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Why Sarah Palin should remain mum about the divorce rumor

Posted on: August 5, 2009

UPDATE: Speaking of the media attitude, discussed further below, please check out Rachel Maddow. Thanks, NoQuarter!

Original Post:

Slime? Bring it on!

Slime? Bring it on!

A lot of anger was generated this weekend by the latest malodorous malarkey manufactured by those who hate Sarah Palin.

Also, it’s an amazing coincidence that this malevolent act preceded the first birthday of Obama in office, and was itself preceded by weeks of noise in the MSM about his antecedents.

But happily enough, for Sarah Palin’s admirers the ending was fairly good.

Suffice it to say the rumor just shot itself in the foot with a bullet of truth.

There has been pretty good coverage of the expose by Robert McCainRiehl,  and Flap.

Now, for two years running the American Left has indulged in relentless attacks on anyone perceived as not being a true socialist, with crippling attacks on Hillary Clinton, rabid criticism of Bill ‘Big Dog’ Clinton, followed by concerted slime-throwing on Gov. Sarah Palin.

Not content with defrauding their way into the White House and Congress, the agitative Left continued it’s slime tactics well past the election season.

This is how they support their leader, the president, and set up the table for re-election. Just continue to attack, cripple and eviscerate dissent and opposition, even if it means lying and slander.

When their chosen one falters and fumbles, attack others. When their ideas and plans don’t float, attack. When the left loses ground, attack. Always be agitational. Always, be noisy, self-congratulatory, and hateful. Again, this is their way of supporting The Leader. The Movementarians should be so organized!

The  modus operandi of the Left are as morally bankrupt as their fiscal policies;  are as devoid of substance as their putative egalitarianism. Their political methodology is as agitational, as their devotion to One is agitable.

The Left’s sliming process involves repeating the same old formula. Plant gossip and rumors amongst blogs, whip up a frenzy of commentary amongst the faithful, generate buzz, grab headlines with the help of friendly MSM, and trot out lies as news first, and then peddle false news as truth.

Astro-turfing has been well documented during last year’s campaign, and continued this weekend. What stopped the rumor mill by Sunday was the cold truth. It’s a shame it took Sarah’s attorneys on CBS to squelch it.


There seems to be some anticipation that Mrs. Palin will make some statement. She should not!

Sarah Palin does not owe the media anything, she may want to speak to her admirers and followers. I bet she already spoke to her friends and intimates. As to the ‘other general public’, Sarah Palin should let silence speak loud, that she is unconcerned, even as Her Privates We anguish, retaliate, and suffer. Sarah Palin should maintain her distance from the dirt-media as a principle and in general practice. She should embrace the media only when necessary, and utilize the media for what they can do for her – disseminate her views and visions – being wary of what they can and do do to her.

There is the simple dictum of not dignifying with a response. There is really nothing you can say against as laughable and ridiculous as this latest astro-turf.

Sarah should only speak to her supporters at this time. Let the media get the truth via the long route. Right now the media needs Sarah more than the other way around. The media is dull as a doorknob without her presence, specially considering how disenchanted the followers are becoming of the one. So, let the media stew in its own self-indulgent juice of cultism and favoritism. Sarah should not speak to any media persons directly, save for a rare impartial and truly truthful one.

This is like cutting the feeding tube off to the media-monster which will be left to peddle stories only second hand. What does Sarah have to lose? Nothing!  Her followers will not abandon her, that much is certain.

Shut the media out. When Palin starts to travel around the country lecturing,  listening, speaking, campaigning, and signing her book(s), the media will be compelled to notice her.  Don’t worry,  information about her appearances will get out without any media help. She will not lack for publicity or propaganda. There are troops enough for that. The MSM will come around, they always do. The media pundits are like monkeys, prone to mass mimicry. They just wait for the team leader to set the pace, then they all follow suit.

The media will pout, they always do that. Pout and sulk, when they are not busy sucking up to you.

Listen to David Corn, ramble on about Sarah and her type of voters. And not having access to Palin, almost like he was entitled to it. It’s precisely that sense of condescension that deserves to be knee-capped in the form of a dismissal. Cut the feeding tube off. They were only going to report ‘made up news’ anyway.

The NRA event speech was a good example of keeping media out. But don’t expect the MSM to not sulk, see that Resurfaces in the headline? Totally ungracious, and fully unwarranted.

In the meantime, the followers of Sarah Palin should develop Team Sarah media infrastructure that makes a viral dissemination of information possible. Palin fans should encourage or facilitate the formation of independent media cadres on the ground along the lines of Veracifier, Brave New Films, etc.

Sarah Palin should develop her own personal web presence as soon as possible.

Palin’s current followers have to have a daily news fix, and new followers need to be invited, and welcomed. Palin should develop and  maintain a separate, private means of communication with her supporters, over and above the public contact through the media, and specially outside the media channels. This must very clearly go beyond ‘marketing’ style and involve education, contact, planning, and mobilization for action. Obama camp were masters at this last year.

Finally, freezing the media costs nothing, just as engaging the media profits little.

Consider some of the media attitude during the divorce rumoring.

The Politico web site offered a pretty good explanation of how this gained traction today beyond an anonymous blog in Alaska: “By having her spokeswoman repeat the charges to rebut them in a public form, Palin effectively guaranteed coverage from the mainstream media that otherwise would not report claims attributed to unnamed sources on an anonymous blog.”

Posted by: David Collins | August 1, 2009 9:50 PM

So Sarah Palin hasn’t had her name in the news for a few days–time to put any kind of news into the gossip line. People asked her after the charges made in her last speech what had been made up?–this backs up her claim, even if she is the one who started it! Even negative attention (to Sarah Palin) is better than no attention .

Posted by: johnnyho | August 1, 2009 10:45 PM

See, what I mean. It’s always Palin’s fault. Talks too much, protests too much, doesn’t talk at all, doesn’t protest much, or goes away, whatever.

It’s never their actions or thoughts that could be dark or biased. So who needs ’em. Certainly not Sarah.

Thanks for the favors MSM. To hell withya!


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