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A 40 y/o question returns: would you buy a used car from this man? – The PUMA case against Obama

Posted on: October 28, 2008

I was in high school when I first heard the classic American line, would you buy a used car from this man? Both the content and the context of the question taught me much.  As an avid newspaper reader, to be termed  news junkie   in later years, I learned much about America from that question. That any peopled dared to criticise their leader, let alone in derisive terms was news  to me.  On the eve of another critical election, that same question is asked, this time by an outraged, quiet and, uncounted but growing centrist minority.

The Denver Group,  their youtube site here, was borne of a disillusionment with the leadership of the party who were unable or unwilling to curb unethical and  illegitimate practices during the Democratic primaries, and who then went on to anoint a nominee without the benefit of an open convention.

As an eager electoral participant as well as a news junkie, I watched in horror as the party elders took on an ever-increasingly unprincipled stand in favour of Obama eventhough voters were evenly divided,  thus disregarding the 18 million voters of Hillary Clinton. The headlong rush of the party leadership toward unity at all costs, chosing a nominee who was selected not elected and, formalised via rigged roll call,  only resulted in faux-unity.

While the DNC went on merrily alongside the Obama campaign, The Denver Group  has been working quietly: building a support base silently, winning bloggers over to their ideals, arguing for democracy in the Democratic Party, fighting for honest and open convention at Denver, pointing out the flawed leadership of Dr. Dean at DNC, running print ads, and now tv ads, exposing the untrustworthiness of the Democrat nominee.

The group has been as quiet, unnoticed and under-reported on as the other uncounted demographic groups of this election season such as PUMAs,  JSND-ers,  Democrats for McCain, Nobamistsof various stripes – all lumped by outside observers into a broad pigeon hole: racists. Media habit and campaign PR strategy dovetailed nicely in this lazy canard.

So, here is the question:

There is a plethora of arguments – Right, Left and Center – against Obama as president.  Once you get past the warm and fuzzy sentimentality of the leftish rapture, IF you can do that, then there becomes evident the stark reality lost to the MSM: the joint DNC-Obama campaign’s clever, calculated and fraudulent plan to nominate Obama, the systematic arm-twisting of Hillary Clinton and her supporters and delegates, the rigged roll-call – indeed, a Democratic Party wholly devoid of democratic morals.  Combine that  with Hillary-hatred (which rapidly morphed into Sarah-hatred). For those willing to see, there are the numerous instances of gaffes, reversals and outright lying by Obama, the quiet willing participation in hate,  the race-baiting, and rapid reverse-smearing (known to some as astro-turfing). And, we have not even stated the case of the media complicity yet!!

What PUMAs have seen is the relentless glorification of the most unqualified, inexperienced, unworthy candidate in recent history!  When Obama first announced for president, he was as unqualified, unvetted, unprepared, and unproven as GWB.  Bush43 at least had some executive experience, real bipartisan rapport in a typically schizoid state.  Granted the last eight years weren’t the best, granted American voters only woke up in 2006 to show some dissatisfaction, granted change is due simply because elections are on hand, the great question is  What is to be done now?

For PUMAs and JSNDs the issue is one of relative merit, and our attitude of measured response: Do we want a course correction to the Ship of State or do we seek an outright reversal? Do we want a proven steady hand that will set course as the times call for it, or do we want an agenda to drive America into the dark and discredited waters carried by winds of hope and change. Do we really want a Change a that reverses not just the past 8 years or the 8 before that, but all that we know of America!

Here is a video that has just gone viral,  over 1.5  million  hits in the 1 1/2 days since its uploading,  over 14,000 text comments and 21 video responses in the same time frame.  You hear Obama talking to WBEZ-FM Chicago radio’s Gretchen Helfrich about the Constitutional shortcomings and changes needed to  REDISTRIBUTE  THE  WEALTH!  The Earl Warren court was not radical enough! Now we know what sort of change we can hope for, watch:

Just what do the supporters of Obama think they are getting into, do they have any clue, or do they want to?

PUMAs really don’t need any special rationalization to vote against Obama, our own existential reality is in a way it’s own self-evident truth.  But PUMAs did arrive at pumahood from a number of vantage points. What follows is a compilation of links to a diversity of argument.

The Comprehensive Argument Against Barack Obama is only one of a number of recent summations. It is a very long post, detailed with dozens of video clips, dozens more links, references and divided into broad areas such as taxes, policy, values etc.

