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From Moonflight to Mumbai terror – 30 days of extreme emotions in India

Posted on: November 27, 2008

Oh, the ecstasy and the agony!

Just over a month ago the people of India  thrilled to news footage of   Chandrayan blasting off into deep space, bearing India’s Tricolor flag to be dropped onto the lunar surface. A billion hearts beat with delight, and the world watched in indulgent amazement.

And now, even as their proud baby continues to orbit moon and photograph it, Indians watch live on television as cavemen strike terror with primitive rage.  Men who came crawling out from under some ancient, dark rock of oppress,  bent on killing and be killed, are on rampage in Mumbai, even as I write this.

Over one hundred men, women and international guests dead, a few cavemen amongst them.

While  the symbol of Indian ingenuity circles Moon, cavemen are holed up in highrise hotels of Mumbai, bent on pulling humanity down, and drag us back into the abyss.

What do they want, why are they so angry, these cavemen?

And, what is holding these people back from going about the usual delights of a simple  existence:  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why do they want to drag the rest of humanity into their dark phantasms and forebodings?

Oh, the cruel burden of Faith, such bitter irony. Notice, as you watch these videos:

On the one hand, men and women speaking a scientific language with a dozen regional accents, all working together to keep their delicate contraption in careful flight, a quarter million miles away. And narrating their story with delight.

And on the other hand, a dozen or more desperate, despotic, and deranged men living in a throwback fantasy, speaking in a tongue imprisioned by dogma, dictated by a singular vision of unalterable, unquestionable closed minded submission.

Hail Chandrayan.

May all mankind yet learn, the lessons implicit in  simply shooting for the moon.


The mayhem in Mumbai continues some 30 hours after the Cavemen Evildoers first drifted-in in black and yellow rubber dinghies in the dark of night at Gateway of India. The full complement of India’s protective and intelligence services have swung into action. Heroic men in uniform continue to fall. Operations continue in the most elaborate, organized fedayeen attack on Indian soil.

A clearer picture is beginning to emerge. The men were heavily  armed, AK47s, hand grenades, and had ample ammunition. Had sacs of fruit and snacks on them, say police, and they spoke Punjabi (the language of India Pakistan border area, heartland of the Old British India Empire). Too, the men had on them bundles of cash, credit cards, and bags of almonds.

But happily, hostages continues to be rescued, released or escape.

Does the audacity of the death-wish suicide killers equal the grim determination of the defenders?

Or, is the correct question to be asked, will the free people who have freedom of faith be ever ready to deal with the brazen brutality and reckless madness of the blindlly faithful?

Such an ancient question, who will articulate the right answer?


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