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When Sarah Palin speaks, “they” listen

Posted on: July 10, 2009

When Sarah Speaks, "They" Listen

When Sarah Speaks, "They" Listen

Sarah Palin has once again set the world atwitter, as the expression goes. I am not referring only to the eponymous chatter boards. In fact the world over, across the board, everyone is talking about Sarah Palin. In so doing, the chatterers say more about themselves than about the Governor. For, the more they talk, the more they reveal themselves. Then again, for when Sarah speaks, they listen. Such is her strength, and such is their weakness. They listen too, because she is a Leader!

Her Independence Day bombshell of an announcement just blew their mind. After all, it was no halfway measure what our gal did. It was not merely I will not seek reelection when my term is over, etc.  No, when she quit, she really quit. Like, right now.

As she said later on,  “You know, politically speaking, if I die, I die. So be it.”  That’s the Sarah we have come to know and admire. Tough as nails, and nothing held back!

Ever since that announcement the intertubes have not been the same. Yahoo! has gone wild, Google is doing whorlies, Memmeorandum is bursting at the seams with a glut of entries on this topic. Not to mention the blogs, and ah, the blog commenters.

Oh yes the venom reached high tide in the anti-Palin commentariat. What can you expect from a citizenry that went to lunatic extent in its love for the messiah, and a movement with an insatiable appetite for sexist vile and misogynistic vitriol, on a rampage now for two full years and counting.

But truth remains, when Sarah Palin speaks, “they” listen.

They could, of course, walk away, turn away or tune her out. Just plain ignore her, pay utterly no attention to her, and thereby fully justify their “Lefteous” indignation over her life, ideas, personality, family and politics. They could have acted like they were serious about her lack of intrinsic value: they should have ignored Sarah Palin!

But, “they” couldn’t, could they?

They just can’t turn away from Sarah.

They hang onto every word, gesture, act and turn of this great lady, and pounce upon her with unseemly glee and self-gratification. What “they” practice is a massive exercise in Palin-phobia, an extreme sort of hatred and bile. So extreme and evidently visceral as to be nearly pornographic. An indulgence and a joy that seems to lead to nothing but itself, borne of itself. As though, they get off on Hate-Porn. There is nothing outside of them that warrants this degree of emotion, it’s their own wretchedness intensified.

They are the fount and the filter for their own self-indulgence and joy. In comment board after comment board, at HuffPo, at myDD, at the D-Kos, at the DUmp, and in myriad other blogs, it is not enough for them to worship their chosen god, it is not enough to proclaim a dawning of the golden age or (bull)crap and deceit, “they” have to go further, wallow endlessly in hatred of the “other”. The other is invariably, our Sarah.

How pervasive and influential is it?

It is enough to drive a formal and confirmed right winger like Krauthammer to go into a semi-confessional, near apologia, as he did in impromptu response, likening her new decision to Nixon’s ignominy.

How effective is the “propaganda value” of this negativity?

Enough that fearful of the Left’s assault, even conservatives who need a boost from the base are hesitant to let Palin in to their campaigns, as in the case of New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races.

How powerful is “their” visceral hatred and expression?

Enough to cause a dyed-in-the-wool conservative like Kristol to do verbal contortions and suffer a “clause and parse mania” in his left-handed support of the Governor’s political future.

And how witheringly intense is “their” caustic commentary?

Enough to cause Liz Trotta to get on Fox News and spout derisively on Sarah Palin being “inarticulate and uneducated” and as a woman “who has used her good looks and her gender to really get ahead in the political world… and who has no credentials for any job.” (Don’t remember Liz Trotter, don’t worry, the Internet does, go here, for her foot-in-mouth moment.)

Wow, first the Left has internalized the world’s condemnation of America, and turned against our own interests in electing an extreme left-wing, radical liberal. And in doing so completely demolished the Clintons, specially Hillary’s best middle of the road path for America.

