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Meet Vijay Kumar, would-be anti-Sharia Congressman (Republican, TN-5)

Posted on: June 25, 2010

kumar There is an unusual candidate running for Congress in the State of Tennessee. Not unusual in the sense of an oddity, but one who possesses rare courage to speak about a topic avoided by politicians: Immigration & Islamic Jihad. Most politicians will skirt around the issue, avoid speaking the truth, soften the rhetoric or try to get by without having to address it. Or when they do speak of it, they obscure it with overlays of human interest slant, cultural double speak and other such nonsense.

Even some conservative politicians and opinion leaders are loathe to talk about Immigration & Islamist’s jihadism. But not Vijay Kumar.

He is running for Congress in the Fifth district of Tennessee. And he is a rarity among his ilk. So much so,  he is getting noticed by those who take note of things, such as the web site Logan’s Warning. Also, the venerable and aptly named  Creeping Sharia (“it’s not creeping anymore, it’s bulldozing!”) has taken notice too.

Vijay Kumar for Congress.

So, why is this man getting noticed?

This man knows Islam like few others running for office in America today. He will tell you truths about Islam that other politicians won’t tell voters. He does not equivocate, obfuscate or just waffle about. He tells truth as it is, as he sees it. And, he has seen it all. From his native Muslim-influenced Hyderabad in India, through his life in Iran under Ayatollah – his lifelong exposure to that culture gives him a special perspective, and his views on jihadism are the centerpiece of his campaign for America.


A few excerpts from his must-read FrontPage magazine interview.

During my travels, I came to realize that Islam is unlike any of the other world religions for a variety of reasons, and they summate to the Islamic ideology behind Jihad. [ ]

…. Islam was conceived as a world empire to govern all mankind. It teaches that all the world, and everyone and everything in it, already belongs to Islam–some people just haven’t been made to understand that. Until they have, according to Islam, they are considered “infidels” and inferiors. [  ]

… Islam does not allow any introspection or self-criticism. It calls for total acceptance, total submission. [  ]

Third, Islam does not have any exit policy for its believers. The act of submission required to become a Muslim is held to be final, irrevocable, and permanent. So criticizing or questioning Islam or its teachings or leaders, or attempting to leave Islam, all are considered severe crimes against Islam, punishable by death. [  ]

Under Universal Jihad, non-Muslim civilizations have been annihilated. To mention just a few examples: Turkey was Christian; Iran was Zoroastrian; North Africa and the Middle East were predominantly Christian; Afghanistan and Central Asia were Buddhist; Pakistan was Hindu; Egypt was Coptic, orthodox Christian. All have fallen prey to invasion by Islam. [  ]

(Emphasis Added)

Muslims do not recognize the right to existence of either Israel or India. They simply consider them roadblocks to world conquest that need to be removed, no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. Universal Jihad is infinite, endless war against the infidel. It has been formally, blatantly declared. To the Muslim, Jewish Israel and Hindu India are nothing more than inferior infidel nation-states that must be torn down and brought under Islamic control.

Remember this: Kashmir was a Hindu land continuously for 5,000 years. That’s over twice as long as the time that has passed since the birth of Christ. Islam went there as an imperial force, subjugated the local people, and conquered them, both politically and demographically, after 5,000 years of Hindu peace and civilization. [  ]

American foreign policy must first begin demanding that countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan allow the same human rights to others within their societies that they enjoy when engaging the Western world. Otherwise these nations cannot be given favor, economically or otherwise, as partners in the civilized world community. Our foreign policy at the moment rewards and funds Jihadist ideologies, therefore emboldening the idea, rather than us standing upon the principles that we claim to believe. (Emphasis Added)

Why this PUMA likes Vijay Kumar:

Vijay Kumar used to be a Leftist, until he was disillusioned by the Left. He says he had a sort of revelation after 9-11 about the Left and it’s blind Bush hatred that made it a grotesque anti-American force within. He explains why he Left the Left. There is a PUMA like explanation coming from this man’s personal journey through the political spectrum.

the Left has betrayed humanity in the sense that it does not seek to eradicate or resist the threat of totalitarian ideology. If the Left had any cause for social justice, if it had to justify its own existence, it would be on the front lines of defending against totalitarianism. But it is the right—the conservatives—that is speaking up against the threat of radical Islam. — The leftists were supposed to be on the forefront in terms of what they pretend they stand for.

This is a confliction the Left cannot reconcile within itself because it hates George Bush more than totalitarianism. Look, I voted for Al Gore. I supported Al Gore. I consider him a friend. I worked on his campaign. …  He mostly speaks about one thing: the environment. …..  but we have a greater threat right now from Islamic terrorism and demographic invasion.

The fight against Political Islam should have been led by the liberal intellectuals in our universities, but instead they deliberately and systematically support a seventh century totalitarian ideology that negates all forms of rational thinking, intellectual pursuit, and pluralism—the very ideals which are supposed to be central to the philosophy of the Left.

The Liberals have become the lackeys of Islamic imperialism

I am, by the way, more afraid of demographic invasion than terrorism. Demographic conquest is absolute—the most permanent form of conquest. Liberal ideological tolerance that fails to put at its center assimilation actually foments its own annihilation. [  ]

I love this country. I did not love this country instantly. I was a leftist. To me my love for this country was like the experience of Paul on Damascus Road. That is the only analogy I can give you. It did not happen instantly. This is one of the few countries that treats human beings like human beings.

National Integrity and the Savage Triad:

It is an open secret of modern western societies that the integration of new immigrants into the mainstream is the core sociological process that drives culture. The dirty truth not talked about is how the Islamic immigrants defy this process. The old adage about ‘when in Rome…’ does not seem to required of Islamic immigrants, who through several generations demand that host cultures adapt to them and their Sharia!!

