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NO WE WONT blogtalkradio not just for a PUMA

Posted on: July 11, 2008

First things first. Some terrific news has come out of what I call Radio Puma Online.  The official name of the pod-cast simul-chat of course, is No We Wont, and it is hosted at blogtalkRadio. I only listened to a couple of recent shows but intend to listen to them all.

The great news is that Hillary has made substantial progress in reaching the debt payoff goal.

It is also believed that some super delegates are beginning to feel disenchanted with the self-styled presumptive nominee and, may be switching over to Clinton!!

Now about NO WE WONT. Each show opens with a sensous, sultry voice of demurral delivered in a purring tone and directed at the DNC, the segment then launches right into a delightful and professionally directed show that covers the gamut. The host Sheri Tag  aka ‘ticked off democrat’ is eloquent, personal and pointed. Co-host Will Bowers is pure enthusiasm and good energy. The blogtalk part of the show is the terrific chat that accompanies each show, listeners can call-in, chatters can have avatars, rate the show, comment during or after the show. Terrific experience. 

Recent shows honored Harriet Christian, the avenging angel of disaffected democrats everywhere; riverdaughter, the Joan of the Jilted and the disbarred; the highly well-spoken Cynthia Ruccia – clear, concise, and controlled, the rage held back behind lucid arguments – voices of diverse approaches. All participants are exciting,  speaking to different experiences and emotions, all giving voice to grievance. Something for everyone, altogether very satisfying. Regardless of where your revulsion with the self-anointed nominee might lead you, there is on this show, information, attitude and above all kindred souls for you to be in company with. Even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool party follower, to whom the party has been good and kind all your life, there is something here you should be listening to. If you never thought twice about questioning the party, intend to vote right down the party line, you should listen here, just a few shows. Get a measure of truth as experienced by good and real people. This could happen to you and it probably di, you did nothing. Here people are being democratic, small d and big D.

Some guests talked about their experiences in the primaries and caucuses, how Hillary voters were abused, some of the thuggish behaviors witnessed. Some guests talked about their departure from the left blog world and the mad extent to which it has gone over the cliff after their new found messiah. Just about every person who spoke on these shows talked about the long list of complaints that has become a familiar litany: the abuse of Hillary by the media, the sexism, the misogyny, the fix at the DNC, the MoveOn and Media Matters’ mind-numbing propaganda, and so on.

PUMA Radio is not just for pumas, it’s for everyone amongst the ‘seething millions.’

If you don’t listen to No We Wont, you are missing something, and that is history in the making.


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