Now, even the mainstream right of center GOP is feeling the need to absorb all this Sarah-hate and regurgitate it’s own rationale and vacuous abnegation. The GOP of the old fighters has folded its tent.

Why do these people get so much exposure in the main stream media? Where are the Palin supporters? Why don’t we see them all over the MSM horizon. Are those of us who believe in Sarah condemned to be stuck in the backwaters of the blogosphere? I fear it may take a long while for this evil tide to subside. We just have to give it time, while at the same time not losing faith in what we believe in, or who we believe in.

Sarah, won’t give up! Sarah Palin is not a quitter. Sarah is a Leader!

And then again, think about what we are up against. We are not simply steamering up river. We are rowing against a deluge, a result of a cumulative, organized, highly disciplined and object-oriented campaign, a most ruthless campaign of lies, rumors and slander.  Hillary Clinton faced the same tsunami and fought hard as she best could.  Clinton eventually gave up when she saw the writing on the wall. But not theGovernatoress!

Sarah, she is the one doing the writing on the wall now. Nay, Sarah is the writing on the wall.

They who read it are running scared.

It now falls to Sarah Palin to fill the vacuum of leadership in our country.

According to the Gallup Poll:

Palin’s announcement last Friday may have taken many political observers by surprise, but the data show her decision to resign the governorship did not affect most Americans’ opinions of her. The poll finds 70% saying their opinion of Palin has not changed as a result of her resignation.

That is an amazing finding, you see. It’s the “political observers” who are not supporting her. The people, yes the poeple are behind Sarah, the people never left her. The pundits did, but they never were behind her in the first place anyway. Which leads me to this funny column by Roger Simon.

Roger Simon at Politico:

In a very witty article about the “Sins of Sarah Palin” and with his tongue firmly planted in his cheeck, Mr. Simon of the Desert-dry Humor tells us why Sarah earned the wrath of the media. Observes, he:

When you do what the media have predicted, you are “savvy.” You are a “skilled” and “adept” politician.

If you surprise the media, however, you are “out of control” and “bizarre” and even “egotistical.”

If you thought Roger Simon was not funny or dark enought, wait till you read the next one.

Kahane at NRO

This one is even more caustic and sarcastic when it comes to flogging the faux-uproar from the Left. This article is darkly bitter, an almost East Europe of Cold War, boot-of-the-thug-upon-your-throat-induced-chuckle. It takes sometimes the extreme sour sensibility such as this to get the point across. For, ordinary words fail to overcome the farce that is the language of today’s liberalism.

.. there is no more Tammany Hall unless you count Obama’s Tony Rezko–financed home in Chicago.

And that’s why Sarah had to go. Whether she understood it or not, she threatened us right down to our most fundamental, meretricious, elitist, sneering, snobbish, insecure, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders bones. She was, after all, a “normal” American, the kind of person (or so I’m told) you meet in flyover country. The kind that worries first about home and hearth and believes in things like motherhood and love of country the way it is, not the way she wants to remake it.

Larry Kudlow, continues to be a Palin booster. We blogged about a number of the pre-nomination interviews nearly a year ago, please visit the post Sarah Palin Interviews (in which you can see Sarah interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, Charlie Rose, and Larry Kudlow – all done in early 2007/2008. If you are a Sarah Palin fan you must inform yourself via that post. You will see Sarah Palin as a policy wonk and a true leader. Sarah is not the caricature that is being smeared up by the leftist media – but then you knew THAT!).

Here is Kudlow recently:

She’s got raw political appeal. That’s why every one’s attacking her, because logthey are afraid of her.

He thinks she should run, or will run. Watch:

Finally, I will let the courageous Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs speak for me. Pam has more reserves of energy and style than anyone of us Palin-admirers, and the spunk to be blunt. Watch:

I also invite you to visit the blog of this indomitable voice, at Atlas Shrugs.

And the most important item of the day, here is a link to show your support for Sarah Palin, visit her Political Action Committee.



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