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Could a Republican end up representing Obama’s ‘home’ district?

Posted on: April 2, 2010


Well, it happened!!

The GOP takes Hawaii’s home district of Barack Obama.

Democrat internecine feud between  Hawaii State Senator Colleen Hanabusa and former representative Ed Case, that so frightened the bigwigs (that per C.C. below, they stopped spending money on the campaign) did just that. It let control of HI-1 pass to the other party.

Hail Charles Djou!

The Honolulu city councilman just became the first GOP Congressman from Hawaii in 20 years.

Chris Ciliizza has details.

In the non-partisan, plurality-wins-all race:

Charles Djou -39.4%

Hanabusa  –   30.8 %

Ed Case  –        27.6 %

And you thought it was the Republicans who were hopelessly divided!

Of course, this is just a special election, to fill the vacancy due to Neil Abercrombie resignation. Djou will have to win it all over again in November 2010. That is what will really count.

While the Right is happy, and the left is spinning that it’s only a plurality vote, what’s a PUMA to do? One suspects that this is symptomatic of a deeper tide that is building in the country. Just as in 2007 it quietly rose and rose and swept all restless youth and newcomers into the Obamamania, there is now building in the country a wave of dissatisfaction and correction which is to formalize in November. Will it be a harbinger of a pendulum swing back to the Right? Will it presage a defeat to a sitting Democrat since Carter? The proof is in three parts:

a. The number of departures from the administration in the next two years.

b. The dispatch with which the our strained relations with allies are mended.

c. Further oversees evidence of lessened enthusiasm for liberalism, as seen in the UK lately.

A preponderance of any combination of these will see primary challenge to Obama in 2012.

The first sign of dissatisfaction with a sitting president will lead to a resurgence of forces of the middle, including the Pumas. Does that mean such a scenario will augur well for Sarah Palin? Yes, but only if she is ready for it. For that she needs to keep doing what she’s doing now. Speak up, speak out, travel, listen. Just speak, Sarah. They’re listening!!


Jim Geraghty of National Review Online considers such a scenario in a recent post titled Just Djou it.

Geraghty writes about Hawaii’s 1st Congressional district that includes Honolulu and environs, encompassing areas where Mr. Obama’s mom lived when he was born, hence the moniker.

– —  But thanks to quirky state rules, the election to replace Abercrombie for the remainder of his term will be a winner-take-all race with three major candidates — two Democrats and one Republican — and all votes will be cast by mail. The deadline for submitting ballots is May 22.

…  Honolulu city councilman Charles Djou would make a particularly strong candidate in normal circumstances. Now that he only needs to win a plurality against two well-known Democrats, Djou may never have a better chance to capture the seat.

“I’m the only one who actually lives in the congressional district,” Djou says. “I have two opponents who are running insider themes. Case is running on his experience, his seniority, and [the fact that he] knows the corridors of Congress. Hanabusa is running on how she’s going to be a team player with Democrats in Congress. It’s clear that voting for Case or Hanabusa will not change Washington, D.C. My election will mean change, not just here, but if I win this race, we’re going to have a very big impact across the country.”

But thanks to quirky state rules, the election to replace Abercrombie for the remainder of his term will be a winner-take-all race with three major candidates — two Democrats and one Republican — and all votes will be cast by mail. The deadline for submitting ballots is May 22.

When the race began,  Cook Political Report considered Hawaii’s first district to be a “safe” Democratic seat. Then it reclassified the seat as a “likely” Democratic hold, and on March 18 it moved HI-1 into the “toss up” category.

“Nothing can make a more powerful statement than to send a Republican to represent Barack Obama’s hometown,” Djou says.

(Emphasis Added)

A very interesting and exciting story. Must Read.


Hump Day Report, another admirable Sarahphiliac website, christened candidate Djou, the Rising Star of the Week, and  alsonoted that he could be the next Scott Brown!

From the Frum Forum of David Frum fame, this concurrence, by Tim Mark:

Despite the district’s overwhelmingly Democratic voters, the tides might align in this special election – and Charles Djou just might have a Scott Brown moment.

In a recent interview with Tim Knight of Jumping in Pools website, Mr. Djou promised, if elected, to vote for repeal Obamacare. do you need any more reason to vote for this fella?

Sarah Palin has not endorsed any candidate in a while, not since NY-23 drama. She would do well to come out speaking for Djou. May be even a joint appearance with Gov. Linda Lingle. The two ladies will make a terrific joint impression. Or, is it just too dreamy?

Time will tell.


2 Responses to "Could a Republican end up representing Obama’s ‘home’ district?"

djou is pro-gay rights, pro-choice, and wishy washy about repealing healthcare. is that the type of person that Rs want representing them in washington?

Sometimes a Republican, any Republican is better than a Democrat, ANY Democrat. Desperate times call for desperate measure. In an ultra-blue state like Hawaii, even a Rhino may be recognized for simply not being a Democrat. Thanks for visiting.

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