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Sarah goes to school at the UN, a journalist has a hissy fit!

Posted on: September 24, 2008

Sarah Goes to School at the UN

Sarah Goes to School at the UN

CBS-News  described it as a “tightly controlled crash course” on foreign policy for Sarah Palin at the UN the other day, as she took in several hours of meetings with among others: Hamid Karzai (Afghanistan), Alvaro Uribe (Colombia), Henry Kissinger, and Bono.  This would be followed Wednesday by meetings with:  Mikhail Saakashvili (Georgia), Viktor Yuschenko (Ukraine), Jalal Talabani (Iraq), Asif Ali Zardari (Pakistan) and Manmohan Singh (india). Between meetings she receives: intelligence briefings from professionals (I assume CIA or NSA or Pentagon briefers), and assorted pep discussions from Joe Lieberman, and seasoned campaign operatives Randy Scheunemann and Stephen Biegun (McCain aides)


That would wear out any politician, let alone anyone running for office. Not to mention a national ticket!

Excellent Sarah, the Governatoress is doing her best to catch up on her studies and bone up The Foreign Affairs, that’s our gal, doing what’s needed to be done, and proving herself right and capable. Meanwhile the fools are having a cackle about her passport being so shiny and having never travelled abroad. Imagine that, being busy raising a family and running up an impressive local activist and executive track record, that I guess isn’t enough for some.

I guess, going to UN at an opportune time (India & Pakistan in serious negotiations; US & India just signed a treaty, Iran-Iraq always delicate, Russia-Georgia never easy), when practically anyone who is anyone in the world will be there and will fall over themselves to meet a potential future chief executive of US,  being at the UN now, I guess is not good enough for some.

I guess going to UN to meet a number of international heads of state is not same as addressing lustily cheering German youths you invited for beer, brats and free concert!  Meeting heads of state is not the same as rally speeches and leaked prayer notes.

I guess going to New York to meet world wide diplomats at an august assembly symbolizing diplomacy is not same same going around the world in a leased plane painted with a presumptuous logo in place of US flag.

I guess going past the disapproving media headmasters and network schoolteachers who have all been laying in ambush day after day to hurl some clever questions, so as to later twist and spin every word, gesture and intonation into some self-serving meme that will then be enshrined as the gospel according to the Nightly News, I suppose trying to go about just learning is not enough. One must submit to the headmaster at the gate at every hour!

I guess the journalists that are having a real hard time with all the private study time that Sarah is spending, away from the glare of their questions, well they will just have to wait. Till school is out! 

I am sure there will be ample time and opportunity to throw all the daggers that the inquisitors must and will toss. And equally I have no doubt that in time, they will be faced effectively. 

The very fact that the word sexism reared it’s head all of a sudden today, proves it’s a canard. A false argument that’s one year too late to be trusted, and one lament too short to be true. I am just glad there is a political party that’s willing to shield and protect it’s candidate in way that some another one did not.


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