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In other words …

Posted on: July 1, 2008

So much is being written about the movement to the middle. The very phrase move to right, reminded me of the parade commander’s bellow Dahine Sujj  (dress to right!)  from the days in N.C.C.   Instantly we cadets stuck our reedy right arms out fully in stiff measure to the side, while looking right to ‘dress up the ranks’. All that shuffling of boots created a minor dust storm on our little part of the Deccan Plateau in mid-day heat. But, back to the matter at hand …

In a WaPo article Charles Krauthammer writes,” Obama’s long march to the center has begun.”. The caustic Krauthammer,so full of pose and placid sanctimony on some round tables on the teevee, goes on to offer an acerbic catalog of things that the senator said first to win the left, the media, the groupies, and then pulled a switcheroo to win those to the right and center.

CK may have sniffed out a little truth that many writers knew and wrote about for a year now. Bloggers got kicked out of communities Riverdaughter among them, for saying Hillary was in the right position to win the General Election, and that her main opponent will have to eventually move to right. The skydancer  dakinikat too wears the proud badge of disbarment from some orange dump. As does Bud White who is still struggling to set up new Diggs (pun intended) at Word Press after being hacked out of Blogger.

At the other coast, Janet Hook of L.A.Times writes: “While Obama is making a play for centrist voters, McCain’s strategy seems more geared to pinning down his party’s conservative base, as he has steadily tacked to the right on a range of issues.”

Damozel of Buck Naked Politics writes incisively about what’s really lost here, choice : Sadly, Obama lately seems intent on ensuring that there is no distinction between his policies and McCain’s.

While the bashing of Senator McCain goes on unabated in the liberal circles, here, here, the move to right by Hillary’s opponent is seen as a smart move:showing that Obama is not chained to his party’s most devoted liberals. Wow, the selling never stops, even if it means total BS!

And, at the same time, he is NOT doing it, it’s his supporters who said he was where he wasn’t!! This lovely bit of a meme comes from the adorable Taylor Marsh, an amazing lady, terrific persona, but a party shill nonetheless. Wish it weren’t so, but it is.

In other words, the guy who is a ‘maverick’ and changes his position to appeal to the broadest group of Americans is a crackpot, mad, war criminal. and the guy who promises transformational politics, port-partisan policy (whatever the hell nonsense that means), and promises to reach out to all Americans, when he abandons a leftward value, then that’s reformative!

Only Deb Cupples calls it right: “I just think that the media should stop relying on euphemisms and start calling things what they are.”

Now think back to this:

Reminds me of that great Jon Stewart line from down-post,

“Is that a flip-flop, a croc or some other beach related footwear”

All this moving hither and thither makes you wonder doesn’t it, Why Not Hillary?

Hillary has always held the positions that appeal to the largest group of Americans on the widest range of issues that matter.

if Americans can get past their learned,  viscerally internalized  responses, fuelled by the most transparent brainwashing methods seen in recent campaigns, the fabricated image of the decade, and combined with the vilest form of reported street behaviour by organizers, if each and every one of the American citizenry would simply think for a minute, they will see that Hillary’s politics are America’s politics. Really, there is nothing ‘shifty’ about her. Hence, I say No Deal.

Hillary is the Un-Change, we have all been voting for, all 18 million of us, why give up now?




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Great post!!! keep up the good work!

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