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What is Astroturfing, how does it work against Sarah Palin?

Posted on: September 22, 2008

Those among you who roam the web ‘with a hungry heart’ are well versed in the ways of the shadows. How a fake notion is seeded, watered and let bloom into a full fledged rumor to be picked up by the MSM and validated, often in a time span shorter than the news cycle. The classic example being that McCain invented the BlackBerry.

For the uninitiated, a Flog is a fake blog, Some one sets up a blog, often with limited number of pointed, select postings, genereates hits, gets linked to, further gains popularity, gets quoted and so on, Flog is a perfect moniker – the purpose to flog truth to death.

Astroturfing, named for the fake grass, is an illusory grassroots movement that is anything  but. It is a top-down, instruction driven whirlwind of a rumor, that once generated, like a visus feeds itself and multiplies endlessly. Like the Seventies commercial for shampoo, you tell two friends, each of them tells two apiece, you get the picture. In this digital age, this happens almost instantaneously, or just as fast as you can click.

Why do I go to all this pedagogy?

Watch these smear videos, and followup after the fold:


You’ve got to admit that of all the odd names for a blog, Full Osseous Flap Dental Blog  is the oddest. Which, of course, is what drew me to it a long time ago. So when I saw a link to it in a search, I knew there is something worthwhile, boy was I glad I did.

I had warned in an earlier post that Obama campaign is activating the 527 Slime Machine, cautioned Sarah to be wary. Well here it is, the slime machine in full blast.

Anatomy of a Smear  is an exquisitely detailed dissection of the Sarah the secessionist smear. There is too much minute information and near-invisible connections involved, you have to read it all. It connects the various tentacles of supporters of the Obama candidacy involved in the smear, via Axlerod and friends.

A great deal of the Flap’s post is derived from an even more extensively documented and detailed discourse of this dirty trick, and some extremely detailed information, posted by My Pet Jawa, another blog with odd name.  Makes me think, I ought to change that of this blog!

The Jawa Reporttraces the internet presence of a number of the players involved, the PR firm run by Axlerod, the California Ad Agency that’s involved in uploading the slickly produced videos that puport to be people generated videos of youtube, and the ultra-liberal groups and people that work and play in these circles.

And speaking of oddly named blogs, the oddest of them all, Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher, has even more about this smear, coverup and backtracking. Give it a look-see.

Slime? Bring it on!

Slime? Bring it on!

Be warned, all this can wear you out! It can be so time consuming and tiring just keeping up with the rumors and smears. Not for the faint of heart. Alternative? Just don’t believe anything you hear on MSM – LibLogs.

Of course, we have all the First Amendment rights to speak our mind. The point here is the shadowy nature of the voices, the seeming pretense that these are voices of the people when they represent well-organized groups, that the foot prints are often erased when traced.

In other words, this is what Hope and Change are all about. The new age of politics is old again!

Personally speaking, I believe we are only scratching the surface here. In the weeks to come, and specially as the race gets tighter in the final week, with ever shrinking undecideds, and turnout becomes critical, some extremely nasty negative smear campaign against Sarah is on the way. I sense the smear machine is yet to rev up!

(NB: Astroturfing is said to have got it’s name when Microsoft initiated this type of fake grassroots fight in response to the Federal Anti-trust procedures in the 1990s, but then you probably knew that!)


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