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Sen. Obama is that a flip-flop or a croc?

Posted on: August 5, 2008

Now you count, Now you dont
Now You Count – Now You Don’t

That’s useful to know, you see the distinction between a flip-flop and a croc is finer than the sand on the beach to which these foot-wear are related.

Follow this link to a rollicking fun clip of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart which inspired  the wordplay above, and also had led to an earlier post of this blog,  is it a flip-flop or croc.  And I assure you friends there is a lot more laughs in the switcheroos pulled by the Presumptive One.

The latest turnaround came in the case of Florida and Michigan delegations to the Denver Convention,  may the memory of FL and MI citizens be long.  The electoral franchise of the citizens became a sort of a football kicked about by Dems of various levels, persuasions and agendas.

Candidate Obama was against voters of FL & MI voters before he was for them.

Forida and Michigan voters who value the power and sanctity of their electoral franchise should keep in mind this, the Democrats are saying to FL/MI:

Your votes don’t count when your delegates counted;
Your delegates count, whey their votes won’t get counted.

But first let’s look at some coverage of this sleight-of-hand, a lot has been written about this. Marc Rubin has a biting analysis at Tom In Paine. Riverdaughter of The Confluence, cross-posing at NoQuarter is more scathing and unforgiving in taking Obama to task.

Above all, Buck Naked Politics has a pretty solid bead drawn on the issue. Deb Cupples presents a sharp, lucid picture of the dancing around done to discount the delegation value of Floridians back in May. It was timed to cripple the Clinton campaign. The disservice to Floridians was spearheaded by one their own leaders.

Translation:  Robert Wexler = Katherine Harris.

Back then Cupples opined that:

If Obama wants only half of Florida’s votes to count in the primary, then he shouldn’t expect more than half of Florida’s Dems to get behind him in November.

Mind you that was an event seared in infamy in the memories of Hillary voters, Deb Cupples again:

Another thing that bothered me about the hearing was the crowd. [sic]  It sounded like a sporting event or a kegger at a frat house. (sic) I half expected the camera to zoom in on a young, rambunctious lad lighting his own farts.

Now, BNP is not given to light-hearted commentary. The site values serious dialog and educated opinion.  So, for Cupples to comment so, is a reliable measure of the nausea triggered.

Once past the sound and fury of that infamous meeting, followed by stage managed endorsements, enforced withdrawls, and  public polishing of image abroad, we have come to the final summer event. So time to flip!

And for all the politicos and functionaries who lined up against Hillary, that was then. Now that the deed is done, it’s back to faux-unity, mock-magnanimity, and self-serving electoral democracy. Florida & Michigan back into the tent! So a new round of lying begins, with media shills at the ready.

Deb Cupples again, this time commenting on an NYT article:

Florida’s and Michigan’s voters were cut roughly in half at a point in time when the full strength of their votes actually mattered in the Democratic party’s nominating process. [sic]

Florida and Michigan were not full partners during the most important part of the Democratic nominating process, which occurred a few months ago. [sic]

The only way to un-alienate Florida’s and Michigan’s voters is for the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee to find a fully operational time machine, go back to May 31, and fully restore Florida’s and Michigan’s vote strength. [sic]

Generous-looking gestures and clever phrasing cannot change the fact that Florida and Michigan were denied half of their vote strength precisely when their votes would have mattered

 (All original emphasis above)

Sometimes the disgust that this season has evoked ceases to remain cerebral and coolly analytical, like a BNT post! There is a visceral dimension to human condition and response. Educated conversion of position, an evolution of thinking Congressman John Anderson (R-IL) used to refer to is one thing. Sheer raw naked posturing that’s transparent is equally an acceptably evident thing. But the terrible audacity bordering on outrageous expediency, combined with well-marshaled minions and well-meaning apparatchik, now that is something else. Moves along this line are not flip-flops, they are pure croc.

This post has to end on a positive note, so here goes:

Hillary has proved that she can be rock solid in her commitment, steadfast in her values, and true in her efforts, well endowed with a ‘certain kind’ of fortitude.  She can do it all while wearing .. err .. pantsuit! Check this video out from a few months ago (psst, just ignore Mika, she can’t help her-self);

If the delegates are listening, now is the time to take stock of the situation. Listen to the Denver Group. Sign the petition, be part of the Honorable 300. Place Hillary’s name in nomination. It’s not too late to do the right thing.!

Give your country the best she can have, right now!


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