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Sarah Palin IS Woman of the Year – here is why …

Posted on: December 19, 2009

Sarah Palin is by all measures the one person who made a real difference in the country during 2009.

She is undoubtedly the Person of the Year!

She is the most talked about, the most closely followed, and the most sustained leader on issues. Above all, the one public figure who influenced most the discussion of policy issues.

Despite leaving office, she held the imagination of the nation and the world, her speech in Hong Kong was universally reported on, and her book the most eagerly awaited political event of the year.

Throughout the year, for better or worse, Sarah Palin continued to hold the nation and the world in thrall; in or out of office, she spoke, spoke out and spoke her mind clearly.

To paraphrase an old ad slogan,

When Sarah Palin speaks, people listen!

Sarah Palin / Photo Copyright, SarahPAC

This is all the more remarkable considering how much oxygen is sucked out of the public sphere by our President, a man most famous for oratory, bold moves and new directions, and policy initiatives.

Not only did Sarah Palin occupy the same public space of debate and discussion as the president, but she also out-shone him in polls. Most recently, a double-digit advantage is due to the ex-Governor: while Obama’s ratings sink, Sarah’s hold steady or rise!

Remember, she holds no office, no position of authority; she functioned pretty much as a private citizen.

Without an office or title, Sarah Palin dominated the public arena on the health care debate. She single-handedly altered the debate for ever with a simple Facebook post, and the now legendary phrase ‘death panels.

The ex-Governor weathered severe criticism by all sorts of groups, only to survive, thrive and come up strong.

In terms of a compelling personal story, she remains an equal match to the young occupant of the White House. Not only does she represent something unusual on our political scene, Sarah continues to enthrall her base and following with unabated enthusiasm. In fact, while the base of Obama seems to be weakening, that of Sarah is strengthening.

Palin gives feminists a run for their money. She shakes up the old, liberal-biased presumptions about female politicians and feminism. In the process, Sarah won over a number of the PUMAs, independents and people hitherto uninterested in politics.

She is the one person most responsible for breathing confidence into a GOP that has been dispirited by the results of 2008 election. The conservative votes took heart from her personal strength, easy forbearance, her grace and charm. The typical GOP voter, at least the more conservative ones, and certainly those outside the pale of the RINO, drew courage and inspiration from the way Sarah Palin comported herself.

Amazingly, the number of blogs dedicated to Sarah continue to increase!

‘Going Rogue’ continues to be a best-seller, after being much talked about, and eagerly awaited. Even the most grudging critics have to admit, Sarah had a most sensational book tour!

From the pages of Facebook, Sarah Palin rules the political discourse on the right.

By merely speaking her mind, Sarah Palin commands attention, and activism.

The only way this estimate of her might could change is if it turns out that she demonstrates a more decisive influence the mid-term elections of 2010 – a prospect not that far-fetched!

Oh, yes, by simply being Sarah, Palin is Woman of the Year, 2009!


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