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Sarah Palin – Katie Couric interview

Posted on: September 26, 2008


Some bloggers, Pumas amongst them, have made a routine out of postings on Katie Couric and her partisan antics since these interviews aired first. Her credibility with the American Right has never been that high, given that CBS itself had some poor relationships since the Bush awol fracas.

Regular readers of this blog will remember this post featuring perky Couric’s inane display of a mosque alarm. Other than that, we left Katie alone to her sinking ratings.

Now comes an amazing post, here, here, of Katie’s indulgent little Leftoon of a little dittie, that shows off her rhyming prowess.  Let’s just say, Charles Osgood is not going to be unseated, nor the Rev. Jesse Jackson, any time soon. One wishes for Couric to just go away, take your money and go…


Original Post:

There will eventually be several youtube clips of the interview, probably more on other sharing platforms such as google video and dailymotion. Many clips uploaded at these sites will be advocacy clips, put up by members who are supporters or campaigners for issues and candidates. While they all have a role to play, they can be misleading if edited, truncated or remixed.

Here is a direct link to CBS video player that I recommend. It is ‘as it is’.

The left media and bloggers are already pushing the meme that Sarah somehow did not come off as brilliant or statesman-like or with Condi-like gravitas. Well, I doubt if Reagan ever sounded like a diplomat or scholar-professor.  The best indicator in any special sphere is really not the special knowledge, but an underlying strength of character or force of personality and integrity.

What I saw in the clip was an alert eager newbie, a quick study, and an excellent pronunciation of foreign names. I heard honest answers from someone who was aware of being grilled and did not flinch. In other words, poise and confidence.  a solid grounding in basic ideas and strong beliefs. Katie asked her questions pointedly, no giggly soft-balls here. I mean some of these are questions pertain to as intractable an issue as the middle east. There are no real correct answers to these explosive situations. They represent dynamic contexts that demand evolving responses.  In my book, Sarah did just fine, thank you!


3 Responses to "Sarah Palin – Katie Couric interview"

I was shocked and appalled watching the couric/palin interview. Truly, truly shocked. Please tell me one single concrete thing Palin said. Just one. It was all generic babble. She didn’t answer a single question with a concrete answer.

I am absolutely horrified that this sorry excuse for a governor actually has a chance (albeit an outside chance) to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. It’s not only that nearly all of her answers were unresponsive but also how that the way she said them clearly indicates just how disengaged she was from the issues and how little knowledge she possesses.

I didn’t hear or watch the Palin Couric interview and didn’t know there had been one till my daughter told me less than a half hour ago.
I do know for one thing that Palin has more governing experience than Obama and Biden put together… And, that she and McCain aren’t interested in saddling the American taxpayer with a government operated, trillion dollar, cradle to the grave, socialized health program for every man woman and child in this country, including illegal aliens.
I pay little attention to polls and biased interviews as most average American voters do. On 11/4/08 Mr. and Mrs. average American voter will speak out loud and clear and say, “We need a real Pro and experienced leader to be our Commander in Chief to lead this country in these uncertain times and not some inexperienced amateur and a fancy talker.”

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