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New York 23: Some thoughts of a Palin PUMA – And a call to action!

Posted on: November 3, 2009

UPDATED 11-16-2009

Hoffman “unconcedes” the NY-23 race!

This is great news coming on the eve of Sarah Palin’s book coming out!

Governor Palin went out on a limb endorsing the Conservative candidate Hoffman in NY-23.  She was out front, and put her reputation on the line. Her supporters went in full strength into the district. RINO Dede did a u-turn, and dumped over GOP. Well, you all know the story…

Now, Sarah is vindicated, almost ..

Earlier reported by Yid with Lid (in considerable detail)  the vote margins have been shrinking and are now within margin of error and recount!

Memeorandum is all over it now, get your fill.

And the best part of it is:

“Even if a different person has been seated by the Speaker, as long as the result has not been certified officially, the final canvas results will have legal weight. The Speaker’s actions only have a moral weight.”

Hoffman would have to take over 65 percent of the absentee ballots in order to eclipse Owens. In the interview, Hoffman admitted his victory would be a “long shot.”

This Puma has claws crossed.


This blogger admirer of Sarah Palin is a true puma, not a true blue red Republican, although admittedly inclined to tilt that way. Increasingly, in these days of a bold new socialist USA.

It all came out during the primaries of 2008. Party leaders, donors, apparatchiks, hangers on, and other assorted usual suspects sang the same song. Hate Hillary. Followed quickly by Hate Sarah.

While still committed to a number of values of the democratic way of life, and of the Democrat party – especially in matters concerning social contract, justice, cell culture, and Anti-creationism – there are enough obscenities on the Left to loathe it all, hold the breath, and vote Right.

Having done the deed in the November election, and observed the political scene under what the delightful website Hillbuzz calls Dr. Utopia, 2009 has been a revelation. It was dramatic to watch the two nominal leaders of the left and the right of the nation.

Throughout 2009, one leader proved to be outright apologetic, groveling, kneeling, and hesitant to stand up for American ways. When it came to appeasing Muslims and hating Israel, no lie was too specious, no falsehood too precious to be held back.  The other leader stood tall, proud, even Roguish, and her own person all the way.

During 2009 no two leaders were more different and contrasting in their sense of America than Obama and Palin. All the more so considering that one is the First citizen, the other just regular citizen!

The tired old axiom has it that all politics is local. But in this energized America, all politics since November 2008 is National. And, in the national interest. America did not just roll over and play finis, after 11-6-2008.

Sarah Palin proved herself to be America’s standard bearer. Throughout 2009 she dominated the news with equal vigor and sincerity. Beginning with her attack on health bills via her “death panels” post on Facebook, her resignation, the energy speech, Hong Kong speech, notice of her book deal, to the knowledge of the smashing success of “Going Rogue”, Sarah Palin was the quintessential opposition voice, at a time when the blue nightmare was fully taking shape.


Each of the moves by Sarah Palin was bolder than the one before. Resigning was bolder than hiding and fading away. Speaking out was bolder than merely dissenting. Speaking around the country and abroad was bolder and shrewder than just going to party conferences. The title of the book alone speaks volumes: it answers a variety of detractors – the campaign folk, unhappy party folks, doubters amongst the faithful cadres – and asserts an old moniker as a maverick. It sends a signal message to future potential happenings. Don’t box her in. Let Palin be Palin!

The boldest move of all: Palin was out front in endorsing the Conservative candidate in NY-23, Doug Hoffman. It was a brassy, bold, no-holds-barred move of a statement. It was Sarah Palin marking the territory, claiming the mantle of leadership, and demonstrating a coattail. Without Sarah’s first strike, there would have been this Northeast blindness. After all, in 2008 the Democrats did not win by going right, but by going left. It would be foolish for the GOP to pretend to be ‘me too’, rather than be the alternative. WSJ got it.

Nominating a candidate who “can win” in the Northeast does not have to mean someone whose voting record is more liberal on taxes and unions than that of most Blue Dog Democrats. WSJ

But, how long is Palin coat tail, enough to turn the little engine that will into to steam roller? Will there be enough boots on the ground?


Sarah Palin put herself out on the main stage of right-wing politics for well over an year now. From the days of ‘hockey mom with lipstick’ to the soon to be ‘rogue author’ lived for America, spoke for America and represented America, with more heart, style and gumption than can be demanded of any national leader, or even First Citizen. What will her supporters do in return this Tuesday? Will all those who heartily support Sarah Palin, now stand up and be counted?

The NY-23 contest just by itself is not quite the identity crisis for the GOP that some make it out to be. It will more likely be spun more in terms of Sarah Palin’s coattails. Taken together with the gubernatorial races in VA and NJ, it will affect the moral of the rightwing, and thereby affect the standing of Sarah Palin. She stands tall in any case. But a win in NY-23 for Hoffman will redouble the perception of Governor Palin as the undisputed leader of the party for elections to come.

It therefore falls to all the people who admire Sarah Palin: get out the vote on Tuesday in NY-23 for Doug Hoffman. On a recent appearance on radio, Hoffman gave Hugh Hewitt all the right answers, including that if elected, he would caucus with the Republicans. The RINO lady DS, on the other hand, just endorsed the Democrat, go figure!

This is a time for Palinistas of all stripes to act. Regardless of whether you are religious right winger, a blue dog, a Big Dog follower, a Puma or just still independent or libertarian conservative, now is the time to come to aid the honor of our lady.

So, all of you who admire Sarah Palin in New York 23 area, get the vote out. Make calls, email, and drive around. Come on, exert a little bit. And..

Win one for Sarah!


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