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In solidarity with PUMAs, in honor of Sarah Palin, to diss the DNC, today for the sake of USA, I am voting for McCain

Posted on: November 4, 2008

More than any other candidate of my adult memory, that spans a dozen presidential terms, Senator John McCain of Arizona is the person most suited to be the Commander-in-Chief of this the most powerful nation on earth today.  He fought for his country his entire life, self-lessly, honestly, honorably, a bit foolish perhaps at times, but sincerely and without rancour in his heart and, with malice towards none. Like Sarah says, he is the only who fought for you!

Out of the choices I have in front of me today, it’s a no-brainer.  Obama  may be as deserving  as his little heart contends, but he is no leader. Shrewd politician and poker player that he is,  Obama is a good campaigner, great speaker when given a teleprompter,  a terrific story teller,  but he never fought for me. At best he is an effective agitator, at worst Obama stands for Obama.

Here is an example of  John McCain’s temperament:

Ah, Code Pink, God bless the kind ladies, who allowed themselves to become shills for Obama, they badgered and browbeat Hillary, demanding that she apologize for her war vote. Honor demands that our leaders act in good conscience, and stand by their vote. Not just vote present or flip-flop for political expediency, or claim postures that were never tested – all Obama traits. God Bless Hillary for standingfast and standing firm and tall in the face of evil. One hopes she triumphs eventually, in my mind she is already the winner. And the Code PInkladies? Not content with destroying Hillary’s chances, not content with pressuring Hollywood to support Obama as against Hillary, not content with bias, they went into perfidy.  They went on to dine with Iran’s Ahmedinijad.  Being liberal has never been this disgusting.

A case could be made that  Obama  had nothingto do with all this. True, but he had everything to gain from it. Like a good quiet poker player with an empty hand, he watches as others do the destruction, while he silently gains, so clever. His first conquest was the media, the liberal media, the progressives who can border on the fascist when it comes to posturing. Remember Shut the Freud Up, the gloating and the giggling barely contained in the voices of these little boy-men, the twerps masquerading as intellectuals, the pontificators so totally devoid of (sexual out let, perhaps). Watch:

Simply replace the Hillary motif with Sarah motif, the above video holds true today. One might even say that Hillary got off lightly being in limelight for 3 decades and nearly inured.

Sarah coming out of Alaska cold got buried in innumerable avalanches by the oh so sophisticated, East coast invective, repeatedly. When I vote today, yes Sarah, This one is for you!

Women, oh women, what a story they have been this election year. Long after Hillary’s campaign is forgotten, long after Code Pink antics are forgotten, what remains burned in people’s mind are two moments: Randy Rhodes calling Hillary a F****ng Whore at an Obama rally, and Sandra Bernhard exulting in the fantasy  of a gangof her black brothers raping Sarah Palin in New York. The former lady is fully artless, the latter barely artistic.

There is so much more that could be written, but that has already been written over and over these past months. Essays and posts abound on the web to give testimony against voting for Obama to day. It was said as far back as March of this year, this has been about Obama, as summarized in the post Would you buy a used car from this man? The answer is a resounding NO!

Folks make a big mistake when they think that a Democrat voting against Obama, must be a fem-nazi (you should seed the sweet ladies I know),  a hill-billee (you don’t know how many college educated ladies we have here),  an angry person (we are more the get even kind),  or just racist  (actually the accusers are more likely to be). Obama is not our candidate not because he is who he is, but how he is who he is. A fraudulent nominee, unscrupulousness, non-idealist, and given to agitation, obfuscation, slieght of hand and sheer hate.

Ironic isn’t it, after two years of hyperbole about Hope and Change, it turns out he is just another politician through and through, not just our type of a Democrat.

Ironic too, that the media favorite Maverick Mac should be so demonized by the same media this year, as they found someone better to love.

Ironic too, isn’t it, that in this year when folks fear more of Bush, the true and correct change is the Original Mavericks:

What happened to the McCain love of the last 10 years? What is so wrong with a woman wanting to ascend to high office?

No matter what happens tonight, the media in this country is dead, unbelievable, untrustworthy and dishonest-dead. I cut off my tv over a year ago, the radio a year ago. Newspapers after SuperTuesday. Truth and MSM don’t go together anymore.

See this lovely graphic at Hillbuzz and read all comments at: Puma and Elephant Side by Side, Country First


Lovely Image From Hillbuzz a great WordPress blog

Lovely Image From Hillbuzz a great WordPress blog

Enough said, time is arunning … 

I am about to leave the house and not come back until I have done that, vote for McCain no matter how long I have to wait in line.  

My reason today in one word:  PUMA


2 Responses to "In solidarity with PUMAs, in honor of Sarah Palin, to diss the DNC, today for the sake of USA, I am voting for McCain"

Each time I tried to enter the chat zone, I find that I am entering into the Obama’s supporter zone. Please take a look at your website. Obama’s camp are trying to destroy it.
Like he destroy HIllary, McCAin and Sarah Palin.

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