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Bill Clinton on The View, meaning of Wisdom, and the truth about Sarah Palin

Posted on: September 23, 2008

(Please note: I have added 2 more youtube clips of The View, plus, you may also want to read the post titled: Bill Clinton praises Sarah Palin)

Now, this post meanders a bit but comes back to put it all together, so be patient. President Clinton was on the View the other day and told the ladies what was on his mind candidly. Flat out, he said Obama will win, and then equivocated a bit by saying, the debates could affect the result.  All indicators favour a Democrat winning. So far, so good. Watch this clip:

(Other, earlier parts of the show can also be seen in this post, after the jump)

A short while back at Pajamas Media,  Victor Davis Hanson wrote a very evocative piece on the meaning of Wisdom, how one acquires wisdom in various ways and what it accrues to the individual who pursues it. It is a very deeply felt and thoughtful write up, and I will excerpt it minimally, since no part can really be taken out. Read it here.

The qualities that allowed a Palin to succeed without the power spouse, the identity politics, the Ivy-League cachet, the fawning New York editors and DC insider-press will ensure she does not implode on the campaign trail—and won’t in office either…

but so far I think Palin understands the symbiotic world of word and the world of deed far more so than does Obama.

I wish to remind everyone that there are two fonts of wisdom: formal education, and the tragic world of physical challenge and ordeal.

Palin can speak, and reason, and navigate with bureaucrats and lawyers as well as can Obama; but he surely cannot understand hunters, and mechanics and carpenters like she can.

Palin in empirical fashion bucked the Republican establishment and the old-boy network when she thought it was unreasonable; Obama never figured out or at least never questioned Tony Rezko or the Chicago machine, Trinity Church or the Pelosi-Kennedy liberal mantra—unless it proved advantageous.

As an aside, if these blockquotes cause you to read all of Hanson’s post, that’s good, And if after reading that post you decide to read more of VDH, even better. He is a great scholar, historian and, a cogent poster.

There is a line in that original post that I ddin’t excerpt, about the general wisdom of American voters that contrasts with European voters that I think goes to the heart of American character. The people are wiser than those they elect. We know what tricks our leaders are usually upto. We may indulge in them, but we wont let them force themselves on us, or be foisted upon us. That brings me to the next post I wish to refere to: Obama Nation, increasingly desperate, by dakinikat. at Sky Dancing in a Man’s World 

It starts pretty straightforwardly:

I’m noticing a distinct tone change in the MSM and among many key Obama supporters.  It’s that sound of desperation.  It’s the sound of whining … PULEEZE vote for him!  After all, the world will fall apart if we get another Republican in office.             

And proceds apace in a straight from the heart manner. It excoriates the whining coming from the New York Times editorials, the fear mongering on Roe v Wade, and charges of racism against voters not chosing Obama, and the demand to Democrats to ‘fall in line.

We all might not be Harvard-educated, but we have our own set of skills and sense by which we get by in life.  Why can’t we just call it what it is.  We’re rejecting Obama not on his race, but on his merit.  He is pathetically short on merit.  McCain may be a crusty old goat with a temper, but he’s a crusty old goat who put his time in the military and the senate and paid his dues.

Here we have the voice of a voter, a frustrated, cheated, and put upon voter. Look at it this way, we have two candidate, one built up by the media and a maketing campaign that buried all his shortcomings, weaknesses and glorified his speaking ability to a leadership quality. Who promised dramatic changes, but flip-floped on many key issues and votes, picked an ultimate insider as a running mate in what must be only an admission of weakness. (See  Spengler on Obama  for more analysis). On the other hand, we have the down in the trenches, and deep in slop, candidate(s) who earned everything on their own. Sure, Sarah has been plucked out of nowhere, that’s how VP candidates always are. With the exception of Bush, the Senior, all veep candidates have had thin resumes. But none so thin as BO’s. Politically speaking.

There is something honorable about what Big Dawg said on the View. It goes beyond being loyal to a fellow Democrat. On the other hand, it is not just being statesman-like bipartisanship in praising McCain either. The thing that Clinton did in that clip is refer to his Vietnam expeience, or rather the lack of it.  Bill was lucky to get into the White House. Ross Perot and Bush-41 helped a lot.  Threre had been so much against him. But, in that clip he does the right honorable gesture of attributing to Sen. John McCain what is owed by all of us, including a President! 

Without John McCain, I couldn’t have normalized relationship with Vietnam. I was opposed to the war, he spent 5 years in a prison camp. It was a lot easier for me when he said President Clinton is right.

Somehow, the Obama Democrats don’t seem to get it. McCain is larger than life or death. He embodies honor, valor, dedication and yes Wisdom. Sarah Palin is a perfect youthful match and equivalent.



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