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MSM changes its tune, NOW the race is tight, and yes McCain COULD win!

Posted on: November 3, 2008

I knew this was bound to happen, and so did hundreds of thousands of you!   WE knew the race will get close and tight at the last hour. Though as many as 20% voted already, it’s the voters who go to the polls who will make the difference on Tuesday. With upto 10% undecided, this election is not a done deal by any means! WE KNEW THIS, all along, now MSM joins us!

The same media that anointed and approved a fraudulently won nomination, the same media that virtually coronated their chosen candidate nearly 2 weeks ago, going so far as to say the election night is a results-yawn, that same MSM is now saying it could be tight, McCain could win. Oh yeah, remember we told you, Obama is sitting pretty, he still has a big edge.

I woke up to this from Yahoo News this morning

If America’s vote mirrors these polls, Obama would get 353 electoral votes. [sic] This doesn’t mean John McCain doesn’t have a chance. He does — in fact, a bigger one than this map indicates.Polls can be wrong. [sic] The poll averages that populate this map are closer than what the declarative blue and red colors imply. [sic] Even though Obama leads in Pennsylvania now, it’s probably a great hope on McCain’s map because of the movement there over the past two weeks. McCain has cut what was once a 14-point Obama lead in half. [sic]

If fiddling with the Electoral College map is not your thing … …. (Emphasis added)


McClatchy Papers said this (Most Viewd Post):

John McCain still could win.

He’d have to squeeze out more support from independents, score higher with his “Joe the Plumber” warning about Obama’s tax and economic polices, and hope that enough undecided voters swing his way to help him sweep almost all the states that now are considered tossups.

While he’s still trailing, polls show McCain within reach and gaining, even if only slightly, both nationally and in some key battleground states

For McCain to win, he must hold all the states that went for President Bush four years ago, which would be enough to give him 286 Electoral College votes and victory. He could even lose one midsized Bush state, such as Virginia, which has 13 electoral votes, and still have more than the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win.

McCain also could score if he raises doubts in the minds of independents and undecided voters about electing a liberal Democrat as president to work with a Congress that’s sure to remain in Democratic control.

Finally, McCain would have to match or surpass Obama at turning out his voters on Election Day. Obama’s counting on a surge of support from first-time voters, particularly African-Americans and young people. McCain hopes to counter that with the Republicans’ proven get-out-the-vote machinery, plus a conservative base in small towns energized by running mate Sarah Palin.

(Emphasis added)

NPR repots on the Pew survey:

There are two things closing the gap, says Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center. First, McCain has made some gains among whites, independents and middle-income voters. But the other boost he’s enjoying comes from narrowing the pool of responses from registered voters to likely voters.

Typically, Republican voters tend to vote more regularly than some Democratic voting groups — particularly young people and blacks, Kohut says. So while turnout is up among those groups, it’s also up across the board — giving Republicans a boost when the poll focuses on likely voters.


Jim Tankersley of Chicago Tribune, hours ago (via Orlando Sentinel):

John McCain’s best chance for a history-defying comeback rests in the greatest of electoral unknowns: voter turnout.

To win Tuesday, analysts and polls suggest, the Republican nominee must win nearly all the remaining undecided voters in key swing states including Florida and peel a large chunk of “soft” supporters from Democratic rival Barack Obama. Then he must hope his supporters vote in overwhelming numbers and that more Obama supporters than expected stay home.

With time running out for a major event to reshape the race, McCain’s comeback potential could depend on whose turnout model is correct.  “It’s not so much things that have to happen” for McCain to catch up, said Jay Cost, who writes the data-based Horse Race Blog for RealClearPolitics. “He needs certain things to be true.” Cost also said a half-century of public polling doesn’t yield enough data to comfortably predict the difference between closing, say, a seven-point gap or a four-point one.

(Emphasis added)

There are others, but the point is what all SANE people have been saying for months: Turnout is the key.  Obama hopes to win on the basis of newly registered bums, vagrants, paid volunteers, nutty activists, pumped up college kids etc., etc.

America haters (eg: Bush caused 9-11, or CIA dynamited WTC,  or there were never any planes, etc., etc., the so called  9-11 Truthers  account for a good part of the Obama Left.  Nearly 2 dozen free movies on the internet fuel this rabid self-loathing that seems to be a fount of Obama Love).

Obma can only be defeated by a massive turnout of the Palin Fans: New feminists, Palin PUMAs, GOPs in hiding, courageous people who won’t quit fighting. See video up thread.

So, here is calling all Palinistas, Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the PUMAs, NObama!


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