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Obama’s Presidential gold coins, minted in UK

Posted on: September 29, 2008


Now that Senator Obama is President-Elect, there is a sudden increase of views of this post. The following points should be remembered:

1. The coins referred to in this post are ‘private’. They were requisitioned by persons or parties allied to the DNC and/or Obama campaign. They are purely of sentimental value and are not legal tender.
2. All the advertisements that show up on a google search, and most of the articles that refer to Obama coins, are all also referring to different private issues. There are some companies that use the word mint, monetray authority or us mint in their names, again they are all private companies and not legal tender as money.
3. The historic nature of Obama’s election generated a lot of private interest resulting in the marketing of a variety of coins, some using colorization, some ‘gold plating’, and a few real full gold. Some also use images used on actual legal US coins, sucha as Liberty, Kennedy etc.
4. The only real official US legal tender coins will be those issued by the US mint in due course of time as part of ‘US Presidential Dollar’ series that began in 2007. Only coins of the the first 8 presidents have came out, we have a long way to go before Obama Dollar comes out. It definitely will come out!! 5. Go here for more iInformation about the coins, or actually medallions,  referred to in this post.

Original Post

I fell off the chair when I first read it at Hillbuzz, that quoted PUMA08, which in turn quoted the British press, and I still can’t fathom this.

So I checked out the original story, pending proof it was not a parody story.

Here is the original story in Birmingham Post

Obama is indeed having presidential coins minted:

WEW is producing limited edition runs of gold, silver and platinum Obama coins.

Winston Elizabeth & Windsor has already sold more than 300 limited edition commemorative silver coins to the Democratic Party to hand out to key members of the campaign to elect Obama.

The coins show Senator Obama’s face, along with a picture of the White House and the legend “President of the United States of America”.

The moulds for the Obama coins will be going on display tomorrow as part of the Birmingham Art Fair at the Gas Hall on Chamberlain Square.

[Emphasis added]

The only thing  I have to say is WHY, OH WHY?  Why now, why not wait till after the elections?

Reminds us of possums, pumas and the unforgettable  presidential seal saga.


15 Responses to "Obama’s Presidential gold coins, minted in UK"

  Mr Willard Wigan MBE From HRH Price Of Wales.

As you know he has submitted his personal endorsement of Obama and would like to come over to the US and give his support on a talk show while at the same time appeal to the US market. In the past the agents of Willard Wigan MBE have been in talks with Oprah Winfrey and as you already know Willard Wigan is the most famous micro sculpture artist in the world.

Willard Wigan continues to baffle scientists and doctors that are amazed by his work; and refer to him ‘as the eight wonder of the world’.   He stated to us last night that he is going to produce a one of micro sculpture of Barack Obama inside the eye of a solid gold needle. His collection of work recently sold for $22 million dollars to a Mr David Lloyd (Davis Cup).   

The story of Willard’s ability makes a great read and one that the UK and US media and audience would fall in love with. As a child in Birmingham, England Willard Wigan helped create complete housing including, tables and chairs for homeless ants. One day, know doubt; Hollywood or Disneyworld will pick up on this story and transform into a world-wide children’s novel. 

  Mike can you please get in touch with some of your network contacts and try to arrange a talk show slot for Willard Wigan. The idea is that he will fly over to America submit his personal support for Obama showing of the coin and also show of his own newest creation of Barack Obama in the eye of a solid gold needle.

Obviously, all this will be complimented by his unique childhood story and his unbelievable skill, as ‘the eight wonder of the world’.!


Over the last few days there has been a lot of media coverage concerning the Obama Gold Coin, which was first minted in Birmingham, England. We, (Winston, Elizabeth and Windsor) created the coin, as a piece of art and a symbol for hope and change.

Winston, Elizabeth and Windsor (WEW) were the first and original company to create and found the concept of a Barack Obama Presidential Coin. The concept was generated after hearing Barack Obama’s moving speech in Europe, which was like a breath of fresh air that came over the Atlantic and promised hope for the future.

The people of Europe felt they were able trust, empathise and communicate with Mr Obama, as a true leader of the people; for the people. As a result, (WEW) felt it necessary to honour Mr Obama due to his past and present lifetime achievements, as a man of great influence and a true leader for the people.

Some critics have stated; ‘the Democratic Party should denounce the coin’s production as inappropriate, as no coin should bear the image of a living person’. However, the people of England and mainland Europe feel that Mr Obama is exempt from this rule, as he represents a great nation, which finally deserves a great leader.

Mr Obama will never back down in the face of great difficulty or challenge but instead gives birth to an idea; the possibility that anything or anyone can rise up and achieve their ambitions – even the American dream?

WEW confirms; we are minting a normal run of unlimited (Obama Gold Coins) and also a limited edition of (500 Solid-Silver Obama Coins) both hallmarked in Birmingham, England with 20% of all sales going to a US charity.