Michael Savage wrote a book about the three identifiers of nationhood: Language, Borders and Culture. This triad finds an echo in Vijay Kumar’s polity.

We have to learn from the failed experiment of Europe. A large portion of Muslim immigrants have absolutely no interest in assimilating into their host societies. Tolerance in a western culture that fails to require assimilation is an open door to internal demographic annihilation. My point is that in all of history, there is a post Communist society, there is a post Nazi society, but never a post Islamic society. Wherever Jihad has displaced a society, it has remained. [  ]


There is only one instance one can find featuring Vijay Kumar, that too only in the new media. Andre Traversa talks to Vijay Kumar on the excellent platform called BlogTalkRadio, Link. It’s a very long show, Vijay Kumar appears toward the end of the show, about 26 minutes counting down.

Vijay Kumar, for all his dramatic, strong views does not seem to be getting much  main stream press coverage, either Indian or American.  Here are some thoughts on why you may not have heard of Vijay Kumar from the media, or even your Indian friends or colleagues.

First of all, we should all be most grateful to Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs for bringing this man to public attention (oh, how does she find time and energy to do all that blogging!!)

Most press in America is Liberal, even those assigned to cover the GOP internal politics objectively, see memeorandum thread on David Wiegel.

The New York Times doesn’t even list Vijay Kumar as a candidate in the Republican Primary, despite the fact the 5th District has been steadily trending more Red in the last four election cycles, it is now almost one-third Republican. There is enough disenchantment with the sitting Democrat Jim Cooper, there is a Facebook page dedicated to unseat him.

Indian press in America is no exception, it and most Internet portals are vehemently liberal. Check out this statement from  Rediff’s India Abroad by one George Joseph:

Though a Republican and conservative, Vijay Kumar, 55, who has radical ideas against Sharia, the Muslim personal law, is back in the election arena from the 5th Congressional District in Tennessee.

So, according to this news item, Vijay Kumar has ‘radical ideas’, and they are ‘against Sharia’, and Sharia is a ‘personal law’. Even by standards of bad liberals’ blindness, this spin takes the cake. No wonder journalism in India is such a horrid state!!! But, that’s the media for Indians in USA. What about folks in India, what chance that they might identify with Vijay Kumar?

As for people who never left Indian, they had been Muslim subjects for nearly three hundred years. That’s been long enough to have destroyed their group memory permanently until Mahatma Gandhi came along to revive it. But unfortunately, the Mahatma had a more immediate challenge on hand, that of unifying Indians against the British at least to the extent of earning India a state of full autonomy. Remember, he wished for all Indians to live together, he was so set upon that notion he eventually voted against India Independence Bill because it required religious partition of the subcontinent. It is understandable then that Indians (Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Sufis, etc.) have no memory of the decimation they suffered under Islam, and their own internalized dhimmitude. But, what about Americans, what is wrong with them? They should have no excuse after 9-11, one would think – other than the mental disease called Liberalism.

Please support Vijay Kumar.

Reception & Fundraiser for Vijay Kumar in Texas. July 1, 2010 @ India House, Houston.

And Sarah Palin, please add your voice of support for Kumar, now!

Governor, America needs you to endorse this man!

Governor, if anyone can, it is you that can turn this district Red, from Blue into an all-American red!


The primary election is on August 5, 2010


2 Responses to "Meet Vijay Kumar, would-be anti-Sharia Congressman (Republican, TN-5)"

Candidates for the U.S. Congress In Tennessee 6th District Debate Sharia Law NOT Whether A Mosque Should Be Built. Watch at http://www.teaparty.tv

As Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan, has called for a “preemptive strike” against Shariah Law coming to his state others across the country are taking a stand against it also. Before judges in states turn to citing internation law for decisions, candidates throughout America are beginning to take the issue of Sharia Law while standing up for all American’s Constitutional rights.

Duncan said in a statement after the vote that he hopes other states will soon follow Oklahoma’s lead. “Judges in other states and on the federal bench have increasingly turned to citing international law in their court decisions, something I and others feel is grossly inappropriate in a sovereign state such as our own,” he said.

In the 6th District of Tennessee, a Republican candidate for Congress Lou Ann Zelenik argued against building a mosque in a Nashville’s suburb because it poses a “threat to her state’s moral and political foundation.” She describes the planned mosque as an “Islamic training center,” and stands “with those who oppose” building it. But, the real question is if “Sharia Law” provides the foundation of the Islamic Training Center and will it be propogated by the its’ leadership? Sharia Law often conflicts with the basic freedoms and laws of US Constitution such as equality between Muslims and Non-Muslims (Kafirs), females vs. males values, the ability for Muslims to bear arms but not Non-Muslims and more. In Tennessee, candidates are asking these important questions to the Mosque’s leadership and evaluating if this new “training center” will propogate these teachings as its’ foundation.

As this debate heats up, American’s around the country are becoming interested in the foundational issues of the Muslim faith and how it could change our judicial system in the future. American’s see the potential of the US facing some of the same issues in Europe if Sharia Law is used in the American judicial system. In Europe today entire areas are no-go zones for non-Muslims including the police and Christians may not speak to Muslims about Christianity nor can they hand out literature. Further, it is recognized that Sharia law refutes freedom of religion, speech and thought; it disallows freedom artistic expression, freedom press nor does it allow for equal protection of rights for women like Lou Ann Zelenik. And importantly, unlike common law of the United States of America, Sharia is not interpretive, it cannot be changed based upon the people.

Thanks for visiting, and your comments. Spread the word!

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