Another conservative blog post is 10 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama.

22 Solid Reasons to NOT vote for Obama by Jeremy’s Conservative Blog is another good post, written in bullet form, recounting  a litany of reasons, many covered by those above and written student-style, simply, without anger.

Dale Huff of The Ellis County Press has a post under the head Reasons for not voting for Obama, same points but very personal, personably Right voiced write up 

For those who need a dose of reality, to actually visualize what life will be like,  Liberal Rapture blog, still unsold on Sarah,  has been speculating from a Left point of view with these posts:

Scandal train is coming

A year from now..

If he wins …

From a slightly different point on the soft but sincere left, the blog Reclusive Leftist  has been enumerating their reasons not just FOR Sarah, but also against Obama, a few posts recommended from there:

Reminder #1 (Terry Tate – Sarah Hatred, Misogyny, Violence clip)

(Note:  I have written about the Couric interviews but not the Couric question about Sarah’s newspapers reading habit. This is what I read into the original exchange.  Governor Sarah was irritated by that question. (But not as much as I was, were I ever to face such condescension,  tone and gotcha question ever, I would walk away, but that’s me a citizen.)   As a politician Sarah was giving her best ‘dismissal’ of Couric.  She was determinedly not answering a Couric-question, while at the same time conveying what a Couric-answer would have. A classic non-answer answer if ever, it  reminded me  of how Bill Clinton dissed Chris Wallace 2 years ago.  Except that Sarah, being an aspirant to the White House, not an ex-officio,  was using deflective understated snark. Couric’s tonal  intent was being dissed and, Sarah was asserting herself in her own style of soft spoken disregard. I sure hope the country will see more of it.

Reminder #2, Let’s just call this point The vulgar-worded anti-Sarah t-shirt.

Reminder #3. Violence and thuggish behaviour of Obamabots.

Reminder #4, Obama’s relationship with his pastor, Rev. Wright.

Let’s say you are still on the fence, the right-left agendas, politics, values don’t matter to you, you just want to vote for a ‘good, strong person’ as the Prez. OK, you are a centrist who loves the country and the system more than the partisan power plays. If all you wanted were a SRONG LEADER, of the sort who would lead honorably because he himself had won honorably in the primaries,  in a FAIR and HONEST election, your task is easy.  Look at the two parties and how their primaries were held. Just remember the fraud in the Democratic primary and in the rigged roll call. A few recommended posts on this aspect of the primary season (I can’t believe you didn’t know this, but I will include anyway)

Obama Voter Fraud a post by Reclusive Leftist, covers  the independent documentary called WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED  by filmmaker Gigi Gaston.  You can see the entire movie in clips at this post, or on youtube or at Gigi’s website linked. If you have not seen it, see it today, recommend it today!

Any American who has not seen this documentary about caucus fraud, specially a Democrat, does not deserve to vote in the general election. You deserve the misery that will visit upon you as a result of your lack of information!

If you need an extended account of fraud ad nauseum in exquisite detail, go to Caucus Fraud  with a lot of research, data and analysis by Dr. Lynnette Long.

For those who like their negative view of Obama  with a strong dose of negativity, with a capital N, the website to view is donotvoteObama.net which calls itself, The Most Complete Anti-Obama site,  it is an extreme with no expletives.

For those trying to reconcile their long cherished love for the Democratic Party and their memory of it’s luminaries, their regard for the party legacy, they need only to recall what became of the party in the last two years. And remember just how undemocratic they have been. How have they treated Hillary, how they are treating Sarah today. And what this tells us about where they will go under the un-leadership of Howard ‘there is no misogyny’ Dean, Nancy ‘no impeachment’ Pelosi, Donna ‘there will be blood’ Brazile. The blog TOM IN PAIN by Marc Rubin makes a clear cut case for you with a post titled: How Democrats can defeat Obama, see McCain win, still get everything they want and respect themselves in the morning. It is a lovely, wonderful written post: lucid, witty and pointed!

For PUMAs, this recap of  the case against Obama is inextricably linked to our experiences in the primary season. Reflections and recollections follow.

A look back at a moment in time during the Spring:

Here is yet another moment, race-baiting that was never called for what it was then:

Now, back to the main question:

Would you buy a used car from this man?

If you want to help with the airing of this commercial in key markets,  give to The Denver Group here or by clicking the sidebar image of the Denver Capitol.


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