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Sarah’s campaign , what the Ladies of Hire Heels are saying ….

Posted on: September 27, 2008

It’s been a while since we visited the fab ladies of Hire Heels, they remain one of our favourite she-puma prides.

Oh, they grabbed the headlines, they clickity-clacked and roared about Hillary’s 18 million voices, they growled about Michigan and Florida, and they tried ever so hard to get Hillary nominated. All to naught.

But, ever since their celebration in our Just Words post and the slide show, these ladies have been visited again and again, seldom quoted. That error is rectified right now.

The Hire Heels are the most fun web site that there is for a puma. The writing is crisp, the passion is hot, the humor is wicked. The opinions couldn’t be more candid. The comments, totally lively!!

This is what the ladies in heels are saying:

maybe it takes a chick to sweep wall street!

by Princess Wears Prada 9/16/08

The Patagonia Princess is not much for cerebral theorizing…and lengthy lectures mos-def ain’t her thang. Nah, she’s just a doer. And what woman can’t relate to that? Do you have the time and bandwidth to contemplate your daily activities with arduous analysis? NO, you JUST DO IT

i “hope” we put “country first” for a “change”

Posted on September 25th, 2008 in Piper in Pucci

By suspending his presidential campaign to return to Washington, he sent a message of strength and certainty. Let’s face it, he is still a United States Senator and one who has historically rolled up his sleeves for the nation’s greater good. Sure he invited Obama to do the same …

Obama would rather pontificate and lecture us than get his finger nails dirty. The shiny new leader of the Democratic party is fully content to let those geeky wonks work on the biggest bailout in America’s history, while he, uh, practices, uh, not saying “uh” with a McCain stand-in.

obama’s glam slam strikes out with sista

Posted on September 10th, 2008 in Sista Christian Louboutin

I should have known better… I’ve been dumped already… Senator, where’s the dignity and respect in inferring that your opponent is a pig? I thought not… And as for the “dead fish” … I’m too horrified to even touch that one. You’re caught in a classic pickle for two reasons… either your judgment is off its stump or your platform is a sham—which is it?

back from st. paul – princess is hailin’ palin

Posted on September 7th, 2008 in Princess Wears Prada

My snap decision to go to St. Paul has brought me peace and clarity. I am not an opinion peddler, just an intuitive working gal who’s running with her life-nurtured instincts. Indeed, I’m ignoring the latest blogosphere-bred, book-banning charges leveled against the “bible-thumping beauty queen” and going with my non-pregnant gut.

I loved her! No, I f—kg loved her.

Be advised heels: just because we loved Governor Palin’s debut and speaking prowess, it doesn’t mean that the McCain/Palin ticket has earned our votes. We still have questions and we’re gonna hold all candidates’ feet to the fire until November. (er, but Princess ain’t ever votin’ for senator obama)

The site is well worth a visit, even if you don’t participate, fun reading, sharp commentary.


2 Responses to "Sarah’s campaign , what the Ladies of Hire Heels are saying …."

Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really liked

Thanks, come back soon, ya hear!

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