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Yet Another Update: (This one is titled, Sarah, Be Prepared, Slime-Machine at work)

The great  un-Democratic Selected Nominee  has revealed himself over the last one-and-a-half year to be nothing more than an arm-twisting, politics-as-usual, race-baiting, Clinton-hating, sexists, misogynistic, highly partisan, well-organized, usurper and pretender, essentially powerless without the tools of organized caucus thuggery, and completely untrustworthy on any issue of import.

He proved to be a man completely untrustworthy on any point: clean campaign, post-partisan transformational politics, grassroots support, campaign finance, FISAvote, off-shore drilling, Iraq exit strategy, inclusive polity, trade policy, support for Israel, and on and on and on … just about every promise he held out, he lied about, turned about, or simply ignored. His campaign has been the sleaziest, most vile, hate-filled, filled with lies, hate-directed-against-Clintons, directed entirely at those younger than him.

In the living of memory of most voters in this great land, never has a campaign been so fully greased with multi-sourced sexism, misogyny and Clinton-hate. Hillary, the original object of this blog bore with forbearance and humility every barb and stone hurled at her from every side. The attacks were often coordinated, starting in the left blogs (Kos, Huf, DD, DU, TPM), aided and abetted by cable teevee (CNN, MSNBC). The print media (NYT, WaPo) were not that far behind. Women too were active participants in the Hillary Derangement Syndrome. MoDo, Nedra Pickler of AP, Arianna, and after a while even Eleanor Clifft took plunge into the vile poolaide.

By the time Hillary took the microphone and led the acclamation chorus at Denver, a million barfs have already occurred in front of tv sets across the land. Long before that moment, however, millions were already hip to the perfidy and infamy that the power-brokers of DNC had been upto. Hence, pumas, Nobamists, JSNDers, Rise2008, and other movements.

All this could have been foreseen. The whole campaign was a smoke screen. The whole facade was a sham. The persona self-proclaimed by the candidate was a fake mask! Behind it all was just a typical politician, a clever one who put his wet finger to the political winds, smelled something and smilingly put on a suitable garb, to suit the audience and the times.

And so it came about, a plan too clever by half. A bit of guilt, emotional blackmail, promise of a better future, Change Candy for the kids, Hope Drink for the thirsty dispossessed, an army of dedicated foot soldiers placed strategically in some counties, skewed caucus rules, controlled message, hyper-controlled tactics. The lady was toast before she had a fighting chance. The same tactic would be used in the first weekend of September 2008 against another lady.  But this time handlers of this lady were ready, organized and caring. It backfired. But be afraid, be very afraid, the slime machine is primed and ready, all wheels spinning and all cylinders firing. This mean machine is not an eco-friendly machine, it soils all it touches, including the defenders, innocent bystanders, and outraged non-combatants. My feeling is that the GOP will fight back, the pretender won’t win this time. But mark my words, every trick will be used this time.

Which brings us a full circle, The Memo.  The mask slipped a bit and we got a peek at the style of Slime in this memo. Of course, it is disowned when it doesn’t work. That’s the way it always is.


Older Post Begins Here:

(update: A follow-up page can be found at One year later…)

This is the original pdf of the memo as published in the NY Times. Click the link to read the entire memo.

The MEMO that inspires this blog, and this adventure.
Hillary Born To Leadership  -  Destined To Lead

A long time ago (in a far away galaxy, it seems) In the very beginning when things were collegial and all the candidates were more or less on the same footing vis a  vis  the voter, debates had n’t begun, nor was there any such thing as a ‘campaign’, things were happening that set the tone and direction.

In that relatively distant innocent mist, a memo was circulated attacking Hillary in a seemingly innocent light hearted way. Throwing back her own words in her face, a dorm room name calling, nothing more, aaw shuck, sort of ribbing.

That was before the noise machine turned on, before the Obama girl and before the thump thump of the bus going over an assortment of people, before the fellows at MSNBC went completely out of their minds with Hillary-hate, before the cacophony of the left bloggers and MSM become transformed into strange aliens spouting incoherent vitriol, before the DNC performed public acts of perfidy. Back then things were nice, naught!

One year later, well how much things had changed. We should have seen all these coming. The really clever ones do mean what they are joking, do you know why? They are clever!

The full text of the memo, excerpts, opinion, and comments on the subsequent pages.


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