due to Sarah Palin just being there!

So, you see Sarah Palin is the new American existential reality that nobody can deny. Get used to it America!

So, it’s not inappropriate to recall some of the magic of that night, over a year ago:

Stars and Stripes For Ever

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