WEW confirms, ‘yes’ it is true; a number of celebrities in the USA and UK have personally requested that we reserve a range of both Gold and Silver Obama Coins.
WEW confirms, ‘yes’ it is true; the first public display of the Obama Gold Coin was shown at the Birmingham Arts Fair in England and was hosted by UK Fine Arts. During the show England’s number one, world-renowned artist Mr Willard Wigan MBE also submitted his endorsement for Mr Obama and his campaign stating;

‘he would like to volunteer his personal services towards the Obama campaign’.
Mr Willard Wigan’s work is described, as ‘the eighth wonder of the world’ and was reportedly sold for $22 million dollars also submitted his personal endorsement.
Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and I hope you continue to give your support…

Power is never given, why wait! you need a man to lead the nation, not a mouse,

The Barack Obama Presidential coin is no longer a coin or an illusion, it is a piece of art; described by those that have seen it, as Slick, Sexy, Elegant and Daring!

These are not our words but the comments of world renowned movie stars and politicians ranging from Madonna and Barbra Streisand, Tony Blair, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Barbra Berlusconi, the daughter of the Italian Prime Minister.

Most recently the Barack Obama coin was unveiled in Italy were it received an overwhelming reception; considered by most, as an iconic symbol for peace and change. This idea of peace and change gathered further momentum, as one was personally requested by a member of the Vatican who stated ‘the race is now in the hands of god’.

On a more sombre note, we have recently received a lot of negative comments and ignorant feedback with regards to why the Barack Obama coin has been created in Birmingham, England. The reason is simple; the English silversmiths are the best coin makers in the world with over 300 year’s experience. Creating coins for the Royal family and other Monarchs; we believe the President of the United States deserves to be treated with the same respect and dignity. Further more; we would also like to add that with each coin sold an America charity will benefit directly with 20% of the proceeds being donated.

To conclude, we believe the Barack Obama coin represents peace, diplomacy and prosperity for the future, which is what this world is crying out for?

please let me know when the coins are available, I want to order many of them

where can I get the barack obama coin

The coin is available at

The Oboma gold coin is made out of tin and can be purchased for pennies when he gets done with America.
lol … Oboma same me! lol!

WARNING: I ordered one of these coins weeks ago, a few days after my order I received an email confirming my order and asking me to understand that they were backlogged with orders and that it could take up to 6 weeks to fill my order.

A few days later I received another email informing me that my request to be on the waiting list for the solid gold coin was completed, and that I could complete my order (a link was provided). I told them I wanted to wait until I received the first order before making a second order, I also told them that I felt 6 weeks for an order to be filled was ridiculous.

After 5 weeks of waiting, I requested a refund, that email came back to me as ‘undelivered’, I sent another to a second email address I had for them. I received no response. Two days later I contacted Paypal to file a dispute.

Paypal indicated immediately that the seller’s account was closed, then issued a refund a few days later. Apparently paypal ate the loss for now.

Recently I received additional correspondence from them inviting me to send money for the gold coin to an HSBC account by wire transfer, … needless to say, I didn’t.

Warning: Do not send any money that you can’t get back if the seller doesn’t abide by their side of the deal.

Joe, your right, the Obama coins are made of nothing but freakin fools gold. Remember, fools only get “fools gold”.. LOL Obama sucks ..

Does anyone know where i can find Sarah Palin Gold Coins? i would like to invest all of my eighty grand in gold coins with Sarah Palin in them…………………. She is such an amazind dynamic woman………………. I LOVE HER!!!! = )

Has anyone actually bought & received one of these coins? Hmm..

Oh Pleazzze.. She is nothing but opportunist..

This country is FAR better off without HER in office..

In regards to comment 8:

Quickly, 4-6 weeks is a typical shipping time for any mail order company to fill orders… it is standard practice – sometimes they list it as 20-30 business days.

You posted on December 6th, “I ordered one of these coins weeks ago” – you then list you waited 5 weeks saying that you requested a refund and that your eMail was undeliverable. Which eMail address did you send to? The eMail accounts the company use are still active.

You said that Paypal informed you that their account was closed – which is odd as Paypal ‘official’ stance is that they will never disclose any information on any account, but to an account holder. Also, the account the company uses is active and has never been closed.

The background is that in November, Paypal locked the account – from the account holder withdrawing funds but allowing buyers to continue to send money to their account – used by Winston, Elizabeth and Windsor, claiming anti-money laundering laws that Paypal follow.

It took over 6 weeks for WEW to clear up the Paypal issue, which was a mishandling of how Paypal handled their account. Once this issue was cleared up the continued production of items was thought to continue… alas full extent of the damage, to WEW, was not clear until January 2009. It was discovered that past orders were lost – in Paypal’s system. Only recently were a large number of orders, placed in November, fulfilled.

Winston, Elizabeth and Windsor were still fulfilling orders for their Gold Plated / Polished items, the Solid Silver coins and their Inauguration coins on-time and, as an apology to those whose orders were heavily delayed by Paypal, (specifically the Silver / Gold coins) their orders were delivered with the Inauguration coins free.

At no time did WEW refuse refunds to customers, nor did they ever not communicate with customers. In fact, WEW contacted their customers and informed them of the issues, immediately informing them of the delays to their orders and, if customers requested, refunding their orders.

Surprisingly only a small number of orders requested refunds – which were made immediately – but Paypal refunds is not immediate and can take 2-4 weeks to reflect on a buyer credit card. Most buyers accepted the apologies of the company, received their orders and the Inauguration coin.

hi..pls email me the price of the coins pls..


I wanted to thank you for this great blog!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

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