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The fabulous dakinikat, an erudite writer on Economics, the elegant mistress of the blog Sky Dancing, and a frequent contributor at The Confluence, and famous for her iconic avatars, sparkles again!

This time the zen-maitresse writes lovingly, wistfully about the year that has passed. The year of the Puma.

It was a year ago during the Memorial Day weekend, that the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee dealt a final insult to Senator Hillary’s candidacy. It was a sheer act of perfidy. Masterfully engineered by the DNC honchos, valiantly fought against by Harold Ickes and team-Hillary, all to naught. The primaries of Florida and Michigan, embroiled in controversy and rule-breaking, manipulated ad nauseum by the ilk of Rep. Wexler et al, leading ultimately the Obamists to won. PUMA was born. NObama was born. Sarah Palin was yet unknown to most America. Has it really been only one year, it seems like so long ago!

Dakinikat’s post is a must read. A great look back, a sad lament, not to be forgotten:

One Person one vote is a bedrock of our political system.

That was until one year ago today, when the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee declared the voters of Michigan and Florida to be one half of a person. This decision, done in a closed room behind close doors, was done in the name of party unity and led to the famous “party unity my ass” uttered at The Confluence that led to the PUMA movement. [sic]

…we found out soon enough that the party leaders did have their agenda and it was to ensure that we had their Candidate. We’re still unraveling the reasons for this travesty. We endured sexism, misogyny, and race-baiting through out the entire election cycle. We will be paying for this most undemocratic of decisions for years to come. We could have had a President that supports Abortion Rights and Universal Health Care. We could have had a President that refused to vote for FISA. We could have had a President that wasn’t controlled by lobbyists, Wall Street Fat Cats, and was a policy wonk extraordinaire.


The Denver Group, which waged a valiant fight during the summer to get Hillary’s name placed in nomination, are continuing with their efforts to reform the DNC and campaigning against what they consider the fraudulent nomination process and the nominee. They have an ongoing media campaign, this clip, speaks for itself.

On May 31, 2008, I witnessed what could turn out to be the beginning of the end of democracy in our country. Obama’s henchmen on the Rules and By-Laws Committee of the DNC stole votes and delegates that had been awarded to Clinton by the voters of Michigan and gave them to Barack Obama. Of course, there’s hardly a footnote of this from any of the MSM coverage of that event. But I saw it firsthand, and it is the main reason that I will never support Barack Obama …


This is how it  begins, a gut-twisted retelling of the history of Democratic perfidy, well written about in all pumasphere and Hillary-blogdome. During the months of June through August, Democrats morphing into pumas recalled those days of bile, bitterness and Harriet Christian (odd she shared initials with Hillary Clinton), and now a puma recalls it all. I believe this is also the dedicated creator of the puma bus that travelled to Denver {?)

 In Obama’s world, if he is not on a ballot, but weasels his way back onto it later, he is entitled to votes from fictitious voters who supposedly would have voted for him.  Even if those voters are ratfuckers who were trying to game the other party’s primary. [sic]

The RBC changed two parts of this equation.  First the uncommitted delegates were not allowed to choose which candidate they would back, they were assigned to Obama in DC, not Denver.  And all of the write-in votes, presumably still gathering dust, unread, somewhere in a warehouse in Michigan, were also awarded to Obama.  Regardless of who’s name was actually written on them … ….

The post is linked here, a must read retelling at Riverdaughter’s.  I really didn’t feel like it would be good to rip out too many passages from the post, but just to give you a taste, do go and read it all at RD.

Also check out the vodpod stack to the right, Wall of Infamy. There are several videos in there including those featuring Harold Ickes, Donna Brazille, Harriet Christian, and of course, the DNC-RBC meeting.

YOU are about to choose who will lead  America, virtually a leader of the free world. This is your moment in the light, your turn to make history,  your call to be conscientious

Your vote has been delegated to you by voters.  Just as my vote is exercised with integrity and without prejudice, so should yours be.  Consult your conscience, examine your reasoning, think of all the voters in your district, county, state or region of the country. What values do the people who sent you espouse. What dreams of people do you carry in your vote? 

How best to represent the interests of democracy, freedom and American way? Do you love America?

This blog urges you to vote in the interest of America and the free world

Vote without a sense of party line thinking, local politics, or worse, money consideration. Be smart.  When numbers seize your mind,  think electorally. It’s the map, not the math of delegate numbers. It’s not who has how many delegates, but who can vote. Watch this:

This is my personal effort, I am not paid by anyone. I admire Hillary, that’s why the following bothers me so much.  A clear attempt to divide the Democrats. You can disprove the snark of McCain Ad,  just vote for Hillary in every round of the roll call.


Super delegates:


Democratic party has delegated to you a supervening authority to cast a vote in your best political judgement. Will you exercise that judgement in self-interest, money-interest or in the interest of the whole country? Do you hold office in trust for all the people you represent? How good is your political acumen, how do you see the party winning in November?

Now that you are in your temporary lodgings, worn out by the trip and the hoopla, just chill a bit, kick back and breath easy. There. Here is a final word .. just before turning in, gather a few chuckles, here it is: Ten Funniest Moments of Hillary Campaign.

The Dem unity pony is kicking up a storm. Via Alegre’s Corner, check this video of an unabashed Hillary-supporting NY delegate… Go Jose, Go!

Jose Rivera on Clinton, Obama, Denver from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.

And then, surely you remember this one below? This makes the Biden blather is all the more nauseating.

The Democratic Convention has not occurred.

The party does not have an official nominee, a roll call has not taken place.

