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Four must-see videos of freedom-loving Muslims – Tariq Ramadan’s visit and the Islamist threat in Quebec.

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Tariq Ramadan, the suave French-speaking grandson of the founder of Muslim Brotherhood has finally been appearing on the North American public scene.

After several years of resistance by the Bush administration, the new winds of change and hope in Washington have finally blown in his favor.

His visit has rattled the nerves of several reformist minded scholars and activists in the US and Canada. The fear, the anxiety and consternation amongst the reformists is palpable. The angst is notable, as are the elocution and the argument.

There is much here for the Americans to learn from.


Tariq Ramadan has come here to make sure that our children become a Fifth Column against western civilization.

Our fear as Muslim Canadians is not about Tariq Ramadan wants to do, our fear is what non-Muslim mainstream Canadians feel comfortable in the snake oil he is selling to them.

Western civilization has become lazy, when somebody spits in them, they’d rather believe that there is drizzle in the air.

I am more fearful of the cowardice of the Western society and the complacency of  Quebec intelligentia …

He is a parasite in Montreal, he is a termite in Canada.

What does it say to you, the danger is not Tariq Ramadan, the danger is the complacency of the western civilization ….


Strong words, strong feelings. But if you follow through all the four videos, you will see the genuine argument for reform, democracy and liberty. And for individual redemption and individuation!

The four videos of the interviews at this press conference on the topic of Welcoming Tariq Ramadan, given by the “voluntary soldiers of Canada” speaking to the western world, as “the canaries in the coal mine”,


The speakers at the presser and the clips, click each for a separate video at the Dailly Motion website.


Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a US Army veteran, of Arizona.

Tareq Fatah, author of The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State.

Naser Khadar, a memer of Danish Parliament.

Professor Salim Mansur, author of Islam’s Predicament Perspectives Of A Dissident Muslim


You can access all of the videos on one page if you go to the web site Point de Bascule, but the text around the videos will be in French, at Daily Motion, it’s all in English. But if you do read French, you can also watch a French language interview with the author of the book, Brother Tariq, a book on Ramadan.


These videos are highly recommended, each is a voice of a devout, spiritual gifted, sincere Muslim. They are voices crying out to the West not to be deaf, stupid, or suicidal. Americans are well served by the spirit embodied in that voice. For, ultimately, only America can help, if only help other help themselves.

It pays to listen: “You are being conned out of your freedoms.”

(Hat tip:  Jawa Report)


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