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Colin and the Kool-ade

Posted on: October 19, 2008

Ah the power of kool-ade!

The fount that nourishes the feeble-minded, the glacial source of religious fervour that feeds frenzy!

Yes, to kool-ade! That potent potable, it transforms  gullible infidels into intense believers, it converts  the long suffering into credulous potentates, it even enables cowardly Secretaries of State to recite a well-rehearsed diatribe that masquerades as a hosanna of affirmation.

In one of the most nauseating performances of his public life, one that exceeded the lying theatrics of his UN presentation about semi-trailers loaded with WMD labs, Gen. Colin Powell made a mockery of himself in the eyes of all voters and, as if it truly mattered said he will vote for Obama.

He narrated ad nauseum  each and every one of the talking points we have been hearing from TPM for the last 18 months. He could have spared the nation the suspense and simply signed up quietly at the mybarack web site!

Get this: according to the General, the virtues of Obama candidacy are its inclusive nature, its tolerance, its experience, its transformational quality – I just about puked on that one – and, its great commitment to muslims!!!

The heinous nature of McCain-Palin campaign, it is all relative of course, both Obama and McCain are great people, of course, is that McCain’s party is “too far to the right” and, and get this, intolerant of muslims fighting for America!! As if all this mumbo-jumbo were not enough, the General says, he made up his mind in the last six or seven weeks!!

Has he been in a cocoon, has he not read anything done by the Obamabots in the last six or seven weeks?  Man oh man, just one week would have been enough for any normal person (you were a Secy. of State for heaven’s sake, you are supposed to be capable of objective thought and unbiased observation) to see what the bots wrought!

Not only does the General find his own Old party repugnant, he finds Obama transcendant!

And the poseur, he sits in judgement of these two men like a school master, taking a good measure of both is what he sys his approach was. More like a man who made up his mind a while ago, but kept looking for just the right and contemporary rationalizations. Watch:

Click image to go to AOL webpage of NBC clip

You can also click this link to got MSNBC player.

Yet, truth be told,  Colin Powell’s litany sounds exactly like what it is, not a teacher’s observation of overall conduct, but merely a cheerleader’s pre-written school yard taunting. Actually it’s worse, an out of the left-field, dark alley mugging, as when he brings up Sarah Palin as not being worthy to be a vice-president. So McCain is not his choice. Fine, but Powell does not give a single original personal reason for that evaluation nor does he offer a solid example of Obama’s leadership. All he does is regurgitate every party line verbatim, the latest spin. The General lost me totally when he simply dismissed terrorism (and all it’s nuances) completely out of hand, as if  it signified nothing. Thank god Bush43 only gave him the State department and not the Pentagon!!

Funny too, just about every one of Powell’s laments apply with equal force against Obama. The intense left-wing fervour of the bots, the severe hatred, sexism, misogyny, vulgar signage, astro-turfing (as of Joe the plumber), and numerous other misdeeds of the bots, the lack of experience, etc., all apply to Obama. Politicking aside, General Powell makes no case for Obama over McCain.

You know, it’s one thing for General Powell to kick the breast he fed upon his entire professional and public life, it’s a much worse thing to stick the shiv into Sarah Palin candidacy.


11 Responses to "Colin and the Kool-ade"


I’m not sure it’s the kool-aid, because that actually kills people. What I see are the living-dead Obamazombies which I find much more frightening.

They are mindless. Even the supposed “elite” and educated MSM— follow him without question even though there are many signs of massive voter abuse and campaign fraud. There are signs of questionable associations and sparse experience.

Can you imagine the MSM letting a Rebulican get away with Acorn and Ayers and Rezko, et al? Can you imagine any of the media saying one word against “Damian”?

And why haven’t the media covered Nader, the Greens , and the Libertarians AT ALL??????? I’m not for these, but they should be heard. Because this is America!!!!!! Where are the watchdogs, the American conscience, the journalists?

Where is the voice of the people? In the pocket of Obama. And that scares the H*ll out of me!!! Because that’s how Hitler won!!!!!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if Obama wins, it will not be because his campaign won, but because the MSM won.

And then America will have lost!

You would have thought Obama would have waited a couple of days to announce Powell would have a place in his administration just so that it wouldnt’ so obviously be a payoff.

I couldn’t help but add this…..

Colin Powell’s son endorses McCain.


Which, of course, the MSM is completely ignoring.

What does Obama have on Powell? Maria Cardona trotted out the Powell affirmation on fox this a.m. to try to counter the Biden truth/gaffe, intoning that Powell is here to save the day if Obama’s presence in the white house encourages all the terrorists of the world to attack at once…..well, she did not say that exactly, it was my interpretation….what, did Biden make the remarks about the big target painted on Obama’s posterior first, and THEN Powell gets a frantic call letting him know that those tapes of him and a goat are going on the internet by six p.m. PST if he doesn’t make his announcement? Transformational? That sounds like some sort of cultic mumbo stuff.

how many people does it take to fill out an empty suit with foreign policy credentials…???

good grief…what an embarassment to the oval office…powell should be ashamed of himself…transformational figure my A–!

no one should be shocked he’s part of the “97%” … no cred!

Big deal. The net gain of Colin Powell’s endorsement for Obama is one: Colin Powell.

Lt. Powell was the person sent to prepare the cover-up report for the “Meli” massacre in Vietnam. The report was so full of lies that the fair-minded people called it “my lie”.

Powell says that democratically elected Gov. Palin is not qualified for the office of the president. Well, by the same token Obama is much less qualified . It takes a sexist-racist to know “the one.”

There is a lot of anger here.? Is there any room for discussion with an Obama supporter on this site with anyone?

it is not too late to ask him to submit his birth certificte. clich here please to join others in this new campaign:


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