What has happened is the manufacture of a candidacy and the blessed transformation of that candidacy to a faux-nomination. An anointment of a selected person as the party standard bearer. Bypassing all norms and protocols of the democracy and the Democratic party itself.

If DC was perfidy, then this thing in Denver is a sheer travesty.


As long as we are compelled to talk about Biden, visit Once Upon a Time for an illuminating explanation of why Biden is ‘a pathetic dribble’, and indulge a bit in Raj Bhakta’s youtube humor. It’s irrelevent that he ran as Republican, it’s the India angle that matters. Not really a great insult in my book, just plain old goofiness.


Throughout the primary season, Ms. Brazile wore her feelings on her sleeve, in emails, public pronouncements and on teevee. Now it has come back to bite her.

CNN stupidly removed Paul Begala and James Carville from commenting under the guise that they were ‘partisan.’  In the same breath they repeatedly put on air Donna Brazile, a member of DNC, a super-delegate to the Denver convention, and an unabashed votary for Obama while publicly insisting that she was ‘uncommitted’.

Donna waxed eloquent about the party’s future demographics, the changing base, the importance of liberal leftists, African-Americans and the youth joining to form a new base. The elderly, the working class and others are the ‘old’ core. The base could stay home, she proclaimed to disaffected Democrats. In one outburst on tv, she railed against the possibility of Hillary being chosen as nominee by the superdelegates.

Now that they did just that, except they are alleged to have tilted toward Obama, and the party seems to accept that outcome, what does Donna Brazile do now? 

GeekLove tells us what gives. This video speaks for itself.


To recap the steps:

  • Write a letter to DNC, request a meeting of the Rules & Bylaws Committee, to  strip her status as a superdelegate.
  • Have the letter notarized (this is necessary per rules).
  • Mail the letter, certified & return receipt requested.
  • Address to mail to:

Democratic National Committee
Credentials Committee / Attn: Alexis Herman
430 S. Capital Street, S.E.
2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20003

Do it now!

{Other posts on Denver Group Ads here, here, here,}

Now You Count - Now You Don't

Now You Count - Now You Don't

Voters in Florida and Michigan are getting a earful.

The Denver Group print ads are running in Lansing Journal and Tallahassee Democrat.

And what perfect timing, coming right after the scam pulled by the Obama campaign to, oh hell yes let’s say it, bamboozle the voters of Florida and Michigan. Manipulate the process, fix the procedures at critical steps, make it seem like ‘its the roolz’. 

All during Spring we heard about the rules, ad nauseum. Where are they now? Oh, what magnanimity! Or is it just a flip-flop, a croc. Wait, there is a distinction between a flip-flop and a croc.

 The bottom line is this, the Democrats are basically telling the citizens of both States:

Your votes don’t count when yours delegates counted; your delegates count when their votes won’t be counted!!

To fully understand the perfidy involved in all of this listen to just one voter from Michigan:


A few days ago, Florida State Dem Chair sent out an email, glorifying this latest attempt to pull wool over the voters eyes. Chairwoman Thurman says, quote:

Just minutes ago, Sen. Barack Obama sent a letter to the DNC credentials committee urging them to restore the full vote of the Michigan and Florida Delegations, proving his commitment to uniting the party and ending the uncertainty surrounding the process.[sic]

I want to thank Barack Obama, the Florida Congressional Delegation, the Democrats in our Legislature, and voters across Florida for fighting to have our votes count. This is a proud day for all of us.

My reply to the Chairwoman, excerpted:

 I can share your pride only under the following circumstance: you will earnestly work for an open convention, place HIllary’s name in nomination; you will recognise the validity of Florida primary and ask the entire convention delegation to vote unanimously for Hillary during the first ballot; you will urge Sen. Obama to gallantly and democratically advocate the recognition of an election in Florida that the state itself seems to have embraced fully.  Anything less Chairman Thurman, is usual politics of the most hateful kind and, in my humble opinion directed at Hillary. 

It was a polite reply, but the bottom line is clear. Ideally Sen. Obama should look in the mirror and realise that the game he devised, succesfull so far, may not go further in his service. He may win in Nov. or might not. It is a gamble, regardless of what polls, focus groups, stats, analysts tell us. Time has not been his best friend so far. The polls seems to be wildly all over the place. They are certainly where they should be: he was widely expected to run away with this. This was supposedly Democrats’ year to lose.

It’s even a bigger gamble for the country, to take an unknown quantity, full of good intentions, devoid of solid experience in legislature, executive, or business to be made the most powerful person in the world. The national yearning for change is hard to measure and is not always what it seems. American public will forgive and forget a lot, and when frightened will even give their leaders benefit of doubt. But even the good people of this nation have limits to their gullibility. We all remember how RMN and WJC were treated, each with a measured just desserts that each earned. Or, to think that B41 was tossed shortly after a magnificient victory in a just cause. That the mechanics of 3rd party candidatures hurt him is irrelevent; the very presence of the latter is both cause and outcome.

Americans always elected based on a totality of image, impression and imperatives. Wildly different results (JFK vs RMN; RMN vs HHH, RMN vs GMcG, JEC vs RWR, RWR vs WFM) show that it is not always specific items of character, policy, idealogy that influences the final outcome in November. The citizenry seem to intuitively perceive something of the deeper kernel of what a candidate is, at the moment of voting, of that moment, and vote accordingly. Few of our elections have been close, and the really close ones remain controversial (JFK, GBW) until overtaken by history. While polls may measure, even predict, they can’t describe this valuable process that voters bring to the booth.

To capture the voters’ hearts and minds, the candidates must be big on both counts!

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