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Posted on: September 9, 2008

There is a lot of nonsense going on about Governor Sarah Palin not being ‘availabale’ to the media for questioning. What they mean of course is to skewer her, trip her up with inane queries and such.

Well Charles Gibson got the prized interview that everyone wanted, and Oprah oh so foolishly declined!

In the meantime, we have compiled all of Sarah’s interviews available online.  Enjoy!

Here she is talking to Maria Bartiromo about drilling for oil in ANWR. She is quite the wonk!


Here she is talking to Charlie Rose about oil and energy as security issue, does she sound unprepared?


About a month before the convention in Minneapolis, she appeared on Larry Kudlow show. Did she already know back around the Fouth of July that she was in the running? If she probably did and, wow she well did she hide that!  Just like her pregnancy. True politician indeed!  But remember during the Labor Day weekend, how the lefty nuts spun a smaller clip of this to make like how Sarah has no clue what a VP did? Such losers!


A somewhat longer clip of the Larry Kudlow interview is here:


Next, here she is on the local (Anchorage?) CBS tv channel 11, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision in the Exxon-Valdez oil spillage case, cutting down the damages award from 2.5 billion to mere 500 million. Thousands of lives were affected. Here, Sarah is reacting to the court decision.  The Exxon-Valdez was one of the greatest man-made disasters of history, exceeded only by Bhopal and Chernobyl in human lives lost. You can read about the case at these links Encyclopedia of Earth; NPR-Totenberg ; Herald Tribune Fortune-CNN ; KTVA-11 ; Nina Totenberg ; McClatchy.

Sarah reacting to the Supremes decision,  shows herself to be a true state chief executive. 


This collection of videos should put to bed any and all silly left wing nuttery mutterings about ‘Sarah being hidden from the media because she can’t talk or answer questions’ meme. Sheesh, the pundits sometimes make me worry, you know what I mean!

Finally, this video of Sarah speaking to some young Bible students, or graduates of Bible school, not clear, but basically talking to young people at a church and speaking honestly in terms of faith.  Now, I am not a practitioner of any faith, but acknowledge others’ desire to do so, and will even laud it.

This is a stunning video of a very folksy, earthy, honest and honorable woman of sincere faith in a modern world. I was touched, and somewhat moved by her warmth, straightforwardness, and simplicity. Little of the platitudes or sloganeering done by the politician, and less too of overt evangelizing. This is a sort of personal faith that I am comfortable in.  How about you?


1 Response to "Sarah Palin Interviews"

Well thats left wing America for you, something Ive learned while debating politics is that some people will say or repeat just about anything if it helps promote their political beliefs. Sarah Palin is in the way, so she can be considered a sure target. It doesn’t matter if she’s been on television recently just as much as Joe Biden, or not. Facts don’t matter, what matters is that she has helped the McCain campaign enough to be considered a problem for liberals. I mean have you looked online?

Some people have turned partisan politics into a war, Sarah Palin to some is considered a casualty of that war. If Obama becomes our next president it will be in large part thanks to certain people who can effectively distort Sarah Palin and John McCain. Thankfully not everyone lacks a brain, thanks for the videos.

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